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Queen of the Wild

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Summary: What if it was a Cordette that the mean kids were picking on that day at the Zoo? We all know Cordelia would never stand for that. Things go very differently when the Queen of Sunny-dale holds the Primal.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/AdventuremuaaimoiFR181319,000137922,59819 Dec 1223 Jul 14No

Chapter 9

Queen of the Wild

by :muaaimoi


Willow is the first to find her voice.

"You can't have him!" She shrieks, stepping protectively in front of Xander.

Some small part of him is touched, the rest is too busy trying to figure out a way to draw Cordelia's attention away from his dearest and oldest friend. Willow should never be hurt protecting him. It's against the laws of the universe. He protects her, it's just not meant to work the other way around.

"It's way too late for that." Cordelia says, and the smirk she wears at the words is positively evil,"He's already mine."

"We'll see about that." Buffy says, stepping in front of Cordelia challenging. It's a mistake. Cordelia is an alpha, and nothing will keep her away from her omega. Especially not his so called friends. She growls, the sound an echo of the animal she's become.

"Girls!" Giles begins sternly,"There will be no fighting."

"You sure about that?" Buffy says, and her eyes don't leave Cordelia's. Whatever she is, Buffy has left her own humanity behind long ago. Cordelia can feel it, the energy is eerily like her own, not as deep as the molten-gold of her own light, but only a few shades shy. Whatever changed Buffy had left it's mark. It's ancient, old and very, very strong.

Cordelia is sure she's stronger though. She will have to be, to protect what's hers. And no power on this earth will keep her mate from her.

"I'm ready to go when you are sister." Cordelia promises darkly.

"Let's listen to the watcher!" Xander exclaims. Darting out from behind Willow to stand closer to Cordelia in hopes of distracting her from Willow. She smiles at him in approval at the action, and Xander has to forcefully remind himself that he doesn't want to make her happy. What he wants is to keep her from hurting his friends."No fighting!"

"Should I come back later?" Amy interjects, shyly.

"You're not going anywhere without my say so." Cordelia replies, aggravated. If she'd already turned the budding witch, Amy would have known better than to ask. Her animal instincts would have kicked in and let her know that her alpha was not to be bothered. Cordelia can't afford to be distracted right now. This isn't quite an argument after all. It's a stand-off, two alphas testing each other. There will be no peaceful co-existence until one has trumped the other.

Cordelia begins to coil her light just under her skin. She will be ready, she's going to win, it's just a matter of when Buffy attacks. Technically this is her territory, if she's any kind of territorial creature, Buffy will attack first.

"Now is certainly not the best time-" Giles begins, eyeing his Slayer anxiously. Neither girl has moved an inch since they set their eyes on the other."I have yet to explain the, ah-uniqueness of your situation."

"I think now is a great time actually." Cordelia says."Amy here wants to be pack. You can watch me change her. That should clear a few things up, don't you think?"

Xander needed to get over his reservations about becoming pack and being hers already. Giving him Amy as an example can only help the process along.

"You aren't going to be changing anyone into anything!" Buffy snaps while the rest of the Scoobies try to wrap their heads around what Cordelia's just said.

"Do you really think you can stop me?" Cordelia laughs, stepping forward in challenge. The quicker she bests the other girl, the better. Buffy clearly needs to be taught her place.

"Why don't you try and see?" Buffy snarls with matching aggression. It's clearly taking every inch of restraint the girl has to stay in place. Cordelia smirks, a lack of self control is a clear weakness. And if she can manage not to verbally bait the other girl and still provoke Buffy into attacking, she can even pretend to be the wronged party.

"No fighting!" Giles repeats forcefully.

Xander turns to him helplessly,"I really don't think we can keep them from destroying the library if they want G-man."

"Not the books!" Willow squeaks in distress."And no turning Amy into a primal-thingy!"

"But Amy wants me to turn her." Cordelia coos, relishing the twitch of Buffy's hands. All Buffy has to do is lunge. Anticipation is always so much worse than the fight itself. Cordelia wants the fight to happen already."Don't you want to be pack?"

"Yes!" Amy's quick to assure the room at large."I want to!"

As a witch, Amy can sense the torrent of magic inside Cordelia, the strength of it...She wants to be strong like that. Even just a fraction of that strength is so much more than what she has. From what Cordelia explained about being the way she is, it even has the added bonus of having Cordelia protect her. In this town? It might be the difference between life and death. There aren't just crazy witches like her mom out there. There's vampires and werewolves and so many other creatures that have crawled straight out of someones nightmare. That's why she'd started practicing magic. She needs to be able to protect herself from everything out there.

Hearing Amy affirm it seems to be too much for Buffy. Xander can't do anything but watch, and hope that Buffy's stronger than Cordelia after all, when the blonde attacks.

Buffy strikes out with a series of lightning fast punches, Xander has seen her attack demons slower. Someone must have forgotten to tell Cordelia, though. The Chase girl evades like a pro. Dodging around what are no doubt powerful blows, and leading Buffy towards the center of the library, towards the sunny area Buffy can usually be found exercising.

It's only then Cordelia lashes out, delivering a painful looking kick to the Slayers mid drift. It must be a very powerful blow, considering how much Buffy skids back with the force of it. But Buffy isn't the Slayer for nothing. She doesn't even slow down, instead using the momentum to spin and attack Cordelia from a new angle.

There is a feral joy to the wild grin Cordelia wears when she deflects the attack, gripping Buffy's forearm and slamming her into the unforgiving ground.

"You think your strong, don't you?" Cordelia taunts."You're too slow."

"Are you talking or are you fighting." Buffy snarls, enraged.

Cordelia clearly doesn't know about the way anger tends to give Buffy strength. And quickly, too. Buffy manages to flip Cordelia over and smack her head painfully onto the floor, pinning her in place. The taller girl growls her rage, it's the first real damage she's taken.

Getting mad seems to make Cordelia stronger too. She breaks Breaks Buffy hold, wheeling around and planting her fist square in Buffy's face. Xander winces in sympathy as the fight gets steadily more savage.

Whatever had been holding Cordelia back seems gone. Without the hesitation she dominates Buffy. Xander doesn't know who's physically stronger, but Cordelia is just a little faster, and she has a longer reach. She presses her advantage, striking at Buffy powerfully before darting away, just out of the Slayers reach.

Either the pain from the hits, the frustration, or a combination of both seem to be too much for Buffy. She slows, just for a second, after Cordelia catches her shoulder. The slightest pause, if Xander had blinked, he thinks he would have missed it. But he doesn't, so he sees the exact moment Cordelia seizes her victory.

Just a split second when darting away becomes a feint, and Cordelia scissor kicks her leg backwards, catching Buffy under the chin hard, and knocking the petite Slayer out.

Cordelia beams at him at her victory. Stands triumphantly over Buffy. She seems to glow in the dying sunlight.

"Aren't you glad I'm on your side?"
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