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Code Ragnarok: From the Files of Mark Brainerd

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Mark Brainerd is a Trainee Watcher. With an apocalypse in the offing it's all hands on deck. Fortunately for Mark, the Powers That Be have found the perfect job that needs doing. This is fortunate? Isn't it?

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralHMaxMarius + 8 othersFR183326,99617219,05425 Dec 1213 Dec 13No

This Is Angelic Behavior? by (Current Donor)Manchester

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, Spelling/Goldberg Production characters, and Columbia Pictures characters are the property of their original owners.

Author’s Note: Seeing how it’s close to Christmas, I thought I’d do something nice in advance for Mark.

Crack, crack.

When the guy sitting in an office chair behind this bureaucrat’s desk didn’t even blink despite snapping her fingers right in his face at eye level, Sabrina Duncan tried once more, with an equal lack of success. She then followed his unfocused gaze at where--

“Dammit, Jill, couldn’t you for once wear a bra? Or at least put on your jacket!”

These exasperated words were directed at a stunning blonde presently sharing their cubicle who in response looked down at her chest to smugly smirk at the sudden female mammalian biological consequences produced there by entering a cool, air-conditioned building from the much warmer outdoors. Jill Munroe glanced up to toss back a very famous hairstyle and say with matching satisfaction in her tone to nobody in particular, “Hey, I didn’t hear any complaints when we came through this place here to sign up for Code Ragnarok.”

Kelly Garrett joined in the discussion by contributing a sarcastic, “That’s because it wasn’t just all the men whose mouths were speechlessly hanging open but also some of the robots, aliens, cartoon characters, and a couple of other ladies there, too!”

Before Jill could give a delighted giggle at her recent accomplishment, this was overridden by a contemptuous remark coming the cubicle doorway, “Oh, look who’s here. It’s Skanky, Dopey, and Dummy from the Three Little Whores.”

Whirling around in unison to glare at the other three younger women now crowding inside the small office area, Kelly, Jill, and Sabrina all failed to notice how Mark Brainerd’s stare was now unerringly fixed upon their magnificent rear ends in tight-fitting pants and skirts currently being revealed to his vision. Alas, this glorious display was quickly hidden from sight by the trio of television heroines shifting to one side to put their backs against the left cubicle wall.

That wary action was promptly mirrored by the other trio from the movies at the right wall of the office space. Closest to Mark on that side, Natalie Cook continued with her sneering comments, “Why are you wrinkled hags from another dimension even thinking about enlisting? Did your show finally run out of dumb, paunchy crooks who take it for granted that they’re Mr. Wonderful and ignore how sloppily you investigate them? News flash, ladies: even the most ugly demons have a little more brains than this, so if you try to carry out your usual stupid plan of going undercover at the Cleveland Hellmouth, all that’ll happen is for you to end up as a triple set of hors d’oeuvres.”

Dylan Sanders and Alex Munday simultaneously sniggered at seeing the matching looks of total rage flash over the three older faces across the office. Standing in line with their friend Natalie, these more modern-day females then sent identical tight grins at those aged bitches who were going to be sent packing here and now so that the true Charlie’s Angels could impressively show off their stuff to the whole world.

Seeing this, Sabrina, Jill, and Kelly also got ready for action. It was well past time for those spoiled brats to receive a good spanking (and kicking and ripping clothes and punching and hair-pulling and biting). Yep, cunning and treachery would always overcome overconfidence and oversized boob jobs, so bring it on!

Among those standing in the cubicle, fingers with long, sharp nails were flexed, deep breaths were taken to strain the tensile strength of clinging blouses, and sultry eyes were narrowed dangerously. In all this, six beautiful and superbly fit women paid no attention to how the sole seated male there was pulling open one of his desk drawers.

Mark Brainerd already knew there was no way he was coming through this entirely unscathed. All right, then, he might as well as grab and use the snacks he kept for the usual afternoon munchies. It wasn’t like he had enough on hand to fill up even a small wading pool, but the half-dozen chocolate pudding cups could have their lids removed and the whole batch lobbed as one into the start of the upcoming catfight…

The End?

You have reached the end of "Code Ragnarok: From the Files of Mark Brainerd" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Dec 13.

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