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Code Ragnarok: From the Files of Mark Brainerd

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Mark Brainerd is a Trainee Watcher. With an apocalypse in the offing it's all hands on deck. Fortunately for Mark, the Powers That Be have found the perfect job that needs doing. This is fortunate? Isn't it?

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralHMaxMarius + 8 othersFR183326,99617219,35425 Dec 1213 Dec 13No

Control Issues by Rich

"...remember Dear, we discussed this", the elderly woman said. "If the hinges are on your side of the door, you pull; if they're on the other side, you push". The woman's husband nodded and kept squeezing the tip of his nose.

"Would you like a Kleenex ?" offered Mark.

"Thank you, but I don't think that that will be necessary", the woman replied, in a husky voice. "I'm sure the bleeding will stop soon". Mark shivered. Really, a woman that age shouldn't be inspiring these kind of feelings; and she was married. But that voice ... He shivered again.

"Ma'am, I appreciate you and your husband coming in", he said. "But there are a couple of problems. For starters, you're both well past retirement age".

"That's true, Mister Brainerd", she answered, "but I'd like to think that we have something to contribute". Her husband whispered something to her which Mark couldn't hear. "No, Dear", she said "I don't think that they have one. And I'm sure they have other ways to prevent eavesdropping".

She turned back to Mark. "After all", she continued, "we both had a lot of training and experience, in the old days".

Mark glanced at the personnel files on his desk, and he had to admit that they were impressive, albeit a bit unusual. "That's true", he replied, "but with all due respect, none of your previous work involved fighting demons".

"Don't be so sure, Mister Brainerd", said the man. "Why, would you believe I once defeated five Fyarls armed with chainsaws ? Would you believe it - five !"

"Actually, sir", said Mark, "I'd find that a little hard to believe".

"Would you believe four Fyarls with utility knives ?", asked the man.

The woman interrupted. "That's a story for a later time, Dear", she said. "I'm sure that there's some way we can help, Mister Brainerd. All we ask is a chance".

Mark considered. "Possibly", he said, "but it would have to be in an administrative or support capacity. I couldn't even consider assigning you in the field. You'd be facing creatures that kill, torture and eat human beings for fun !!"

"Aaaaand....... LOVING it !!", said the man.
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