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The Impossible Girl

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book IV". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Five hundred years after the resurrection of the Slayers, Buffy Summers returns to Dune. Crossover with the Alien vs Predator crossover series at

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chapter 15

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

“So what are you two going to do?” Liam asked.
“We’re going to do what we’ve always done.” Surayya said.
“We’re going to create the future.” Buffy finished.

- The Slayers of Dune Book II: “Trinity”

She pivoted with the impact of the beast as she twisted and jammed her elbow into its neck. Basilah hit the sand, rolled then leapt to her feet. Basilah was now thin and tall with six inch claws that could scar reinforced steel. Her skin was armor plated and blast proof. It was made from the same material that Buffy wore. She was a human – Old One hybrid built by the Senior Partners to infiltrate the Bene Gesserit. They were the reason the Bene Gesserit had rejected the magics of the Kwisatz Haderach and instead chose to create a way to spy on the great houses.

Buffy understood at last. Things were much worse than she’d thought. The Powers-That-Be had found something from the multiverse and was using it to create monsters in her universe. If the Senior Partners had infiltrated the Bene Gesserit then it meant that the sleeper cells were everywhere. The slayers had taken a pledge to Leto to protect the golden path and she had sworn to Sineya, the first slayer, to continue her mission of keeping the human race safe.

In the five hundred years since the end of the Slayers of Dune Buffy had learned to use the power of the amulet worn by Spike at the battle of Sunnydale. Against the Turok-Han, Spike had unleashed the power of the shorting of the way. That power was in her now. She was Kwisatz Haderach in its true form. Buffy reached across dimensions to Basilah to tear her heart out. Mystical forces drilled into the Bene Gesserit and were blocked. Buffy’s eyes grew wide in shock. Basilah ran towards her. Razor sharp claws raked across her skin. Buffy could feel the claws pressing against her. Her armor held. Basilah pushed forward. Buffy hit the ground. Basilah leaned forward with her arm pressing down across Buffy’s neck. The world grew black as Buffy’s vision faded. When darkness had covered the world she felt Basilah jerk and then scream. Warm blood splashed on her. The monster rolled off of her. Buffy blinked twice then opened her eyes. Her vision was blurred then cleared. Surayya Atreides was standing over her. Buffy looked up at the long lost slayer for long moments. She was dressed in a dirty one piece stilsuit. She held the scythe in her hand. From the edges of its blade dripped monster blood. The last time Buffy had seen her was after the death of her son five hundred years ago. She had taken a ship and had headed out into deep space where she disappeared.

“Impossible.” Buffy thought as a profound joy swelled up within her. Her impossible girl had returned. Surayya helped her to her feet. Buffy swept the slayer up in her arms and hugged her. She held Surayya tight to her body. The smell of the girl hit her. Buffy knew then that someone she loved very much had returned to the world. She felt a little less alone. Surayya smiled at her. The dark girl ran her fingers over Buffy’s hair and smiled.

“So, we’re back on Arrakis.” She said. “I always knew I would find you here.” Surayya exhaled. “So what’s next?” She asked.

Buffy smiled. “I say we kill some monsters.” She said. Surayya agreed.


Buffy stood before the Lord of the Synchronized Worlds. Surayya stood beside her. Around them thousands of machines moved against geometrically perfect shapes.

“This is not of my doing.” Omnius, Lord of the Synchronized Worlds said. Buffy could tell the machines were scanning them. In the years since the return of the slayers the machines had never stopped trying to understand the supernatural. Buffy didn’t like it. The last time the machines had scanned her she was stripped naked and locked into a virtual recreation of Sunnydale.

“Our inventory indicates that a contingent of machines have been removed from the network. They are not under my control.” It said.

Buffy and Surayya didn’t like the sound of that. A handfull of machines had gone rouge and her granddaughter was searching for ways to bring back the Old Ones. She missed the old days of just killing vampires.

“If we find Trinity, we find Anne.” Surayya said.

“Any idea where to start looking?” Buffy asked.

“Not a clue.” Surayya answered. “The Bene Tleilax is a good place to start.”

“Agreed.” Buffy said. “I’ve been meaning to have a little talk with them about Liam’s genes.” The two women turned and boarded their ship. The “Liam Atreides” blasted off into space and the darkness it held.

On Arrakis, the prone body of Basilah jerked as it returned to life. The monster stood as its wounds healed. It probed the sky with its supernatural senses. It found the slayers in a part of the sky near the horizon. It would find the slayers and kill them. Basilah started her hunt.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Impossible Girl". This story is complete.

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