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Queen of the Wild

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Summary: What if it was a Cordette that the mean kids were picking on that day at the Zoo? We all know Cordelia would never stand for that. Things go very differently when the Queen of Sunny-dale holds the Primal.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/AdventuremuaaimoiFR181319,006138123,22019 Dec 1223 Jul 14No

Chapter One

Queen of the Wild

by :muaaimoi

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this would have been canon if I did.

"You've got some nerve buster!" Cordelia sneered. She could not believe these low lives were trying to mess with one of her Cordettes. Admittedly, Valerie was a new recruit, one still in a probationary period. And this incident was so not a point in her favor. Nor was the fact that she wasn't even trying to back Cordelia up. But while she was part of the Cordette's, no matter how loosely affiliated, she had Cordelia's protection.

"Uh-oh" Kyle intoned childishly,"We're in trouble."

The rest of his little sycophant's laughed, idiots that they were. Did they not understand who they were messing with? She was Cordelia Chase!

"You better believe it, dweeb. Do you really think I'd waste my breath on any of you losers otherwise? Please, you don't even register on my radar. Like everyone else who can't live up to my expectations."

That jibe was aimed specifically at Heidi. She had wanted ever so desperately to be a Cordette. But she couldn't dress, she seemed unable to accept that her haircut was stupid, and last, but so not least, she could not appreciate the hotness of Keanu Revees. It was unacceptable.

"Who wants to play court with Daddy's little princess." Heidi snarled stepping forward aggressively.

Please, Cordelia had ruled the playground long before she realized that being rich meant she was even more privileged than she thought. Harmony's family was better off than her own, but that had never helped her in a battle of wills between them.

She rolled her eyes, stepping in front of Valerie protectively."You did, actually, from what I remember. Still trying to find what you missed in the matrix?"

That's when she heard a growl. They all turned their heads, all except Valerie, eyes caught in the glowing ones of the hyenas in the pen.

The exhibit room went silent.

Then Cordelia threw her head back and laughed. No, not laughed, she cackled. And the entirety of Kyle's group joined her. Valerie looked at them, freaking out. She had only stayed because she was pretty sure Cordelia would kick her out of her group if she ran. But if crazy was catching, then she was so not sticking around. With that thought she bolted. Cordelia turned. Watched her go, and laughed even harder.

None of them noticed the magic circle on the floor.


"Hey, since when are there new Cordettes?" Willow asked Xander, turning her head towards the entrance and back to the show.

Cordelia was making her usual dramatic entrance, Xander's briefly distracted by the very short leather skirt and the cleavage the really low-cut shirt leaves in the open. But he's a teenage boy, and of all the things he's ever called Cordelia, ugly has never been one of them. Her ability to temporarily turn his brain to mush with her body is just another thing about her he finds annoying. Viva the We Hate Cordelia club.

"I don't know, since when are guy's Cordettes?" Just when he thought his opinion of those jerks can't get any lower, they go and prove him wrong. It's one thing to torment other kids just because they can. It's another that they're going to do it at Cordelia's side. He already considered Cordelia's social rule an evil all on its own. Not quite as bad as vampires, and the other things that didn't go bump as much as smash in the night. But close.

She could certainly make just as many people miserable. And by choice, at that.

Xander watches Tor go out of his way to slam baseball player into a locker. Usually, when people are getting pushed around, Cordelia rolls her eyes. The Queen of Sunny-dale high she might be, but Cordelia has always preferred verbal decimation to giving someone bruises. As someone she's been tormenting for years, he would know. She could have just as easily found someone to beat him up for her, after all. Instead Cordelia baits him, and sometimes he even manages to get off a few good barbs of his own.

When all she does is laugh, Xander knows somethings very, very wrong.
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