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The Impossible Girl

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book IV". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Five hundred years after the resurrection of the Slayers, Buffy Summers returns to Dune. Crossover with the Alien vs Predator crossover series at

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chapter 8

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

“Life requires adaptation. In nature this is called survival of the fittest. Skills and biology must be repurposed to accommodate the changing principles of eternity. The fremen will teach this to the Atreides. The Atreides will teach this to the universe.

Liet Kynes. “The Ecology of Dune”

She leaned against a small table staring out of a window. Buffy frowned as her mind drifted over the events of the last few hours. A monster created by the Bene Tleilax had attacked the Arrakis Chapterhouse. Hundreds of people had died, the Chapterhouse was nearly destroyed. A friend of hers had suffered serious internal injuries. She turned to look at Abd lying in the hospital bed. IX medical machinery hummed at it worked to heal his broken body. Buffy folded her arms and bit her lower lip. She had rejoined the world after hundreds of years of isolation in the hope of nurturing the one who had chosen to be the guardian of her son’s historical record. But it had all came crashing down around her. Her whole world had been shaken to the core in a matter of days. She felt all alone and helpless.

She turned to stand over Abd. To the untrained eye he appeared old enough to be her father. His dark brown skin and black goatee made him look significantly older than Buffy. But she knew better. In her current incarnation, Buffy was well over five hundred years old. She had memories going back to before Leto and Arrakis. She had memories of the prehistoric Earth with its smog and global warming and bootleg videos. She remembered a time when people wondered if there was life in space, now she lived in the heavens.

“I have memories older than Leto II. What does that make me?” Buffy thought. Compared to me , Abd is just a kid.” Buffy was often struck at the fragile nature of life. She felt a faint refrain of motherly concern sweep over her. “I am such a girl.” She thought to herself.

Buffy knew that Abd was near death. He had caught part of the blast wave from the impossible girl. “How brave we are to live when our lives are so easily broken.” She thought. She made up her mind about something. Her son, the Kwisatz Haderach had known that if properly trained any of Leto’s slayers could become like him, not exactly like him, but close enough. This was the thing she had worked at for hundreds of years. This is why she let the Bene Gesserit train her. She was well on her way to becoming a female Kwisatz Haderach. Buffy closed her eyes as they had trained her. She chanted a set of words designed to focus her mind inwards on itself. She felt that place in her where her power lived and embraced it with her will. At the battle of Sunnydale, Spike had invoked the power of the shorting of the way. He had collapsed the distance between the amulet he wore and the sun. He had slaughtered the Turok Han but at the end was consumed by that power. His essence was trapped in the amulet and bonded with its magic. Ten thousand years later, Leto used the essence of Spike to activate his slayers. Buffy had some of that power.

She dilated her hold on a set of neurons at the base of her brain. Spike’s power sparked in her. Buffy could feel the rapid fluttering of atoms in the air and the warm watery movement of space sloshing around in its cage of space and time. She forced her brain to process information that was only carried by light from beyond the three dimensions that held her universe. Abd’s body opened up and from her point of view looked like a high definition medical drawing. She slowly moved her hand over him sending energy across the dimensional curve to repair the parts of his body that was broken.

“Too bad Liam never got to open his chain of forth dimensional birthing centers.” She thought. She remembered her son reaching into the womb of his dying wife to retrieve her granddaughter. Buffy concentrated as she shifted the atoms of Abd’s body back into their rightful place. When it was done hours had passed. She was covered in sweat. Buffy glanced at the life support equipment. Abd would survive now.

“I’ve come a long way.” She thought. “I’m not just the Enforcer or the Emissary. I can be my own woman. Surayya was right. We are not the slaves of heaven. We are gods.” Buffy smiled as she turned back to Abd. There was something sparking at the foot of the bed.

“No, no, no, not now!” Buffy thought. She recognized the color of the sparks. It was the impossible girl. Something human shaped blinked in and out of existence near the end of the room. There was a pulse of red white light. A young girl appeared.

“Tell me my name, quickly!” She pleaded as she looked at Buffy. “Nothing exists without a name.” Her image wavered. The quantum poetry of her being licked at the strings of reality.

“Trinity.” Buffy said firmly. “Your name is Trinity.” The girl’s form instantly became stable. She appeared to be five of six years old. She wore a pale pink dress. She had blonde hair and green eyes. Buffy recognized the child’s face as her own.

“Well, if you’re going to steal, steal from the best.” She said. Trinity was the splitting image of her as a child. Buffy understood immediately. Some part of the impossible girl wanted to be saved.

“How old?” She asked. “How old were you when you were injected with these genes?” The impossible girl didn’t answer. She just stood there breathing heavily. Buffy knew she was afraid. Buffy stood perfectly still. She didn’t know if the child before her was totally human.

“So what now?” Buffy asked the god that was a girl.

“What am I?.” Trinity said between tears.

“So, we go look for the creator, huh?” Buffy said. As she stared into the girl’s eyes she could see a glimmer of the wild and simmering fires of the thing that was her soul and her source.
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