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Summary: Faith Lehane makes an ill-advised wish on her dying breath. Miranda Lawson makes an ill-advised wish in a moment of frustration. Now Commander Faith Shepard is back from the dead and ready to kick ass, take names, and seduce asari.

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Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect Trilogy(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR1877,86913711,42420 Dec 1214 Jan 13No

Miranda Lawson

Joe's Note: If you were expecting to see Perfection for the first encounter of Miranda and Faith, sorry. That's set over halfway through the game, after Horizon and Illium and Samara's acquisition. I'm still planning to integrate it at some point, though. Just not yet.

     Faith glances to her left.

     Miranda Lawson sighs.

     After a few more steps, Faith glances to the side again.

     That elicits another sigh from Miranda.

     After Faith's third glance, she can't help but snicker and Miranda lets out her loudest sigh yet before finally speaking. "Yes, Commander Le… Shepard?"

     The slight verbal slip is almost enough to distract Faith from her torment of the overly serious Cerberus operative. From the moment she woke up, the Slayer turned soldier has been 'Shepard'. And not 'Alexis Shepard', either, like in the memories she's inherited. Lieutenant Commander Faith Shepard, service number 5923-AC-2826, N7 marine and first human Spectre. Somehow, not only has she been brought forward into the future, but she's been made a part of it. For everyone except Miranda, that is; the similar slip when they first met could have been a coincidence, but a second identical mistake is harder to ignore. She knows something. And at some point, Faith's going to find out what that is.

     For now, though? "It's wicked cold out. I'm kinda curious how you're not like, tearing through that thing." If there's any doubt as to what Faith is referring to, her leer at Miranda's catsuit-clad breasts destroys them. "I mean, I'm wearing a full suit of armor and I'm still hard enough to cut diamond under here. What the hell is your outfit made out of? And can I get some armor made out of it?"

     Miranda lets out yet another sigh before rolling her eyes. "How very droll. For your information, my attire is climate-controlled by a VI monitor and so I'm perfectly comfortable at the moment. The technical specifications didn't mention much in the way of creature comforts, meaning your problem is more likely a failing of Serrice Council than this particular suit. Perhaps it might be a good idea to invest in some proper, human-made armor in the near future?"

     "Nah. Thinking of giving up armor completely, actually. You of all people should know that bulk and biotics don't mix; if it did, you'd be wearing something like this yourself. Maybe I'll raid your closet to see if you've got that getup in any other colors. Or… hmm. I've got two or three blueberries who still owe me big favors." Well, technically they owed Alexis big favors. Same difference these days, right? "They seemed plenty warm on Noveria. What do you think of some asari commando leathers done up in Cerberus black and white? Maybe put your logo on the back?" Before Miranda can reply, Faith frowns and raises her hand, cutting the taller woman off. Storing the Acolyte pistol she's been using since landing, she reaches behind her back and draws its big sister: the Disciple shotgun. It whines softly as it expands to full size in her hands and then she points it at the boxy prefabricated habitation unit at the top of the stairs. "We've got company. At least half a dozen of them. Quarians, judging by the voices."

     Scowling, Miranda swaps from her submachine gun to something that Faith is pretty sure crosses the line from 'heavy pistol' to 'hand cannon'. "Suit rats. Lovely. I know how I'd prefer to handle the matter, but since you're in charge at the moment…"

     Faith cocks her head to the side as she slowly ascends the stairs, Disciple at the ready but not entirely sure she'll need to use it. For some reason, one of the voice seems familiar to her… and then it hits her. It's not familiar to Faith Lehane, but Alexis Shepard knew the individual well. "Don't worry, I've got this." Slapping one hand against the door's haptic interface, she waits for it to slide open before blindly tossing her Disciple back at Miranda. "Hold my shotgun while I hug my quarian."

     Before she can make it more than a few steps into the prefab, a trio of quarians armed with assault rifles rush forward to intercept her. "Freeze!"

     Raising her hands in surrender, Faith smirks at the dark-suited quarian before nodding back over her shoulder. "Already am. Why do you think I'm coming inside?"

     "Prazza! You said you'd let me handle this!" The owner of the familiar voice, albeit clad in an unfamiliar new environmental suit, rushes forward to position herself between Faith and the trio of armed quarians. After a second, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya slowly turns her head back toward Faith. "Wait… Faith?"

     Faith opens her mouth to respond, but is cut off by Prazza. "I'm not taking any chances with Cerberus operatives!" Huh? Her armor is black with red and white N7 markings. How did he know that she… Faith glances back over her shoulder, rolling her eyes at the sight of Jacob and Miranda entering the prefab behind her with guns drawn. Oh. That's how. What part of 'I got this' didn't they understand?

     Thankfully, Tali's there to keep things from coming to blows. "Put those weapons down!" After a moment, the soldiers obey her command, allowing Tali to return her attention to Faith. "Faith? Is that… you're alive?"

     "What do Mallene, Nassana, and Shiala all have in common?"

     "They can all make their toes touch their headtresses… which I didn't need to know back then and I still don't want to think about." Rushing forward, Tali hauls Faith into a tight hug for a few seconds before pulling back. "But… how? You were dead."

     Faith keeps one arm around Tali's waist as she turns and gestures to Miranda with her free hand. "Meet Miracle Miranda. Guess I was only mostly dead, which meant I was still slightly alive."

     Snorting, Miranda tosses the white and purple shotgun she's holding back at Faith. "I assure you, Commander, you were completely dead when Miss T'Soni turned you over to Cerberus. After spending a few hours in your presence, I'm already starting to miss those days."
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