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The Impossible Girl

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book IV". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Five hundred years after the resurrection of the Slayers, Buffy Summers returns to Dune. Crossover with the Alien vs Predator crossover series at

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chapter 7

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Muad'Dib's teachings have become the playground of scholastics, of the superstitious and the corrupt. He taught a balanced way of life, a philosophy with which a human can meet problems arising from an ever-changing universe. He said humankind is still evolving, in a process which will never end. He said this evolution moves on changing principles which are known only to eternity. How can corrupted reasoning play with such an essence?

• Words of the Mentat Duncan Idaho

She made it back before sunset. Buffy entered the Arrakis chapterhouse unnoticed. She shook the dust off of her feet. The stone grey walls and low lighting of the chapterhouse was a stark relief from the hot Arrakis sun. Buffy looked around. No one was there to greet her but she knew the chapterhouse had excellent internal and external surveillance. She waited a moment. She could hear the scurrying of running feet coming towards her. One of the acolytes, a girl of fifteen years, appeared around a corner. She caught her breath and tried to appear calm and collected. Buffy knew Basilah was training the acolytes to appear serene at all times. This was a trick to encourage feelings of confidence. This was always the opening move in the Bene Gesserit game of trust and betrayal.

“The Reverend Mother has ordered me to bring you to the war room.” The acolyte said.

“After you.” Buffy said. The acolyte turned to lead the way. Buffy watched the hips of the young girl twist as she moved ahead of her. Her mind flashed back to a slayer she knew hundreds of years ago.

“Suri, where are you?” Buffy thought. She missed her old friend Surayya Atreides who had taken the “Steich Tabr” and disappeared into deep space soon after the slayers had slaughtered the Powers That Be. Soon after, Dracula had returned her son’s body to her and the tribe had extracted his water, Surayya had come to them with a vision. She had told them that when she had carried the billions of voices of the slayerverse in her head she could hear her own voice from a distant future calling out to her. Surayya went to follow that voice.

“I miss you, girl.” Buffy thought. She knew that after all this time Surayya Atreides was probably dead. “Is this is what I have to look forward to?” Buffy thought. “An eternity of goodbye’s?” A set of double doors opened. The acolyte bid Buffy to enter. The war room was a collection of large high definition monitors fed real time video and other information from satellites in orbit and surveillance devices scattered throughout Arrakis. Basilah turned her head as she watched Buffy enter the room.

“Something is coming.” She said. Basilah pointed to a glowing point of light on one of the monitors. “It’s moving erratically, but it’s definitely coming this way.” She said. Buffy stepped up to the screen to look at the slow pulsing image.

“Her skin glowed. There was the sound of rushing water and the echo’s of worlds unseen.” Buffy thought. She used what the Bene Gesserit had taught her. Two facts leapt out at her. Her son had emitted a blue glow whenever he accessed higher dimensions. Millions of years ago water flowed over the surface of Arrakis.”

“It’s her.” Buffy had come to a prime conclusion. She turned her head to face Basilah. “Congratulations, you’ve invented a multi-dimensional lifeform with the powers of a great Old One.” Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

“How am I going to fight that?” She thought. The last multi- dimensional being she had fought had nearly killed her son.

“Engage the Holtzman shields.” Basilah said into a microphone. The room filled with a low humming as subterranean generators came online. Outside of the chapterhouse an amber colored shield sprang into place.

“What about the city?” Buffy asked. “What about the helpless people in the city?” Basilah looked at her and shrugged.

“Typical.” Buffy muttered. The light on the screen flickered then jumped. The lights in the room died. The emergency lights came on. Everyone was bathed in blood red light. A blaring siren rang in their ears. Basilah turned off the sirens.

“She’s here.” Basilah said. The room shook. Something huge slammed into the chapter house. Dust fell from the ceiling. Buffy looked at Basilah. Her frustration showed as anger. A monster was coming and it was the fault of arrogant people who believed in nothing beyond themselves.

“Happy now?!” Buffy yelled at Basilah.

“We never meant…” Basilah caught herself. “The Bene Tleilax were simply curious.” Buffy was smarter than that.

“You wanted power.” She said. “The bad guys always go where the power is.” The ground shuttered. The lights died. Fire exploded into the darkness. A girl appeared as a burning shape wrapped in orange white flames. She floated above the ground. Out of her back came fire like writhing tendrils. Her eyes were as bright as twin suns. It hurt Buffy to look directly at her.

“Don’t judge me child.” Basilah said. “You are old, but we are older than you, older than the Bene Gesserit. Buffy noticed the ring Basilah wore. She noticed the lettering on the ring. Her worst fears were confirmed. A sound like a rumbling deep in molasses pushed against Buffy’s ears. The impossible girl was speaking.

“Emissary, why did you create the world?” The impossible girl asked. “Why are the stars so bright?”

“The gods are crazy.” Buffy thought. “or just alien as hell.” Before Buffy could answer the light from the impossible girl flickered. It changed into a deep purple glow with white fringes. Buffy felt a shift in the energies of her. The light from the impossible girl flickered yellow for a moment.

“I scared.” It was the voice of a young girl. “I’m so scared. Help me. Help me emissary.” Buffy could hear the pleading in her voice. Her light flickered again. It was back to the deep purple.

“An Old One with multiple personality disorder?” Buffy thought. “How old was the girl when they implanted her with those genes?” Buffy started to speak. The impossible girl cut her off.

“I am hungry for worlds!” An evil voice shouted. “I will eat this planet!” The impossible girl exploded. Everything was incinerated.

Afterwards, when she had been reconstituted, Buffy stood and looked around the remains of the war room. She could see the deep blue of the Arrakis sky through the jagged edges of the torn ceiling. Buffy frowned. Nearly everyone was dead or dying. She could hear the cries of the wounded. She could see the torn shape of the Bene Gesserit near a stack of dead acolytes. Buffy took Basilah’s body and dragged it out of the war room. She went back several times to remove the others. Her thoughts and feelings were a convoluted storm. One thought forced its way to the forefront of her mind.

“These are not the real Bene Gesserit!” She recognized the symbol on Basilah’s ring. It was a corporate logo she’d not seen in ten thousand years. “She is a product of Wolfram and Hart.” She thought.
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