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Salvation by houses

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Fan Art

Summary: Screen Capture Manipulation

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Television > Dead Zone(Recent Donor)kvkFR131141021,72820 Jan 0420 Jan 04Yes
Salvation by houses

Screen Capture Manipulation



"A BtVS/Dead Zone Crossover"

I am always intrigued by original pairings. I found a delightful one in Salvation by houses. It's rare to have both the giggles and a creep factor combined with such skills. While admitting to a soft spot for Drucilla, I'll confess she has always made me nervous.
This image is the result of my hoping for many more adventures to come for this lovely pair. I am counting on houses' good humor to forgive my taking Johnny and Dru shopping at Borgin and Burkes.

The BtVS screen captures are from
Dead Zone Capture from
Interior of Borgin and Burkes from
All work done in Adobe Photoshop for pleasure not profit.
Component words and pictures remain the property of their original creators and assigns.

The End

You have reached the end of "Salvation by houses". This story is complete.

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