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Summary: When Xander gets stuck on a Hell Dimension. He ends up on no other place than the soul cairn. Skyrim/Buffy

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Chapter One

"It just so happens that I, Xander Harris was at the wrong place at the wrong time, well mostly that, though gotta admit trying to be a hero was maybe a part of my predicament. A small part... well maybe a smallish medium-y part? Okay it was my fault for trying to be heroic that had me ended up... staring at a gigantic big-ass Dragon. Did I mention he's huge?"

Disclaimer: Skyrim and BtVS is not mine.

- Xander Harris Sot'Valok (White Guardian)

Ag'Morokei'Nah (Burn Glorious Fury)

I sat on one of the many ruins that littered this place, Souls wandered about... lost. The only thing to eat was Soul husks. No more burgers, no more twinkies just bland yet filling soul husk. I took another bite on my piece of husk as I look into the horizons.

It's been a long time since I've been teleported to this place, I think this is what they call a Hell dimension, but I just don't know anymore nor do I care if they call it twinkie land or whatever. Days, months, years, decades I don't know how long i've been here. There's no sun here, just souls and ruins... some undead... then a huge ass dragon.

"Alexander!" A booming yet tired voice called out my name. It was Durnheviir, he is as I am, trapped in this forsaken land. He's good company at least. Without him I probably would have gone insane in here. "Sot'Valok you look sad again." He said morosely. Landing on the flat ground near the ruins I was sitting on. "Aren't you?" I asked " Sad, I mean, It has been a lot of time since you know... you were with your... dragon-y friends?" I clarified.

"My friends are dead, Alexander. Now, I only long to fly on the lands of Tamriel, to breathe the air into my lungs, to gaze upon a blue sky, and to feel the sun at my back. What about you Sot'Valok?" I couldn't help but feel sorry for him and myself at his monologue, we were the same, both trapped in this hell. "I miss my friends Durn, And I want to do all of what you said too. Except the, you know, flying part coz I can't" I said with a chuckle. Hmmm... Durn seems to be looking at the distance ways away from us. In fact, he's looking at the Castle, Long story short there was a vampire living there so I avoid it if I can. "Intruders, Alexander, Two of them. They are of flesh and bone and blood. Come! Let us see."

Well this might get interesting. If there are intruders that means they somehow entered here, if they entered here they might know how to get out. I fought my hopeful smile off my face as I jumped on Durnheviir's back. Best not hope, and save myself the disappointment after all.


Durnheviir flew high and made search patterns, which means he flew like a cockroach on steroids."Wooooooah" I gripped at a scale spike near the base of his neck hard to anchor myself to his body. We landed near the castle's north wing. The "castle" was more or less a building with no roof, high walls, that had 6 soul towers as I liked to call them. Soul towers were probably the most awe inspiring sights to be seen in this place, Durn tells me that these things power up the barriers in this place. The soul towers were towers made of Obsidian looking bricks that reached to the heavens, except only the bottom was made, the other bricks were floating. Most of them were Inactive, but the active ones... they give of a purplish light that shoots out to the sky.

I stealthily dismounted Durn when he made a pass at one of the towers. As it was I didn't want the intruders to see me as of yet. I crouched near the castle ridges to hide and looked below to see three figures. The intruders and the Vampire chick. Scratch that. They were all vampires. Their eyes gave them away.

Not that being a vampire here is as bad as it was back home, Vampires here were something like... eh... the underworld movie vampires, i guess. They were still who they were after they are turned, or so Durn tells me. Started by this Demon prince Molag Balls or something like that, he raped this woman and somehow bleeded on her. Poof. Vampire.

It seems that Durn wants to fight them... I look up to see him gliding to a stop on the top of the entrance of the Castle. He perched and let loose a Huge roar, see the capitalization there? It was that and maybe a bit more. Durn explained to me that Dragons fought using words, basically if two dragons fight it'd be a deadly trashtalk battle or something like that. Words have Power.

"Diil Quoth Zaam!" I see Durn shouting to the skies. Blobs of what appears as purple flame spout out of his mouth to the sky. These blobs in turn fell to the castle, hitting skeletons with amazing accuracy. I watch amazed as the skeletons stirred then became alive, er, undead more like it.

It was magic, the words were incantations and the world simply obeys them, it was chilling. It was like saying hamburger and a hamburger appears in front of you.

The 3 Vampires make quick work of the skeletons, they shortly focused their attention to Durneviir. The two ladies seem to prefer using magic, not the dragon magic kind, It seems that bolts of lightning and ice were spouting out of their hands. Must be useful. The sole male was using a crossbow to shoot Durn out of the air.

Roaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaar

It seems Durn is indulging them. He dropped to the-"Wait a second." I watch as Durn topples to the ground. "Shit." I ran to the stairs.

If these fucks hurt Durn bad, God help them, I'm gonna- I see the guy unsheathing two knives, clearly to "finish" Durnehviir off. Oh no you don't.

No. One. Hurts. Pack.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" Everything is a blur, do I care that pack is threatened? Yes! Do I care if I'm charging 3 vamps? no not really... All and any thought vanished as I clashed into them literally pouncing on the male.


"Urhg." I taste the coppery taste of blood in my mouth. "Duhr-" I tried to speak but i was in too much pain to do so. "Alexander, you live still, good." I groaned, I don't know if it's from relief or pain. I can't be choosy right now so I'll go with both. "You were severely wounded, Sot'Valok. Only my Thu'um keeps you from passing on to the great beyond." "Hur-kle" I tried to respond but only drool and blood spouted from my mouth. I opened my eyes to see the ever purple hue of the world i've been stuck in for God knows how long. "The dovahkiin, killed me, then wounded you grievously, Sot'Valok. I came to you as soon as I reformed." Even in pain as I was, I think I'm smiling right now. At Least one of us is going to live, right?

"I have lived long enough, Alexander. I will not suffer to see another friend die! I'm sorry..." I tried to raise my head to see Durn or even just ask what the hell he meant but I was suddenly in a... whatever it is it's crazy, unexplainable. I'm in pain yet I'm not, I feel but I do not? "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh" I yelled, pain coursing through every strand of my being. All was tu- turnin- Bla- ck...


Good evening guys :D here's the first chapter. I would have made it longer but it seems right to finish it off right there, Don't you think?
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