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Cross My Heart

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Summary: Buffy began collecting crosses when her first Watcher gave her one that his family had given to their current Slayer for the past 200 years. (Gen, with canon background pairings)

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralMirroredIllusionsFR1321,857011,02320 Dec 1214 Apr 14No


9. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce / 1999
She got her third Watcher about a month after her 18th birthday, and like his predecessors he gave her the cross his family gave to their Slayers.

This cross was also silver with an ornate pattern around the edges and the Lord’s Prayer inscribed in Latin on the back. It was about two and a half centuries old, had clearly been through some up-close battles, and like the Jamison-Smythe and Giles family crosses it was regularly blessed by a number of priests and holy people.

Wesley gave Faith a clearly new and shiny cross that had also been inscribed with the Lord’s Prayer, but the text was in English rather than Latin. It was also blessed.

She was the only one who saw the brief flicker of pain in the other girl’s eyes, and wondered what kind of cross Diana Dormer had given Faith and if she still had it.

Buffy didn’t wear the cross, and to her knowledge Faith didn’t wear hers either.

10. Alexander “Xander” Harris / 1999
Xander gave her a cheap costume jewelry cross for Christmas a few weeks after Sunnydale was visited by the Gentlemen. He told her she needed more crosses with bright colors and she conceded that he did have a good point.

It had seven small stones placed horizontally and five stones across. The stones were alternately clear and a light pink. It was really pretty and girly.

11. Joyce Summers / 1999
Her mother gave her a cross necklace in white gold before her high school graduation. It came in a small box wrapped in silver colored paper and with a pink bow on top.

It was small and feminine, and would quickly become her favorite piece of jewelry. The chain would break, be ripped off by demons and vampires, or it would snag on her clothes, but she would always find it again and replace the chain with a new one. But the actual pendant would remain with her long after Sunnydale fell into a crater.

Most importantly it was a memory of her mother that she could carry with her everywhere.

12. Daniel “Oz” Osbourne / 2000
Oz gave her a black leather collar with an infused and raised silver cross in the front. He told her he had bought it in a pet store during his travels and then added the decoration himself. It was a perfect addition to her leather outfits.

Buffy had a suspicion it was both a sort-of delayed revenge because she and Willow had given him a dog collar as a gag gift after they found out he was a werewolf, and a souvenir from Tibet. He gave Willow a nearly identical one, the only difference was that hers had a Star of David.

13. Tara Maclay / 2000
For her first real Christmas with the Scooby Gang Tara gave Buffy a cross made of pewter with a pentacle in the middle.

In explanation of the pentagram she had carefully told the Slayer that the symbol had been used in magical rituals for a long time before it had been hijacked by the Satanists and given a negative connotation.

It had appeared in old magical grimoires, such as the Key of Solomon, and their use was to “fore-know all future things, and command whole nature, have power over devils, and angels, and do miracles.”

She only wore the cross a few times so Tara could see it, but it was quickly relegated to the box with all her other unused crosses.

14. Riley Finn / 2000
Riley gave her a golden cross after he found out about the silver one Angel had given her years before. She’d bitten back a retort about how childish his reaction was, and had smiled instead. After all her vampire ex wasn’t all that mature about the people she dated either.

The necklace hung low on a long, thin chain and the pendant was a large hollow cross cutout. It wasn’t really her style but she dutifully wore it occasionally when she knew her boyfriend would be there.

15. Quentin Travers / 2001
Travers gave Buffy a tiny copper cross right before he and the other Council members went back home to Britain the second time.

There were no fancy patterns or inscriptions on it, no added decoration or protective charms. It didn’t even have a chain.

What it did have were scratches and indentations proving it was old and well used, and when he dropped it into her hand she could feel both its age and the magical power it held.

He refused to explain why he gave it to her, just insisted that she wear it until Glorificus was dead.

Buffy went home and put it in the box with all her other Council crosses and forgot all about it.

16. Anya Jenkins (Anyanka) / 2001
The former Vengeance Demon gave her a bronze cross before they went to stop Glory. It was unadorned but light as a feather, and hung on a heavy chain of bronze intertwined with a soft leather cord. The weight difference was slightly weird, but there had been no time to think about it.

Buffy had put it on hastily and hidden it under her white sweater.

In the end it didn’t help.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Cross My Heart" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Apr 14.

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