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A Walk on the Wild Side.

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This story is No. 12 in the series "Faith in the Army.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Faith in the Army story; Faith is out for payback when she and Willow go to New York on the trail of the demon who’d raped Faith in ‘The Girl in the Cellar’.

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Television > Law and Order: SVU(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR15513,9883577,13830 Dec 123 Jan 13Yes

Chapter One

A Walk on the Wild Side.
By Dave Turner.


Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or ‘Law and Order, SVU’, neither do I claim authorship of any scripted words used in this fic. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: Law and Order SVU.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: A Fita story set after the events portrayed in, ‘Retribution’.

Words: Five chapters of 2500+ words.

Warnings: Nothing that should worry anyone who’s seen an episode of L&O; SVU.

Summary: A Faith in the Army story; Faith is out for payback when she and Willow go to New York on the trail of the demon who’d raped Faith in ‘The Girl in the Cellar’.


Look in his eyes, this man, he'll tell you nothing
You'll have to do what he says if you
Look in his eyes, this man, it's no use running
I know I mustn't look back at him.

(Somebody's following, following me)
I feel a chill that runs straight to the bone
(Somebody's following, following me)
I've never felt so alone and I know that I'm not mistaken
(There's been other young girls he's taken)
If I happen to take just one look in his eyes
He will turn me to ice, oh why can't I run away?*

*: ‘Following Me’; Peter Knight (Steeleye Span).


Riverside Park, New York City, May 2009.

“Tony!” Stephanie Pollack called after her five year old son as he ran along the path after their dog, Spot, “Don’t let Spot lead!”

“It’s alright Mom!” Tony called back with all the unbounded confidence of a five year old who thought he could take on he world.

Finding herself having to run and push the stroller with her other son in it after her wayward five-year-old, Stephanie called out again.

“SPOT HEEL!” Stephanie cried as she ran to catch her older son while Mark, the two-year-old in the stroller laughed thinking this was a great game.

By now Spot had complete control of the situation and was heading off the path and down a slope to where a clump of bushes grew, something smelt really interesting in those bushes.

“SPOT!” Stephanie called as she pulled off the path, “Get your ass back here!”

Leaving the stroller with Mark still in it at the top of slope Stephanie ran down the incline after her dog and her other son.


Everything felt weird, like she wasn’t really there, like she was watching this on TV or something. Moving towards the stroller, Brenda wondered why anyone would leave a stroller with a baby in it just sitting there by the path. Walking over to the pushchair, Brenda looked down at the child who was now looking up at her uncertainly. Once, what felt like hundreds of years ago, she’d had a little boy just like this one, but now he was gone. He’d died when her mother’s trailer had burnt down one night. Mom always liked to smoke in bed, until one night it’d killed her. Brenda smiled sadly at the child as she squatted down next to the stroller, she’d been in Iraq when it had happened, the Army had flown her home for the funeral, but that didn’t make it not happen.


“Bad dog!” Stephanie said firmly once she’d caught up with her boy and his dog; Spot looked up at her as if to say, *Who me?* Turning at the sound of Mark’s crying, Stephanie looked up the slope to see someone in an old army jacket crouching next to her child.

“Stop!” Stephanie called as she started up the slope as fast as she’d just come down, “STOP!” Mark screamed as she rushed towards her baby and the woman who was threatening him, “STOP! Get away from my baby!”

Coming up the hill to confront the woman, Stephanie slowed down as the blonde woman in the army jacket stood up and turned towards her. There was something wrong here, now she was closer Stephanie could see that the short blonde was only wearing the army jacket and a pair of panties. She wore no shoes and the jacket was hanging open to expose her left breast and the dog-tags that hung around her neck.

“Oh my god,” Stephanie whispered more to herself than to attracted anyone’s attention.

Now she was standing this close, Stephanie could see the bruises on the young woman’s face and torso. Letting her eyes travel down the blonde’s body she saw the blood on her inner thighs and the strange green gunk that trickled down her legs to mix with the blood.

“He was crying…” Brenda said as if from a thousand miles away.

“Oh my god!” Stephanie repeated this time drawing some reaction from the passers-by; feeling like a fool she asked, “Are you okay?”

Stupid thing to say, Stephanie told herself, of course the woman wasn’t okay.

Looking down at herself, Brenda seemed to be seeing her body for the first time. Where was her uniform? Where was all that blood coming from? How had she got so beaten up? What was that stinking green stuff on her legs? All these apparently unanswerable questions started to overwhelm her mind. Looking at the woman with the baby Brenda sensed the world start to spin. Coughing as bright green bile started to trickle from her mouth, Brenda’s knees gave out and she fell to the ground.


St Mary’s Hospital, New York City.

Pulling on a fresh pair of latex gloves, Detective Olivia Benson stepped out of the elevator, she smiled when she saw her partner, Elliot Stabler, was already there waiting for her.

“What have we got?” Olivia asked as she joined Elliot and they started to walk down the busy hospital corridor together.

“Staff Sergeant Brenda Mitchell, US Army Military Police, aged twenty-six,” Elliot glanced at the slim file in his hand, “raped, beaten, found wandering in Riverside Park.”

“How’s she doing?” Olivia asked the doctor who was waiting for them at the nurse’s station.

“I’ve seen a lot worse,” admitted the young doctor, “judging from the dirt and cuts on her feet she’d been wondering around for hours.”

“Explains why CSU couldn’t find the crime scene,” Elliot explained, “How about the Rape Kit?”

“Positive for fluids, bruising and tearing, but,” the doctor gestured for the detectives to follow him; they all headed off towards a private treatment room, “I’m more worried about her mental state.”


“Get offa me!” cried a voice with a slight West Virginian accent.

The doctor burst into the treatment room, followed by Benson and Stabler to see his patient struggling with a large, black nurse.

“Let me outta here!” cried the petite blonde as she struggled with the nurse, she appeared to be getting the upper hand too.

“Honey,” the nurse replied as soothingly as she knew how, “you’re in no condition to…OW!”

The nurse stumbled back from the bed clutching her bloody nose as the short blonde caught her balance after striking out and tried to get out of bed. Moving quickly the doctor went to the aid of the nurse as Benson and Stabler grabbed the girl and pushed her back down onto the bed.

“Brenda! Brenda!” Olivia cried, “Calm down you’re in shock!”

“What? No!” Brenda continued to struggle with the two cops but their combined strength enabled them to wrestle her back into bed, “No! I have to be in Korea on Friday!”

“It is Friday,” Elliot said soothingly, “Today’s Friday; you’ve lost track of time, you were attacked.”

“What y’all mean?” Brenda started to settle down and hear what she was being told; how could it be Friday already surely it was only Thursday morning?

“You were raped,” Olivia explained pulling no punches; it was often best to come straight out with this sort of news instead of trying to sugar-coat it.

“Oh my god,” Brenda gasped as she started to fully appreciate what was happening to her, “Why don’t I remember?”


A little while later after Brenda had showered, Olivia walked back into the treatment room.

“Hey, Brenda,” Olivia gave her a sympathetic smile as she crossed the room to stand next to the bed, “how y’doin’?”

“I feel so stupid,” Brenda replied as she lay back on the bed.

“It’ll probably take a while to get over it,” Olivia explained, she noticed Brenda wince as she moved her legs, “Those bruises are from where your attacker used his knees to force your legs apart.”

“I don’t understand,” Brenda looked up at the detective, “I’m an MP, f’Christ’s sake, I know how to look out for myself, I just wouldn’t let myself get raped, Jeez I give lectures to girl-recruits on how to keep safe an’…”

“Brenda this can happen to anyone,” Olivia tried to make Brenda feel better about herself, but it didn’t seem to be working.

“But not to me,” Brenda speared Olivia with a hard look, “not again.”

“You’ve been raped before?” Olivia asked shocked at the revelation.

“Sorta,” Brenda admitted, “when I was fifteen…I got pregnant, the guy went to prison.”

“You have a child?” Olivia wanted to know.

“Not anymore he died in a fire when I was in Iraq,” Brenda explained.

“I’m sorry…” Olivia began but was interrupted by Brenda.

“Don’t be,” Brenda sniffed, “I’m over it…or at least I thought I was…” she looked up at Olivia, “…why can’t I remember?”

“Because we think you were drugged,” Olivia was glad to get back onto something she could deal with; compared to Brenda’s life her own troubles didn’t seem so bad.

“Like with ‘Roofie’?” Brenda knew that couldn’t happen, one of her golden rules was she never left her drink unattended in a bar.

“Or GHB, its very easy to slip it into somebody’s drink when they’re not looking,” Olivia pointed out, “We’ll know for sure when your tox screen comes back.”

“How could I have been so stupid?” Brenda asked herself, she knew all the dangers and what had she been doing in a bar in the first place?

Brenda’d been passing through New York to catch a civilian flight to Korea, she was taking confidential documents that were too sensitive to be sent electronically to Army HQ in Seoul. If those documents were lost she was going to be in so much crap she’d be lucky to get out of jail in time to pick up her pension.

“Okay,” Olivia sat down on a stool next to the bed, “is there anything you remember about yesterday?”

“No, its all a blank…” Brenda sighed.

“What about yesterday morning, where are you stationed?” Olivia asked hoping to jog Brenda’s memory.

“No, I…” Brenda paused as a few hazy memories came back to her, “…I’m stationed at Fort Hamilton, I was packing some stuff for my trip to Korea, just enough for an overnight, y’know this wasn’t a pleasure trip.”

“Can I ask why you were being sent to Korea?” Olivia prompted.

“Nothing super secret,” Brenda gave a half smile, “just some documents that needed hand carrying…” Brenda took a deep breath, “…I-I remember a Hummer arrived to pick me up from Company HQ at about thirteen-hundred and then…” Brenda frowned as her mind came up blank, “…and then everything is just a blank.”

“Okay,” Olivia nodded as she got up to leave, “we’ll leave it at that, perhaps something will come back to you later.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Brenda sighed despondently, but she really didn’t think it would, “Oh and detective,” Brenda called as Olivia started to head for the door, “tell that nurse I’m real sorry I hit her would yur?”

“Yeah, sure,” Olivia nodded before leaving the room.


16th Precinct, SVU Squad Room.

“Okay our vic is one, Staff Sergeant Brenda Mitchell, twenty-six originally from West Virginia now based at Fort Hamilton,” Elliot started to explain as his colleagues joined him by his desk, “She’s been in the Army for seven years including two tours of Iraq where she picked up a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart; she was also attached to the Marines when they landed on Nunca-Aterriza back in ’06.” Elliot paused for a moment wondering how an army MP got to go ashore with the Marines in a combat zone.

“Her C/O describes her as an dedicated soldier,” Elliot went on, “however before going to Iraq for the first time she was a something of a washout, seems Iraq made her shake up her ideas…”

“Well it has to be good for something,” Detective Munch observed quietly and received a sharp look from his partner, Detective Tutuola.

“…and the cherry on top of the icing is that the Army’s going to send their own investigators to oversee the case,” Elliot added dryly.

“That’s all we want,” Munch remarked, “bunch of soldiers tramping around trying to cover everything up.”

“Look, just what are you trying to say?” Fin Tutuola wanted to know, he was an ex-Ranger.

“I’m just saying that the army is famous for trying to cover up stuff like this,” Munch explained himself, “it was probably some general who did it…”

“Okay, settle down guys,” Elliot raised his voice slightly to get everyone’s attention, “I’m sure everything will work out fine, Captain Cragen has assured me that we’ll be keeping the lead on the case, the army’s only here to observe and help out if the perp is in the military.”

“That sounds unusually helpful of them,” Munch pointed out.

“Yeah, well…” Elliot didn’t get to say anything else because he was interrupted by Dr Warner the unit’s Medical Examiner.

“Okay,” Melinda Warner walked determinedly towards the little huddle of detectives, it was unusual to see her in the squad room, so this had to be important, “which one of you jokers sent this down with the Mitchell rape kit?”

Dr Warner held a vile of viscous green liquid up between her thumb and her forefinger.

“Erm…” Elliot frowned, “…that would have been the hospital staff,” he shuffled through the notes in the case file, “a Doctor French, why what’s wrong?”

“Well I don’t know what it is but I’ve got a couple of test tubes full of the stuff, it came with the rape kit,” Warner repeated.

“Hold on,” Elliot fumbled with several loose sheets of paper until he found the report he was looking for, “it says here that about a hundred millilitres of an unknown, thick green fluid was found inside the victim…erm…the hospital staff particularly noted its foul smell…”

“That would be it then,” Warner looked at the little plastic vial she was holding in her hand, “almost stank out the lab when I opened it…I thought one of you guys was playing a particularly stupid practical joke or something.”

“Not us,” Elliot shook his head.

“Hey, something like that sounds pretty unusual,” Munch went and sat down at his computer and started to search the police data bases for anything similar, “it’s sure to have been noted…down…some…”

Munch’s voice faded away to nothing as he read the file on his screen.

“Have you got something?” Elliot asked.

“Erm, only one hit and you’re not going to like it…” Munch looked up at Elliot and shrugged.

“Why?” the big detective wanted to know.

“Because it involves the army,” Munch informed him, “its an old NCIS case from back in ’06…”

“Okay, lets have it,” Elliot sighed as everyone sat down and made themselves comfortable.

“Okay,” Munch took a deep breath, “back in November ’06 an Army Staff Sergeant was kidnapped, NCIS were involved because they were working on a parallel case at the time. The Sergeant escaped from her captor, she’d been drugged and repeatedly raped, the Navy ME found a ‘viscous green fluid’ inside the kidnap victim that matched the same fluid found inside the perp in an unusual organ in his stomach…”

“So the perp was tracked down and killed?” Fin asked.

“Apparently he was one of the Chaplains’ at Norfolk Navel Base, he committed suicide when he was confronted by the Army and Navy’s investigators.” Munch smiled smugly.

“Okay John what else is there?” Elliot could just tell Munch was bursting to tell them something more.

“You just won’t believe who the kidnap victim was…” Munch smiled knowingly, he loved it when his conspiracy theories came together.

“Surprise me,” Fin said in a bored voice.

“The victim was one Staff Sergeant Faith Lehane, who happened to be sharing a house with a Corporal Brenda Mitchell at the time,” if anything Munch’s smile got wider, “The Army Investigator was a Lt Colonel Mann who now commands the army’s Special Investigation Division and is Lehane’s new C/O when Lehane’s not playing Rangers with the 613th Ranger Battalion…oh and the army confiscated all of NCIS’s records on the case, and the perps body…” Munch gave one last self satisfied smile.

“Coincidence,” Elliot said with a shrug designed to jerk Munch’s chain.

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