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Summary: Willow Rosenberg, an undercover CIA analyst and a famous wizard going under the name James Bond must stop an old friend from activated a space weapon and destroying all of London. W/HP

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Chapter Four - Finale del Camino

Chapter Four - Finale del Camino

Chapter Four of Goldeneye
a Story by DrakePendragon

Disclaimer: I do not own James Bond, that is owned by Ian Flemming and the Broccoli family. I do not own Harry Potter, that is owned by J.K. Rowling. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that is owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Special thanks to my announced hit-and-run beta alynambred. I was wrong, I do care enough about the story to make the fixes you pointed out.


Overseas Highway
Marathon, Florida
August 20th, 2012
3:20 PM

Harry flew down the Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys with the top down on his BMW and an excited Willow in the passenger seat. “My whole life I’ve wanted to come to the Caribbean,” Willow admitted, leaning her head back against the headrest.

“That so?” Harry asked.

“Yep. Especially after all that time in Severnaya? The warm air here is exactly what I needed,” she replied, stretching out. Harry spared a glance from the road to give her sundress covered body an appreciative glance.

“I can see,” he remarked.

“I especially love that there isn’t another sentient being in sight,” she replied coquettishly. Harry gave her a grin. Their playful banter was cut off by the alert on his car. He ran his fingers across the touch screen until a radar appeared and showed a small aircraft a short ways out. He glanced backwards and saw the single propeller plane come in for a landing. “What is it with you and moving vehicles?” she demanded.

Harry pulled the car to a stop and the plane passed over him, landing on the road. The plane taxied around until it was facing him. Out of the cabin popped Xander Harris with a ridiculous Hawaiian print shirt. “Yo, Jimmy!” Xander called out as he approached the car. Willow was out of the car in a flash and started smacking him in the arm.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded.

“I bring presents from old what’s his name. T, Z…?” Xander trailed off.

“Q,” Harry replied, taking the bag off of him.

“That still doesn’t answer why you are here,” Willow said.

“I am not here. The CIA has no knowledge, no involvement and has absolutely nothing to do with your insertion to Cuba. Ms. Roseberg here is an asset on loan to MI-6 from the Agency and does not reflect the views nor policies of said agency. Her presence here is completely unknown to us, if you catch my drift,” he stated in full disclaimer mode.

“Yes I do, perfectly,” Harry responded.

“Borrowed the plane from a friend of mine in the DEA. The Coast Guard and the FAA are both in the loop. You’re clear on our radar until 0600 hours. Here’s the latest sat-gen from Langley. Stay below 600 feet,” Xander explained.

“500,” Willow corrected with a roll of her eyes. She took the files from Xander’s hand to examine them.

“Isn’t that what I said?” he asked with a smirk.

“Nope, but you were close,” she replied.

“Can I talk to you, Jimbo?” Xander asked, leading him away from Willow. “Are you sure you need to take her into the lion’s den? A lot of people will sleep better if she were to just return home.”

“Do you think she’d let me sideline her?” Harry asked knowingly. Xander sighed and they walked back over to Willow who was still pouring over the satellite printouts.

“So, you’re looking for a satellite dish the size of a football field? Doesn’t exist. You can’t light a cigar in Cuba without us seeing it,” Xander said.

“I know it’s there, Xander. It’s a duplicate of Severnaya. Just like our secret transmitters in New Zealand,” Willow replied.

“I have never been to New Zealand,” Xander said matter-of-factly.

“What if we need backup?” Willow asked.

“I’ve got two very eager operatives waiting for that call,” Xander said with a pointed look towards Willow. He headed towards Harry’s car.

“Harris!” Harry called out, tossing him the keys. “Don’t touch anything!”

“Just gonna go bombing around in it,” Xander joked.

“Exactly,” Harry said with a grim smile.

“Oh, and Harry,” Xander said, making Harry turn back to him. “I got faith in you and Willow, but be careful. Finnegan knows you’re coming,” he said before putting the car in gear and driving back towards the mainland.

CIA Safe House
Marathon, Florida
August 20th, 2012
4:50 PM

Harry sat on the beach, turning his holly wand over in his hands, still trying to come to grips with the fact that tomorrow he’d be killing Seamus with it. Seamus Finnegan. He’d buried the man nine years ago after Arkhangelsk and he’d never forgiven himself for his death, but this was something else. This was something unforeseen. He’d always had an unerring trust in his friends. That trust was what kept him alive for years, especially once he became a double-0. He had been so guilt ridden that he truly tried to sever himself from that old life. How would Ginny or Ron or Hermoine take this? He still had a hard time believing any of this was true.

He failed to notice Willow approaching him from the safe house in just a white bikini and a wrap. “He was your friend, wasn’t he?” she asked, snapping him out of his reverie. She sat down beside him and stared out over the water to where Cuba was. Harry sighed and nodded. She rested her head against his shoulder. “He mentioned something about everyone in a castle waiting for you to come and save the day.”

“I, we, were just seventeen at the time. They were holding down the home front and protecting those that needed it while I ran around the country searching for some way to finally end the war. I wanted to be with them but it just wasn’t practical,” Harry explained.

“Were you two close?” she asked.

“We’ve known each other since we were eleven and been in the same dorm room every year of school. We weren’t the best of mates but yeah, we were close enough for this to be unbelievable,” he said.

“I don’t think I can truly understand how you feel. I mean, sure, I’ve been in a lot of really bad situations and can probably sympathize with a lot, but this is foreign. Xander knows what’s it’s like. He had to kill our best friend when we were sixteen since he got turned into a vampire and one of those operatives he mentioned? She had to kill her lover cause he went all kinds of bad and evil when we were seventeen but I’ve never had to be in that position. Wrath has always been my thing. Like Ourmov? Made him eat his own gun. And Xenia? I haven’t figured out how I’m going to kill her but it’s not going to be pretty. And I’m babbling, stop me,” Willow said in a single breath. Harry leaned over and captured her lips in a kiss, effectively cutting her off.

“That better?” he asked quietly.

“Oh, much,” she replied.

“When we were fifteen, I was pressured to, well, create an army. It was just supposed to be a group of students that wanted to learn how to defend themselves in the upcoming war but we quickly became an army. Seamus and I had our spats in the beginning of the year but when this was together, he was behind me one hundred percent. He was always behind me except for that one moment of doubt. All the way until he died nine years ago. I have to wonder just how long he’s been harboring all this against me?” he asked. Willow leaned over and took his lips in a kiss to silence him. She kept leaning forward until his back was on the sand and she was on top of him.

“Can’t think like that. I know you want answers but you can’t think like that right now. Tomorrow you have to do something no one ever wants to do. You have to kill your friend. You can’t go into it second guessing yourself or else he’ll kill you, fire the Goldeneye, and win at whatever he’s planning,” Willow said sternly with her resolve face set in place.

“I don’t know how to stop thinking like that,” Harry admitted.

“That, I think I can help you with,” she replied. She took his hands and dragged them up to her shoulders as she kissed again. He hooked his thumbs under the straps on her bikini top and pulled them down her arms.

“Quite the pleasant distraction,” Harry commented as the top came off her chest completely. Willow smiled at him radiantly before pressing herself down against him again.

Janus Group Base of Operations
Bahia de Santa Clara, Cuba
August 21st, 2012
7:20 AM

From the moment their small plane passed over the shores of one of Cuba’s small islets in the Bahia de Santa Clara, all Harry and Willow could see were trees. She consulted her readouts a thousand times but they couldn’t find a single trace of the satellite dish. They passed over a large caldera full of water and Willow sighed.

“There is nothing here. How can there be nothing here?” she demanded.

“Let’s make another pass,” Harry suggested. He banked the plane around. “Maybe Xander was right.” A single surface-to-air missile broke the water’s surface and struck them in wing. He quickly lost control of the plane as it nosedived towards the tree line. Harry grabbed ahold of Willow and tried to apparated them to safety. He failed due to lack of concentration.

Willow redoubled her grip on Harry. “Hold on,” she ordered. She started chanting in Latin under her breath and just before the crashing plane hit the ground they teleported to safety, making a rough landing in the dirt twenty feet away. Willow was unconscious from the impact and Harry followed suit soon after, dropping down next to her.

The sound of a helicopter drew Harry back to reality. He glanced up and in the sun's glare he could barely make out a silhouette of the chopper and a person coming down on a rope line. Harry slowly rose to his feet. Xenia delivered a double-boot kick to his chest, knocking him back and fracturing a couple ribs in the process. Harry cried out as he hit the ground with a thud. He reached for his PPK but Xenia stepped on his wrist, breaking his hand and his grip. She lifted him single-handedly off the ground and spit in his face.

“No one makes a fool of me, Mr. Potter. Not you nor your little French demon bitch,” Xenia said darkly. The rope she came down on slid up her body slowly, making her drop Harry. The rope wrapped around her throat tightly and shot up into the tree branches. Xenia followed the path up and came down over a branch to a hard stop with the loud snapping of her neck. Her eyes bulged and her face turned red as the rope seemed to tighten regardless. After a few seconds the rope slacked and her body crashed down to the forest floor.

Willow pushed herself to her feet, her eyes black as the night with a small amount of darkness in her hair. With a wave of her hand the helicopter’s rotors broke apart and it lost altitude, falling out of the sky. She extended her hand to Harry and he tried to give her his good one. “No, the broken one,” she stated. He looked her incredulously. “Trust me on this.”

Harry reached up with his broken hand and displayed the boot print Xenia left. She took his hand gently into hers and a pulse of magic transferred between them. The bones sealed back together and all the burst blood vessels repaired themselves. She pulled him to his feet and placed her hands on his chest, healing them in the same way. Though there was no injury to his face, she still pressed her lips to his in a kiss. “Magical touch you have there,” Harry said glibly, stealing another kiss.

“Nuh-uh. Now is not the time for that. I couldn’t resist the one but we have to keep moving before they start sending more after us,” Willow said. Her eyes had receded back to their green color by now. Harry spared Xenia’s mutilated body one last glance before nodding in the affirmative.

“Agreed, that missile came from the lake. I think we should head there,” Harry said.

“They must have some kind of installation underneath it,” Willow added.

The pair took off towards the forest’s edge and the edge of the caldera. Warning klaxons sounded and they thought they had been discovered but instead saw three spires rise up from equidistant points on the caldera. Large amounts of thick cabling let from the spires to the middle of the water where the dish was slowly pulled from the surface.

“It looks like the entire dish was under the water,” Harry remarked.

“But what about the rest of it? It isn’t enough to just have the feedhorn. You have the rest of the dish to reflect the incoming data to the feedhorn,” Willow pointed out.

“C’mon, we’ll see soon enough,” Harry replied, leading her closer to the water. The water started to recede and drain down the middle of the dish. What was revealed was an array of solar paneling on the outermost edge of the dish. Willow took Harry’s hand and teleported them behind the solar array. “We really should stop teleporting everywhere, we might forget how to walk.”

“Not likely, I’d say it’s like riding a bike, but well, it’s even easier than that,” Willow replied with a grin. The lower half of the suspended feedhorn started to rotate loudly, filling the air with the sound of wet metal grinding.

“What’s happening?” Harry asked.

“He’s preparing to signal the satellite,” she replied.

“How do I stop it?” he asked.

“Easiest? Break it,” she said.

“Simple enough,” he replied. He drew his wand and pointed it at the dish. “Expulso!” he yelled just as gunfire rained down upon them. Willow’s shield protected them but it caused his spell to go wild, striking just behind them at their feet and launching them into the dish. Harry grabbed Willow close to him and apparated them to the bottom of the dish. Willow extended her hand as they rolled again and coated the large drain opening in the thick film. When the two of them hit it the consistency was that of a jello-mold. They slowly sunk through it until they dropped to the bottom of the drain. Harry opened the pressure hatch and they dropped down into the base.

The soldiers seemed to be on high alert, running from one place to the next but the two spell slingers and spies had ways of not being seen or noticed if they wished. They made their way to the central control room and saw Seamus pacing around in black out gear with Boris beside him. Willow nudged him urgently and pointed to one of the side rooms overlooking central command.

“That’s the mainframe computers,” she said.

“Then go,” he replied.

“Too many guys with guns. Make a distraction for me,” she shot back.

Harry drew his PPK and stepped out of cover in front of a group of soldiers. “Он здесь!” one of the soldier’s declared. Harry opened fire, putting them all down with a single bullet each and deliberately alerting the entire base. Reinforcements came and he calmly hid behind cover. He pulled out a pair of remote mines and activated them, throwing them onto the nearby support beam and arming them with his phone. A simple decoy.

Willow slid down a ladder and headed quietly into the server room where she immediately got to work disarming the satellite. Much to her annoyance, the new programming Boris installed was far too good to hack in that moment so she went for what she was hired to do: the guidance systems. She quickly set them to go off course in a moment’s notice.

Harry apparated into a nearby storage closet and took a deep breath, completely uncertain about this plan. He pointed his wand firmly ahead of him and said in a strong, clear voice: “Fiendfyre!”. The living dark fire erupted from his wand in the form of a demonic dragon. He reinforced the room with the only protection spell he knew to stave off that kind of spell: scutum malum. That shield charm protected from any dark curse save the killing curse. He apparated out of there to the other side of the door. On it he placed a small device Q whipped up called the magical buzzer. It would nullify nearly any spell it was placed on. He linked the activation signal of that to the bomb diffusion signal.

“I surrender,” Harry said, walking out with his hands up. The soldiers grabbed and searched him before bringing him down to see Seamus. They placed Harry’s phone, wand, and watch on the console. Seamus walked out with a false smile on his face.

“Harry! What an unpleasant surprise,” he said.

“We aim to please,” Harry replied flatly.

“Where’s the witch?” he asked. Harry didn’t replied. “Find her!” he yelled. The soldiers quickly left them to search for Willow. Seamus started rifling through Harry’s belongings, settling on the watch. “So, how is old Q? Still up to the same tricks?”

“You know Q. Always have to stay one step ahead of him,” Harry remarked. Seamus picked up Harry’s phones and rifled through the applications. Harry’s focus was on the bank transfers being done and Goldeneye’s target. “Interesting set up, Seamus. You rob the Back of England via computer and transfer all the funds to your various accounts around the world and then detonate the Goldeneye over London to erase all records of theft. Then you give a large amount of the stolen money to your IRA brethren to fund their actions and further cripple England while its down, forcing all of Ireland’s freedom in the press of a button. Ingenious,” Harry deduced.

Seamus smiled at him. “Thank you, Harry,” he replied.

“It still boils down to petty theft, cyberterrorism, treason, and domestic terrorism. In the end you're just a terrorist, nothing more than a mass murderer for profit,” Harry finished. Seamus stood up straight and turned on him. Boris seemed to be getting something out of this exchange but Harry didn’t care.

The guards found Willow and she simply put her hands up and allowed herself to be lead away, following Harry’s lead.

“It’s not just that. It’s a principal, a noble one. Doing the right thing as us Gryffindors do. You just haven’t realized it yet,” Seamus replied.

“Oh yes, set off a few more car bombs in Belfast and kill more children. I’m sure I’ll understand then,” Harry retorted.

“Please, Harry, spare me your psychology. Tell me, do all the vodka martinis silence the screams of those you’ve killed?” he asked. Harry gave a non-committal shrug in response. The soldiers led Willow into the room and placed her next to Harry. Seamus gave her a pitying look. “Or do you find solace in the arms of all those willing women for all the dead ones you failed to protect? Do you even remember Lavender or Colin or the fifty other students that died for you? They deserved better than what they got. They deserved better than you,” Seamus said scathingly.

“That’s what broke you, then, Seamus? That battle?” Harry asked.

“Silence! I was broken far earlier when England killed my parents, my true parents. The Crown is about to learn a brutal lesson in betrayal, inflation adjusted for 1966,” Seamus replied. He smiled at Willow and gave her a small bow. “Welcome to the party, m’dear.”

Boris stood up quickly, finally realizing she was here. “Natalya!” he exclaimed happily. Willow’s glare deepened tremendously upon seeing him. Her eyes turned back, causing Boris to fall back in his seat in fear. The air crackled around her and the guards let go of her quickly. She was about to kill Boris when Seamus put his wand directly against her throat.

“I need him, Ms. Rosenberg. I can’t have you flaying him alive,” Seamus remarked glibly. Boris tried to rush her angrily and was hit by a blast from her fingertips, sending him into the console. Seamus looked at him sharply. “She was in the mainframe, check the computer!” he demanded.

“She’s a moron, a second level programmer. She works on the guidance systems. She doesn’t even have access to the firing codes,” Boris said mockingly as he pushed himself to his feet. An alarm sounded as soon as he was done talking, forcing him to focus on the monitor. “Retro-rockets firing!” he exclaimed.

Willow smirked satisfactorily. Seamus hurried over to him. “What the hell’s happening?” he demanded.

“We’ll have reentry in twelve minutes,” Boris said.

“I’d wager, as a second level programmer or as I’d like to call myself: the CIA’s best and brightest hacker, that Mischa will burn up somewhere over the Atlantic,” Willow said smugly, earning a grin from Harry.

“Deal with it!” Seamus ordered.

“She changed the access codes!” Boris exclaimed.

“Then break them!” Seamus retorted. He turned on Harry angrily, holding his phone in hand. “I have had enough of your games! Your mines are worthless and your tricks are child’s play! I am ending this now!” he yelled, pressing the disarm button. The buzzer on the door activated and the Fiendfyre, fully out of control and angry, burst out of the storage room, blowing up half the second level. It tore through the upper levels of central command, forcing everyone to take cover.

A multitude of flaming beasts ranging from manticores to hydras to serpents to dragons ripped through the complex, burning anyone in its path to charcoal. Harry and Willow reached the elevator and looked up the shaft to the antenna array itself.

“Do we still have to destroy the dish?” Harry asked.

“There is a small chance Boris would break my codes. It would be safest to blow that up too,” Willow said. She glanced at the magical fire whipping around. “Can you even control that?” she asked incredulously.

Harry laughed. “Not anymore. Maybe before I trapped it in a dark proof box and pissed it off,” he replied.

“Listen, you go destroy the dish and I’ll find us some way out of here,” Willow said.

“Good, go. I have a feeling Seamus and I will have a disagreement up there,” Harry said darkly. Willow gave him one last long kiss before separating herself from him and teleporting out of there. Harry looked up the elevator shaft one more time and disapparated.

The Cradle
Bahia de Santa Clara, Cuba
August 21st, 2012
11:00 AM

Harry landed on the catwalk leading to the antenna right behind a guard. With a quick grapple and throw the guard fell to his death. Harry disapparated again and flew along the catwalk towards the antenna. Out of the corner of his eye a white puff of smoke raced up from the burning central command. It wasn’t from the fire, but another wizard apparating. Seamus was fast approaching him. Harry made it to the antenna just as he did. The two had their wands out and already cast the opening volley of spells: a collection of stunners and shield charms.

Seamus fired a blasting curse at Harry but it missed and blew open the control room for the antenna. Harry fell through the hole and landed right beside the large chain that rotated the antenna. Seamus dropped down and fired another that missed Harry but blew the chain apart, breaking the antenna. Harry lunged at him and fired a stunner at the same time Seamus did. The two spells collided and fought for dominance. Harry was not only the better dueler of the two but he was also the more powerful. He put that extra amount of effort into the spell and blew Seamus backwards. He struck the wall hard and tumbled down the staircase in front of him.

Willow, who was completely outside the dish looked for any kind of airfield that supplied the base. They needed a way out of there and most likely back to Florida. She really didn’t like the idea of stopping off in Guantanamo Bay. She encountered minor resistance but used nature itself to dispose of them. Finally she spied what looked like a runway with a small single propeller plane.

Harry had followed Seamus down and found a blood trail leading to a lower level right at the bottom of the antenna. He dropped down and glanced around cautiously. Seamus hit Harry with a overpowered Knockback Jinx, sending him face first into the sheet metal wall. Harry stumbled away clutching a bleeding nose. Seamus attacked again with a blasting curse but Harry batted it away with a shield charm. The spell flew directly back at Seamus who had to flatten himself to the ground to avoid being hit. The spell blew apart the metal wall of the room they were in, exposing them both to the fatal drop to the dish below. Harry flung a low spell at Seamus, catching him in the ankle and hoisting him into the air. Seamus’s eyes darted around in panic for a moment before accepting his fate.

“For Gryfinndor, Harry?” Seamus asked ruefully.

“No, for me,” Harry replied. He tossed Seamus lightly into the air before hitting him with an overpowered knockback jinx, killing him on contact. Seamus’ body flew out the hole in the wall and Harry watched it drop to the dish below, crumpling into a heap at the base. A loud screeching sound filled the air signifying that their duel had damaged the superstructure too badly. Harry glanced out of the hole and apparated away to the forest line.

Willow teleported beside him and they watched the structure crash down onto the dish below. Harry staggered a moment before falling down into the grass. Willow gracefully sat down beside him. “I found us a plane to get out of here,” she remarked idly.

“Good to know,” Harry replied breathlessly.

“Yep, got enough fuel for us to get back to that safe house,” she added with a smirk. Harry couldn’t help but give an exhausted laugh and lean up and kiss her.

“Very good to know,” he corrected. Willow leaned down and kissed him again.

“Best yet, not a soul for miles,” she said.

“However will we pass the time?” Harry asked.

“At the safe house?” she asked.

“No, between now and the plane,” he replied with a grin. She returned the grin and ran her hand down his chest.

“I can think of a few things,” she replied.

“Yo! Jimbo!” Xander called out, forcing them both to sit upright. Xander grinned and hiked over.

“Xander! What are you doing here?!” Willow exclaimed angrily.

“Things started blowing up and Langley lightly hinted that we should get a handle on things. They’re looking for you two to debrief them, preferably before you two get on with debriefing yourselves,” Xander said pointed.

Willow gave Harry a conspiratorial grin and teleported them directly to the safe house, specifically the bed that they shared the previous night.

“He won’t even notice we’re gone,” Willow said, pulling off her forest camouflage tank top and sports bra, leaving her topless on top of Harry.

Back in Cuba, Xander turned around and sighed. “Damnit, I hate it when she does that.”

“So, how much debriefing do you think is necessary, 007?” Willow asked.

“Thorough,” was his reply.

End of Goldeneye

The End

You have reached the end of "Goldeneye". This story is complete.

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