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Behind Baby Blue Eyes

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Impressionable Young Mind". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Scoobies learn a hard lesson in making every potiential a slayer. (1st in the Impressionable Young Mind)

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Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS CharacterscloudleonsgurlFR1811,1600102,56328 Dec 1228 Dec 12Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own anything Buffy! Joss Whedon does, and I am not him.

May yours prayers, whom ever they are to, be with those who need them right now. Merry Christmas or Belated Christmas. Or Happy whatever holiday you celebrate.

Summary: The Scoobies learn a hard lesson on Christmas, when they discover the price of their making all potientials slayers.

Slighty AU

It was Christmas.

Happy, bright lights scattered on the floor. Presents torn and thrown askew. Blood everywhere.

And it was all her fault.

Buffy Summers threw the pictures back to Giles, who looked morose as she felt, slid them back into the files. He offered no words of comfort for he had none.

All the potientials of this generation had been turned into Slayers. The youngest, 14. Or so they had thought. They had no reason to doubt or suspect the Old Watcher's Councils files. But Christmas day had proven them wrong, so wrong. They found a plot of demons preparing to attack the house of Micheal and Shelia Sanders. When they had got there, they found the bodies of Micheal and Shelia and the demons trying to find a slayer.

They had taken out the monsters, and in the midst of the chaos, out stumbled a three year old girl. Tiny for her age, clutching a brown bear in her arms, her blue eyes staring through dark curls. One look into that girl's eyes, Buffy knew. She was a slayer. Amelia (fondly nicknamed Aimee) Sanders was born a slayer.

Willow went over it all and was stunned. "She was born within seconds of the spell."

Which in hindsight, was kinda of a sucky time to be born on the eve of an apocalypse, but in that seconds Aimee had become a slayer. If, Buffy thought, if only she had been born a few minutes later then...then she would just be a potiential. Not a slayer. And then, maybe, she wouldn't be all alone in the world now.

Her parents had known, with the therapy session for nightmares (memories of past Slayers), that their daughter was different. But instead of an asylum, they went to great lengths to keep their daughter safe. It would have worked, had the things they were trying to protect her from were normal and mortal. But they weren't and the parents paid the ultimate price to protect their daughter.

Buffy glanced at the door, on the other side, the girl sat. The girl had been silent, cold since they brought her here a week ago. Just staring with her big blue eyes staring at the world, as if trying to make sense. Trying to figure out why she was here or trying to figure out why her parents were dead. When approached, she made no indication of hearing the gentle words of comfort. Made no flicker of acknowledgement. And it broke Buffy's heart. She let out a shuddered breath and turned to Giles, "What are we going to do?"

"What can we do?" Giles shot back, tiredly pinching the bridge of his nose. "She is a slayer. She has to be trained."

"She is a kid," Buffy argued back.

"She is a kid," Willow acknowledged softly. "But that doesn't change it, Buffy."

She wished it did, she really wished she did.

"Have you ever considered," a sultry female boston accented voice broke into the coversation, "asking the kid what she wants?"

"We've already..." Buffy's voice trailed off as she stared at the Dark Slayer. Not specifically at the dark slayer, more like the kid hanging on her hip. Aimee Sander's head ducked down shyly, her dark locks swaying.

Aimee Sander, just a three old girl and a slayer. Faith shifted the kid on her hip, and Buffy finally found her voice, "How? How did you..."

"How did I get on the kid's good side?" Faith asked, with her signature smirk. "I offered her ice cream and we talked."

"Talked?" Giles wiped his glasses.

"Yep. She needed someone to talk to," Faith rolled her eyes. "Not someone to talk to her." Upon the looks, she recieved, Faith added, "What? I can't be sensitive?"

"Faith? Sensitive?" Xander walked in, fixing his eye patch. "This I have got to see."

"Are we sure Faith should be let around the impressionable young mind?" Willow asked, then shot a look over at the Dark Slayer, quickly adding, "No offence."

"None taken," Faith shrugged.

Dawn walked in. "Hey! Giles I've got the files, you've asked for on..." she saw everyone standing around. "Are we having a meeting? Is this meeting? Why wasn't I invited to this meeting?"

"It's not a meeting," Buffy sighed. "Well, not intentionally. We are trying to figure out what to do with..." The blonde's eyes flickered to Aimee as she tried to figure out a word to describe the situation. "...with our current problem."

"Geez, Buffy," Xander chuckled.


"That's what every kid wants to be called. A problem," Xander pointed out. Aimee blinked, tugging on Faith's shoulder. Faith looked down at the kid's blue eyes with one big question in them. The Dark Slayer turned to the group and scowled, "Great job. Now she thinks she's a burden. Who shouldn't be let around impressionable minds, now?"

There was a beat before, "She didn't know I meant her! At least, not 'till Xander said it!"

"Hey! Why do I get blamed?" Xander demanded. "Why does the one eyed man get blamed?"

"Oh, shut it, Captain Hook!"

"Captian Hook was missing a hand! I'm missing an eye! We really need to work on your references, Buffster," the one eyed man told the young woman, who placed her hands on her hips.

Faith turned back to Aimee, whose eyes were glistening with tears and stated, "No. Aimee you're not a problem. And don't listen to them, they might look like adults, but they don't act it. Not that I'm any better, mind you."

Aimee sniffled, blinking back tears giving a small smile. Willow blinked, "Wow."

"Yea," Dawn murmured. "Who'd think Faith is the maternal type?"

"Hey!" Faith caught the comment. "I ain't no maternal type! I am a badass!"

"Bad'ss!" Aimee tried to mimick Faith's tone and glare which sent laughs through the Scoobies while Faith pouted, not that she would ever admit she did.

"Whatever," Faith rolled her eyes, then her lips turned upward when Aimee's stomach growled. "You hungry, little blue?"

"Little blue?" Xander blinked.

"Her eyes are baby blue," Faith stated as if it were obvious. Aimee looked back and forth taking in the exchange with a intent gaze before pulling herself up to whisper into Faith's ear. Faith smiled, a real genuine smile that left the other's stunned. "Pizza it is." She turned, waving at Xander who staring at her behind, "Bye bye, boytoy."

"Bye, bye, boy toy." Aimee mocked.

Xander turned red and sputtered while Faith threw her head back and laughed. Willow and Buffy snickered behind their hands, while Giles' sighed exsaperated.

Dawn asked with a grin, "Can we keep her?"

Yes, Buffy decided silently. Yes, we will.

And thus, Aimee Sanders, was welcomed into the big and colorful family, the Scoobies.

RRs are appreciated.

The End

You have reached the end of "Behind Baby Blue Eyes". This story is complete.

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