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Ship of the Line: The Sunnydale Saga

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Summary: YAHF: Xander, the Scoobies and several others get way more then they bargained for from their costumes...and the last thing the Goa'uld will see is a bright flash of light...multiple pairings, adult language and scenes (in later chapters)

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Chapter I - Lost Gambles

Disclaimer(s): I don't own any of the franchises the ideas for this fanfic come from (cause if I did, I'd be rich and would never have to work again!) Buffy the Vampire Slayer comes from Joss 'Is-Boss' Whedon and the rest at Mutant Enemy Productions, Robotech from Carl Macek, Steve Kramer, and Harmony Gold USA, while Stargate SG-1 comes from Brad Wright, Jonathon Glassner and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

There are also probably ideas from other great fics I've read and thought would be neat in this story. I can only really think of Joehundredaire and his brilliant idea of the bet between Xander and the Cordettes from his story 'Pyrrhic Victory', which I can't recommend enough! (Seriously, read'll crack up!) If you see anything in this story which you recognise as yours (I don't think there's anything else off the top of my head) then I apologise in advance and thank you for the inspiration!


Ship of the Line: The Sunnydale Saga

Chapter I - Lost Gambles

SDF-1, High Orbit, Abydos, 0700 (UTC), 31st October 2005 (Earth Calendar).

Commander Alexander R. Harris sighed contentedly, as he watched the Combat Air Patrol, or CAP, take off from the flight deck of the Prometheus. *Yep, another fine day out here...or, it would be, if we HAD days out here.* He settled back in his chair as he watched the veritechs disappear into the blackness of space, until even their thrusters ccouldn't be seen any more.

He smiled, as his gaze continued to search the darkness all around the ship. *It's hard to believe it's only been 4 years since that night, feels like a lifetime ago. Then again, I suppose it has been...after all, Xander Lavelle Harris, class clown died, and Alex Richard Harris, VT pilot was born that night.*

He closed his eyes as his mind wandered back. *Course, I do have Cordy to thank for that...after all, if she hadn't lost that bet, then things would have been very different indeed...*

Sunnydale, California, 1230 (PST), 30th October 2001 (Earth Calendar).

Xander Harris leaned back against the wall, watching as the cheerleaders trooped out of the gym after their lunchtime training. Normally, he would have been in there, enjoying the ever enchanting view of hot babes in tight tops and short skirts, but he was a man on a mission this day. His eyes roamed the pack, searching out his prey...*Woah! May wanna cut back the predatory imagery there...getting a little too close to alpha for comfort.*...before he spotted her. He got up off the wall, and followed her down to her locker.

"So, your ever so royal majesty, how's life in the land of Cordy today?" He smirked, as he leaned against the locker beside Cordelia Chase.

Cordelia looked over at him, annoyance radiating off her in waves. "It WAS a good day, until there was a sudden invasion of dorkness. So, what do you if I couldn't guess." She suddenly smiled. "You finally got your result back on the english exam, didn't you! And now you're here to humble yourself before me, as I prove just how great I am, and how much of a loser you are!"

She reached into her locker, obviously looking for something. "Now, you remember the terms of the bet right. I don't want you trying to weasel out of it by saying you don't remember or something. As the loser, not only will you let me choose your Halloween outfit, but you'll be my personal servant all Halloween...meaning you'll have to obey my every order!"

She pulled out a piece of paper from her locker, unfolding it before shoving it in Xander's face. "Well, read it and weep 89! That's a B+, since I know you've never seen one." She sighed happily as she put the paper back in her locker. "So, what score did you get...just so I know by how much I beat you. A 50? Or didn't you even manage to pass this one?"

Xander sighed slightly as he pulled a similar piece of paper from his pocket. "As a matter of fact, I did manage to pass...but I'm not sure. Maybe you could read this for me and tell me if I'm right or not." He smiled as he hands Cordelia the paper, silently counting down. *5...4...3...2...1...*

"WHAT!?!?!?!" Cordelia's scream could be heard half way across the school (at least by a certain slayer, who clutched her ears in agony.) "A 98!?!? How in the name of Gucci did a moron like you get a 98? I got Levinson to tutor me, and he's, like, the biggest brain in the school, and I only got an 89!" She looked at Xander with utter disbelief.

Xander just smiled. "Uh, I think you're forgetting something there Cor. Jonathan -is- out there smart, but he isn't the biggest brain in the school. That particular honour belongs to my bestest bud, who, as founder of the We Hate Cordelia club, was more then happy to tutor me so that I would beat you."

Cordelia's eyes narrowed. "Rosenberg!" The sheer fury in her voice at that name made Xander mortally afraid for his bestest bud, until Cordelia just seemed to slump, as the fury drained from her eyes. When she finally spoke again, it sounded like she had just lost WW2 for America. "Fine, you win. You get to choose my Halloween costume. There, happy?"

Xander looked hard at her. "Uh uh...aren't you forgetting something? The second part, which I only got cause YOU wanted to get me as your personal man-Friday? It's not only your costume I'm's also those of your Cordettes!"

Cordelia's face fell even further (if that were at all possible.) "Ugh, I had forgotten...crap. Ok, ok, the girls too. So, what's it gonna be? Playboy bunnies? French maids? Which of the no-doubt thousands of fantasies of yours that I star in are we gonna let you see tomorrow?"

Xander's smirk dimmed a little. "Actually...I'm not entirely sure!" He held his hands up in a placating manner as Cordelia started getting angry again. "Hey, be grateful that you hadn't made this bet earlier...otherwise it would have been Star Wars for sure...something really geeky and alien to boot!" Cordelia blinked, and calmed down after hearing that.

Xander smiled again, once he was sure Mount Cordy wouldn't blow her top. *Now THERES an image to savour.* "Since it's so close, I can't give you anything too I figured I'd head over to the costume shops after school today and see what they have on offer. Actually, since I know what they have on offer at Partytown, and most of it sucks, I'll just check out that new place...I think it's called Ethan's or something. Care to tag along? That way you won't have to wait to see what it is?"

Cordelia shrugged. "Sure, why not. Like you said, better to know what my doom is then worry over it."

Xander laughed slightly, as he started to head away. "Great, I'll see you there about 4ish. Now, if you'll excuse me, I really have to find Buffy."

Cordelia snorted. "Like that's news...and here's another headline, rain is wet!"

Xander kept walking, as he looked over his shoulder at Cordelia. "Oh, it's not scooby business...let's just say you're not the only one I have to break some bad betting news to."

-SotL: TSS-

Xander walked into the familiar sanctuary of the library, a spring in his step and a smile on his face. "Hail the camp!"

With an almost exhausted sigh, Rupert Giles, Sunnydale Highs librarian (and Watcher to the slayer) turned to face his young ally. "Xander, this is a library, not a bloody tent in the forest or something."

"Ah, but G-man, with the amount of paper in here, it's probably about the same as a forest, hmm? I mean, doesn't it come from trees?" Xander returned with a mischievous grin.

Giles groaned, as he started to polish his glasses. "And how many times must I ask you not to use that infernal nickname?"

Xander shrugged. "Don't know...once I have an answer, I'll think about letting you know." Feeling that he'd got the better part of the exchange, Xander turned towards his reason for being here today. "And how are you today, my fair-haired hero?"

Buffy Summers smiled up at Xander, feeling just a little more light-hearted now that her favourite Xander-shaped friend had arrived. "Pretty good...although my ears are still ringing after that shriek I heard earlier. Any idea what that was about? It sounded more like outrage then the usual stark-raving terror."

Xander's smile turned into an outright smirk. "Ah, that. Well Buff, I'm afraid that was the sound of your approaching doom."

Now Buffy just looked suspicious. "What do you mean by that?"

Xander sat down beside her. "Do you remember that bet we made last week?"

Buffy thought about that a bit. "You mean the one where you said you'd get Cordelia to let you choose her costume? Yeah don't mean...?" A look of slowly dawning horror crossed Buffy's face.

Xander smiled really big. "That shriek was one Cordelia Chase realising that I had won our bet, meaning I'm now choosing her costume...ergo, I'm choosing yours too!"

Buffy's shoulders drooped a little at hearing this. "Dammit! And I was gonna dress up in something really pretty for Angel, too." She turned a pair of uber-cute puppy dog eyes on Xander. "Xander, can't you let this one slide, pretty please?"

Xander leaned back, as if he was thinking about it. *Yeah right, let you off so you can try and impress a corpse? I sooo don't think so.* He looked at Buffy again. "Sorry Buff, no can do, it's a matter of honour now. Besides..." His voice trailed off as he spotted Willow Rosenberg walk in, before he leaned in close to whisper. "I do have an ulterior motive...aside from getting you to dress how I want, that is!"

With that mischievous grin firmly back in place, Xander turned in his chair to look more directly at his red-haired friend. "And good afternoon to you, my bestest bud."

Willow smiled at her best friend (and not-so-secret crush). "Hey Xander. What's up?"

Xander's grin seemed to grow. "Funny you should ask that. I was just telling Buffy that I had won our little bet."

Willow paled. "What do you mean?"

Xander looked towards Buffy. "I mean, Buffy just agreed to let me choose her costume...which means I get to choose yours as well."

Buffy's eyes lit up with understanding, as Willow let out a little whimper. "But, but..."

Xander wagged his finger at Willow. "Oh no, you're not getting out of this one Missy! Year after year, it's always the same thing...well, this is one year that the Ghostly Willow won't be making an appearance! Besides, I know you're a young woman of your word, and there's no way you'd try and break a bet, right?"

Willow sighed, as she slowly shook her head. "No, I wouldn', what are we going as then?" Buffy looked over at this, curiosity written all over her face.

"So, this is Slayer central in sunny California, huh?" The sudden, unfamiliar voice pulled the attention of the Scoobies to the front door, where stood a stunning young brunette, decked out in tight leather pants, a red wife beater, and leather jacket. She turned back to look at the middle-aged woman following her in. "I dunno Dr. D, I thought there'd be more sun and less books."

The older woman just sighed resignedly, and with a very British tone, replied. "And thus are first impressions founded." She walked ahead of her companion, towards Giles. "Hello Rupert, it's been awhile."

Giles smiled, as he quickly shook the woman’s hand. "It has indeed Diane. What brings you out to the land of the heathens?"

Diane Dormer smiled at the slight noises of outrage from the assembled teens around them. "Well Rupert, I thought I'd bring the young lady I've been tasked with 'civilising' to meet the Slayer."

Said young lady grumbled ever-so slightly. "Civilising, she says...more like borifying!"

Diane sent an exasperated, but fond, look over at her. "Rupert, I'd like you to meet Faith Lehane, my potential. Faith, this is Rupert Giles, an old friend of mine, and the watcher of the Slayer."

Faith waved at Giles. "Yo." Her gaze turns to the other teens in the room. "So, who's this?"

Giles winced slightly. "Ah yes, where are my manners." He walked over, as he placed a hand on Buffy's shoulder. "This is Buffy Summers, the Slayer."

Buffy gave a cheery wave. "Hiya"

Giles then gestured towards the others. "And these are her friends and allies in the good fight...Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris."

Willow smiled shyly and waved, while Xander leaned forward, holding his hand out to Faith, who grabbed it and gave it a quick shake. "Welcome to Sunnyhell High Faith. Hopefully, the 'civilising' will be kept to a minimum while you're here."

Faith just grinned. "Thanks X, 'preciate it. So, what were you peeps talkin bout? Vamps, ghouls, zombies...?"

Xander shook his head, grinning as the girls both grimaced. "Nah, nothing that boring...we're just talkin about Halloween, and why you shouldn't make a bet you don't think you will like."

Faith smiled, leaning back as she listened to Xander's funny story. At the end, she shrugged a bit. "That don't sound too bad, actually. I mean, there's no nudity or nuthin, right?"

Willow gave a little 'eep' noise, turning bright red as Buffy glared at Xander, the slightest blush crossing her cheeks. "Right...assuming Xander likes having the use of his arms..."

Xander held his hands up as if warding off a deadly threat. *Oh wait, Buffy's death glare...guess that counts.* "Don't worry Buffster, there will be actual costumes...sides, I don't want to think about your Mom's punishment if I try to make you do that..."

Faith just grinned. *Hmm, this group could be fun...* She turned towards her watcher. "Yo, Dr. D, any chance I could do the whole Halloween thing? Ya know, costumes and shit."

Diane turned a disapproving glare on Faith, who gulped slightly. "What have I said about your language, young lady? As for your question...I don't see why not. Halloween is usually a 'dead' time for the undead, so to speak, so go out and have some fun."

"Wicked!" Faith turned back to the others. "So, where can I snag a costume round here?"

Xander piped up. "Well, if you wanna meet up here at 3:30, I was gonna head down to a new place to check out the costumes, and decide what exactly these lovely ladies, and all the others, are going to wear..."
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