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Here We Go Again

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Life on the Hellmouth". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Life was going fine in Pleasantville...until Merton's Dad got a a small town in Southern California called Sunnydale. Some AU going on for Big Wolf, otherwise the crossover wouldn't work. Tommy/Merton sequel to Priceless.

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Television > Big Wolf On CampuscalikocatFR18321,741031,1951 Jan 1323 May 13No

Goodbyes are Never Easy

Goodbyes are Never Easy
by: calikocat
word count: 6205

Disclaimer: I do not own Big Wolf on Campus, however if I could find it on DVD I would gladly buy all three seasons. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I do however own seasons 1-4 and season 7 on DVD. No money is being made from this, no copy right infringement was intended. Please don't sue me, I am but a poor and humble farmer/homesteader.

Set up: Tommy goes wolf the beginning of their Sophomore Year. Their Sophomore Year runs from the Pilot episode to Stone Free. Tommy and Merton start dating the summer between Sophomore and Junior Year. Junior Year runs from N'Sipid to Switch Me Baby One More Time. Use your imagination and throw in a few run-ins with Buffy-verse vampires. Junior Year is coming to an end when Merton's dad gets a transfer; he's needed to oversee/manage a new factory/business venture in Sunnydale. It’s an offer he can't refuse as he's thinking of his family first and the increase in pay will go toward college tuition for Merton and Becky.

A/N: See notes at the end.


The last week or so had been quiet, there hadn't been nary a peep from the supernatural denizens of Pleasantville since Alice the body jumper had done her stint of thievery...and then exploded. Heck this year had been relatively quiet compared to their sophomore year...except for the increase in vampires. Luckily none of the locals had fallen prey to the blood suckers, but the numbers of vamps passing through was starting to get ridiculous.

He shook such thoughts away and with a small bounce in his step and a whistle on his lips he entered the lair from the basement exit. He'd planned to eat dinner with the family, as fast as he could, then head over to Tommy's for a study session...and possibly other things. He shivered at the thought, even a year into their relationship and he still got a thrill just from the thought of Tommy.

All of his plans and thoughts of his paramour however came to a grinding halt when he caught sight of Becky pacing the length of the lair. Her strides were long, her footfalls heavy, her movements jerky, she was in the middle of a grade A snit, and he wasn't the least he didn't think he was.


She barely glanced at him, but now she was muttering under her breath.

“Beckster? Beck? Sis? Mallrat?”

“I just can't believe this is happening to me!” She was nearly shaking now...whether from rage or grief he couldn't tell.

He walked toward his little sister slowly and gently put a hand on her shoulder, he hadn't seen her this upset in years. “What happened? I haven't done anything too embarrassing lately.”

She stopped abruptly. “You didn't do anything Freaker. You're cool now, since you're dating Tommy Dawkins.”

“Then what is it kiddo?”

Her eyes teared up, even as they sparked in fury. “Go ask Dad...and you can tell Mom that I'm not hungry.”

He quirked a brow at her and gave her shoulder a squeeze. “There's some cookies under the couch that haven't been opened.” She nodded and they shared a brief and miniscule smile before she practically threw herself on his couch.

Merton sighed and glanced toward the door that led to the upper level of the house. Might as well get it over with, it wasn't often his parents did something to set Becky off.


It was quiet in the kitchen, except for the sizzling of meat in the skillet. His mother flipped the burgers absently, her eyes were focused on his Dad, who was sitting at the table, head in his hands. Both looked like someone had decapitated their puppy.

“So...” Merton began, crossing his arms over his chest and trying to look non-nonchalant. “What has Hurricane Becky all worked up?”

Both of them were silent for a long moment, but finally his mother sighed. “Fred. Go ahead, might as well get it over with.”

A moment of uneasiness passed over Merton and he wondered just what was going on. His Dad let out a small groan. “Don't know that I can take another verbal beating just yet Rachel.”

“Oh come on, the suspense is killing me.” Merton exclaimed, and it felt like it was.

Fred Dingle met his eyes. “I'm transferring.”

Merton blinked. “...Okay...and that news made Becky all twitchy?”

“My company is opening a new branch, and factory and they want me to oversee the business venture. It’s a good opportunity, and we could use the money, you'll be off to college before we know it and Becky won't be far behind. I was thinking of you kids when I accepted.”

A cold feeling began to settle in Merton's stomach. “And where exactly would we be moving to? I'm assuming the move is what has Becky in a snit.”

“You're right on the money son...and we'll be moving to Sunnydale...California.”

Whoa. “But...that's so far...I only have a year left in my high school career. There's still so much to see and do here. My friends are here...Tommy is here.”

His parents gave him sympathetic looks and his dad nodded. “I know Merton. I know how close you and the Dawkins boy are, and he's been good for you. I won't tell you that you'll meet someone new, someone better, because Tommy Dawkins is a tough act to follow. And like you said, you only have a year of high school left, after you graduate, if you want to come back to Pleasantville that will be up to you.”

“Dad, money shouldn't even be an issue. You've seen my SAT scores; I can get a scholarship no problem.”

His mother turned off the burner and turned to face him. “Honey, your interests aren't exactly main stream. Do you really think you can get a scholarship in a field of study you'd enjoy?”

Darn it. She had him there, he swallowed back a protest. “When do we leave?'

With a sigh of relief his Dad sat back in his chair, glad that there wasn't a battle like with Becky. “I'm leaving in a couple of days to get a look at the property the company has bought, as well as some residential real-estate for us. You and your sister will be able finish up the year, and enjoy the first month of summer vacation.”

“Right...I should probably start packing soon...I have a lot of stuff.” Merton turned to leave. “Becky said she wasn't hungry...and frankly, neither am I.” And he went back downstairs without another word.

He managed to walk down the stairs without tripping, despite the daze he was in, he made it to the couch where Becky was sulking and eating cookies. With a weary sigh he collapsed next to her. “This bites.”

“It more than bites Freaker. I'm just starting to be cool because you have connections. Starting over at a new school without your boyfriend is going to be horrible.”

He glared at her. “You think I don't know that. Tommy's the best thing that ever happened to me. You think I want to leave him behind? I love him Becky.”

Becky looked away, ashamed for a moment and handed him a cookie. “Sorry.”

He accepted the cookie. “Guess we need to make the last month of school count.” Merton looked at her. “How about I drop you off at the mall, you can meet up with Heidi and get some pizza.”

“Why are you offering?”

“Might as well, I'm going out anyway.”


“Yeah...I really don't want to tell him this at school.”

“I'll get my purse. Meet you in the car.”


He ended up not only driving Becky to the mall, but picking up Heidi as well, small price to pay for getting them both out of the house and away from their parents for the evening. Becky was doing her best to pretend they didn't exist...and Merton was feeling a little vindictive himself.

When he reached the Dawkins' home he knocked, not something he usually did, but there were no monsters this week to put him in a panic level state, so knocking seemed only right. Sally Dawkins answered the door.

“Merton, Tommy said you'd be by tonight.”

“Hey Mrs. Dawkins, I take it Tommy is eagerly awaiting me for our study date?”

She winked at him. “Yes he is, come on in Sweetie.”

“Thanks.” He stepped inside and she closed the door behind him. “He's in his room. Can I get you anything?”

“No thanks.” He smiled at her. “I'm just gonna go—I need to talk to him.”

She nodded, though she was looking at him funny now. “Of course.”

He all but dashed up the stairs, and before he even touched the door it was swinging open and Tommy was catching him up in his arms. Merton clung to him.


He didn't answer right away, just reveled in the feel of the muscles under Tommy's thin cotton t-shirt.

“Merton what's wrong? You're freaking me out.”

Merton pulled back a bit and looked up at him. “How exactly am I freaking you out?”

“Well, usually when you run that fast something is chasing you, or trying to eat you or something...except you're being really quiet this time...”

“Nothing's after me.”

Tommy smiled and pulled him into the bedroom, gently kicking the door closed. “Then what?”

“My dad was transferred; his company wants him to oversee a new business venture.”

“That means a promotion right? Go Fred Dingle.”

“Yeah, it’s great...except...”


“Tommy the new business venture is in Sunnydale.”

“Sounds nice, never heard of it but--”

“It’s in California, Tommy.”

“Okay...that's pretty far away...” Tommy's eyes widened. “So you're dad is going to California.”

“No, Tommy. My family is going to California.”

Tommy's eyes flickered yellow and a growl escaped his throat. “What? You can't leave! You...and I...we...I haven't even...there's so much...” He took a breath and let it out slowly. “Sorry, didn't mean to freak out.”

“Actually it was kind of flattering what with the glowy eyes and the wolf growl. Normally you don't wolf out over me.”

“I wolf out over you all the time, every time you're in danger I go wolf. But when it’s just us you calm the beast in me man. You always have.” They shared a sad smile. “When do you move?”

“During summer vacation.”

Tommy bit his lip. “That doesn't give me much time.”

“Much time for what Tommy?”

Tommy bit his lip, a light blush coloring his cheeks. “You know how...Okay um...All that research you did about Werewolves. They mate for life right?”

“Yeah, that seemed to be pretty constant in all the documentation I found.” Merton blinked. “Why?”

“Well...ya know...I was gonna wait because we're only juniors and forever is a long time.”

“Were you going to ask me to marry you? Because while the sentiment is romantic; and I would have said yes by the way, that sort of thing isn't legal.”

“You'd say yes?” The smile Tommy gave him was bright and nearly blinded him.

“Of course I'd say yes, wake up and smell the love Tommy, you're the only guy...person...being for me.”

“That's good to know buddy, and I know that legally we can't get married. But werewolves have their own laws, right?”

Something clicked in Merton's sounded suspiciously like a light bulb. “Well I imagine the Syndicate would have a rule book of sorts. I remember there being rules when Lori beat the Leader, and then you defeated want to get married werewolf style?”

“Er, I think it’s called bonding...or mating...”

Merton couldn't stop the snicker that escaped him. “How long have you been thinking about this?”


“Wow. I'm flattered.”

Tommy's blush deepened just a tad. “Yeah well...I couldn’t imagine life without you...guess now I'll have to.”

“I can always come back after graduation.”

“Yeah, but you never wanted to go to State U for college. There are good schools out in California right? Maybe I can go out there after graduation. I mean if you're not here and Lori's at that fancy woman's college there's no point in me staying here.”

“You mean it?”

“Yeah. You're my best friend, my boyfriend, and I want you to be my...well...mate.”

Merton grinned and bounced, Tommy's hands barely keeping him still. “Oh yeah, the Dingle charm strikes again. In the end resistance was futile, you my fine friend--”

Tommy dove in for a kiss, and Merton's words were lost, drowned in the waves of emotion that slammed into him. There were tongues, a gentle nipping of teeth and heat that scorched in the best way possible. Tommy pulled back. “Don't gloat Merton. Gloating always gets you in trouble.”

“Right, gloating.” He breathed out a happy sigh. “So, any ideas? How do we do this?”

“Well...I still have that Syndicate cell phone. Maybe I should give Gil a call for the details, I mean, I am their leader so they have to help.”

“That's it? You've been thinking about this for months and that's the best you--”

Tommy put a hand over his mouth. “I also have a pair of rings...they're nothing fancy, and they're kind of old...”

“ bought...”

“No...actually they belonged to my great grandparents.”

Merton stared. He had no words for this; he'd known that getting involved with Tommy could have permanent repercussions because of the whole Werewolf thing, something Lori had never understood during her brief stint as Tommy's girlfriend. However he'd never imagined something like this, not so soon. They'd only been dating for...heck it had barely even been a year, close but no cigar.

“Merton, say something man.”

“What is there to say Tommy?”

“Yes? Maybe? Gimme something.”

Merton stood on tiptoe and kissed Tommy again. “I'm still moving Tommy.”

“Yeah...but you'll still be mine, even if you're halfway across the country, and I'll still be yours.”

“We'll need to hammer out the details.”

“You leave that to me. I'll take care of everything...Merton.”


“Love you.”

A warm feeling filled him and he smirked. “How could you not?”

Tommy rolled his eyes. “Merton.” The tone was one of exasperation.

“Love you too big guy.”


Once Merton had calmed down they finally got their study date under way and Tommy felt pretty confident about next week's French final. Now if only they could avoid any major skirmishes with the local supernatural peeps maybe he'd find time to study for the other tests.

After walking Merton to the hearse, and a long goodnight kiss he headed back inside with the intent to call Gil via the Syndicate cell phone. He made it as far as the bottom of the stairs when his mom stopped him.


He stopped and looked at her. “Yeah?”

“Is everything alright? With Merton I mean.”

“Not exactly.” Tommy grimaced. “His dad got transferred to some town in California; he's not taking it well...mostly because it means he'll have to move.”

“I'm so sorry honey.”

“Me too...but we're gonna work around it. I mean, it’s like I told Merton, there's got be good colleges in California, and I'm sure they need Quarterbacks.”

She looked at him for a long moment a teary smile on her face. “Your devotion to him is wonderful Tommy.” She stepped forward and hugged him. “I'm proud of you.”

“Uh, thanks Mom.”

“If you're serious about following him to California after graduation we'll back you one hundred percent.” She let him go. “I'll go tell your Father.” And she was off, tracking down his Dad in the living-room. Tommy shook his head in amusement and went upstairs to make his phone call.


Merton was right, he really needed to clean his room, it took him almost thirty minutes to find the stupid cell phone. When he finally punched in the number it was just after ten...he hoped no one had gone to bed early at headquarters.

Luck seemed to be on his side.

“Yello, Reformed Werewolf Syndicate, how may I direct your call?”



“It’s Tommy, Tommy Dawkins.”

“What can I do for you this fine night oh revered leader?”

“For starters, you can just call me Tommy.”

“You got it.”

“And...I kind of need some help.”

“We live to serve Boss...Tommy.”

Tommy took a breath. “I've chosen a mate, and I was wondering if there was some kind of special ceremony or something that needs to be done to make it official.”

“Boy is there!” Gil exclaimed. “There's the public ceremony, which is your basic wedding and exchanging of vows, and then there's the private ritual that bonds you to your chosen.”

“Is it complicated?”

“Nah, it’s all pretty standard. Who's the lucky person and do you want me to send a gift basket?”

“It’s Merton, and a gift basket isn't necessary, but I am gonna need help with the wedding and the private ritual thing.”

“Not a problem, I can e-mail the information to you, where do you want the wedding to take place?”

“Uh...Could we use the castle?”

“You betcha. You have a date in mind?”

“We have finals next week...two weeks from now?”

There was a surprised silence. “Not that it’s any of my business...but you're moving a bit quick aren't you?”

“Yeah but...his dad just got transferred and he's going to have to move this summer and he has a habit of finding trouble and he'll be in California where I can't protect him.”

“Ah, okay, got ya. Good plan then. I'll start making arrangements, have you changed your e-mail recently?”


“Good, I'll send you the information on the private ritual as soon as I find the book in the library. Will there be anything else?”

“No, no that's it Gil, and thanks.”

“Not a problem Tommy.”

“Bye Gil.”


Tommy shook his head and snorted. “That was easy.”


“You have to move!” Lori exclaimed. “What about Tommy?”

Merton shrugged as he closed his locker. “We're not breaking up, in fact he sort of asked me to exchange vows of fidelity with him.”

She blinked as she processed his Merton-speak. “He asked you to marry him?”

“Indeed he did.” He smirked as he turned away and started to walk to his first class. Lori followed him.

“Can you guys do that? Is that even legal?”

“According to werewolf bylaws we can.”

“That is so sweet.” Her eyes glinted and she grabbed his arm, stopping him in his tracks. “So...who's your Maid of Honor?”

“You realize I won't be wearing a dress, so technically I won't be a bride, but a bridegroom and--” He automatically flinched when she squeezed his arm. “But of course if you want the privilege of being my Maid of Honor you're perfectly within right to do so as one of my most treasured friends.”

“That's what I thought, and I accept.”

He breathed a sigh of relief. “Glad we settled that without you hitting me.”


Sally watched the boys from the living room; she tuned out Dean and the television as she strained to hear what Tommy and Merton were whispering about. Merton had been coming over more than usual the past week, and while she knew both boys were studying hard for finals, and trying to spend as much time together as possible before Merton moved...she also knew something was going on. They were hiding something, she just didn't know what.

“Mom, you're not even watching the show. You love this show.”

She glanced at Dean. “Dean, have you noticed anything unusual about Tommy or Merton?”

“Like what?”

She smiled at him and shook her head. “I guess I'm imagining things.”

The kitchen door opened and Lori Baxter came in… a wedding catalog tucked under her arm. Why on earth would she have such a thing? They were only juniors after all. “Guys, check this out!”

Merton let his head hit the table. “Lori, I am not wearing a dress.”

“You did at the Boylicious concert.”

“There were circumstances, and it was a skirt. I was undercover and trying to protect my little sister from a bunch of older men who turned out to be...never mind. I'm wearing a tux.”

Tommy grinned at him. “But you looked good in that mini-skirt.”

Merton glared at him...Sally wasn't sure what to make of the conversation. Lori rolled her eyes at the boys and opened the catalog and pointed at a model in a dress. “Maybe you don't want to wear a dress for your wedding, but as your Maid of Honor, I think I should.”

“Well, there is that.”

“And have you picked out any bridesmaids?”

Sally stood and moved closer, Dean turned down the volume as he too listened to the conversation. Tommy leaned closer to Merton to look at the catalog. “Actually I asked Terri to be a that okay?”

“Scary Terri?” Merton asked. “Didn't she quit school?”

“Well yeah... but she knows about me; and we have a pretty limited guest list.”

Lori blinked. “I hadn't thought of that. How many people will be there?”

Merton shrugged. “Most of the supernatural entities we've met had to be dealt with...”

Tommy's hand found Merton's under the table. “Well, the Syndicate will be there. Terri, I also invited Carol.”

“Who?” Lori asked.

Merton snickered. “Werecat.”

“You guys met a werecat?”

Sally couldn't take it anymore. “Tommy?” All three teens froze, and then slowly looked at her with wide eyes. “What's going on?”

“Mom!” Tommy's voice was high, almost a squeak. “Didn't hear you there.”

“What's this about a wedding?”

The three of them shared uneasy looks. “Maybe you should sit down for this.”

“Make this quick little bro, Wheel of Fortune's about to come back on!”

“You're not helping Dean.” Sally didn't even spare her oldest son a glance.

Tommy sighed. “You know Merton's moving soon.”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“Well we're going to...well...get married before then. He'll still have to move, but Merton is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

“Don't think that's even legal.” Dean commented as he turned the volume back up.

“Tommy, your brother is right...however it is sweet that the two of you want to have a commitment ceremony. It won't hold up in court or anything.”

“Here's the thing will hold certain circles.”


Merton squeezed Tommy's hand tighter. “Mrs. Dawkins...this is a big deal. Do you think you cannot freak out on us?”

Sally nodded. “I'm here for you kids, no matter what.”

“I'm the Pleasantville Werewolf...and I've chosen Merton to be my mate...which is a huge deal because Werewolves mate for life.”

Sally reached for a chair and settled herself onto it. “Oh...well that explains your obsession with chicken.”

“And all your late nights!” Dean added, his eyes never leaving the TV.

“Yeah...there have been a lot of weird creatures that attacked Pleasantville...I couldn't just stand around and do nothing when people were in trouble.”

“Were you going to tell us?”

“About being a werewolf? Mom the town keeps forming angry mobs with pitchforks.”

“I meant about the wedding, but it would be nice to know about your change too.”

“We were scared.” Merton murmured. “With the mobs, and the monsters...there was so much going on.”

There was a long silence. Then Tommy cleared his throat. “ want to come to our wedding?”

Sally nodded. “We'd love to. Just let me break the news to your father.”

Tommy nodded. “Hey Dean! I need a Best Man!”

“You got it Little Bro! Just make sure we set the VCR to record my soaps!”

Sally rolled her eyes. “Lori be a dear and let me see the catalog?”

“Sure Mrs. Dawkins.”


Merton turned to one side, allowing Gil more room to work. “Thanks again for doing this Gil.”

Gil sort of hmm’ed in response, several pins tucked between his lips as he fitted Merton's tux. Lori stepped out from behind the screen that Tommy had set up for the girls, Terri right behind her. Gil froze, his jaw dropped as he gazed at the girls in their dresses. “Golly.”

Merton snorted, but he had to admit that both blonds did look rather fetching in their deep red gowns. Lori's was accented in black, to match his tux, and Terri's was accented in a fetching off white.

Tommy whistled a bit. “Very nice ladies and you doubted Merton's taste in color.”

Lori rolled her eyes. “Alright, the dresses aren't half bad...” She eyed the tuxes they were wearing. “You're not bad Dean coming for his fitting?”

Tommy shook his head. “No, Gil is going to the house later to fit Dean for his.”

Terri cleared her throat. “I really appreciate you thinking of me Tommy. I've never been in a wedding before.”

“The pleasure is ours Terri, and you make a beautiful bridesmaid.”

Merton nodded in agreement. “You need to pick out a groomsman now.”

“Yeah...actually...I was going to ask Gil if he'd like to be my groomsman.” Tommy smirked at Gil who paused in his collection of the pins he'd dropped. “What do ya say Gil?”

Gil simply blinked, flicked a glance at Terri, who smiled bashfully, and nodded. “Of course.” He smiled back at Terri, before clearing his throat. “Um, the invitations you sent out... all of the guests have responded and reserved a room at the castle.”

That made Lori curious. “How many people did you invite Tommy?”

“Not many. Just the Marsh's, Carole, the Syndicate, and my parents.”

“Violet is coming.”

Tommy grinned. “Really? How are she and your uncle doing?”

“Still as happy as newlyweds themselves.”

“Who are all these people?”

“Well Lori, each guest has a particular story behind them, some of them are enemies turned friends...or in the case of Violet, an enemy turned family.” Merton grinned.

Tommy snorted. “We'll tell you about them after the movie tonight. You're coming with us, right Gil?”

Gil blinked again, sort of in shock. “Sure.”


Frederick Dingle still thought this was for the best. For his family, for his company, and for his career. Too many weird things happened in Pleasantville; Sunnydale already seemed to be a vast improvement in his eyes. Friendly people, the Mayor was particularly polite, and just a good atmosphere all around. Becky would love it, so would Rachel. Merton...maybe not, it was after all very sunny.

“Mr. Dingle?”

“Yes Eric?” He glanced at his newly appointed secretary.

“What do you think?”

Fred nodded. “Everything looks up to code, I'll have a maintenance team go over the factory just to be sure, but I think this will work out just fine.”

“Good, do you still want to meet with the Realtor today?”

“Yes, in fact let’s make it a working lunch, the sooner I buy a house the better.”


They passed their finals without a hitch, Tommy and Lori didn't even have to go through summer school, thanks to his help of course. School ended, with only a minor skirmish with a teenage incubus that tried to accost Becky...which resulted in her finding out about Tommy's secret.

It wasn't all bad though, Becky practically jumped at the chance to give Merton away at the wedding. Even though he'd still be moving to California with her and their parents. But it completed their wedding party.

They tried their best to stick with tradition, the whole not seeing each other before the main event thing. So Tommy rode to the castle with his parents, and Merton drove the hearse, with Becky riding shotgun. Lori would be driving Becky home afterward.

The castle was much more welcoming than the last time he'd been there, probably because no one was going to eat him, turn him or anything else heinous. The doors were open in invitation, there were flowers everywhere, and everyone was smiling. Okay the smiling werewolves were actually a little creepy, but what can you do?

The big surprise came when Mr. and Mrs. Marsh plus one, aka The Swampy family, showed up. Swampy did a double take when he saw Bob Dawkins...evidently they'd gone to high school together...back when Marty was still human and not a toxic swamp monster. Interestingly enough Swampy Junior, Clarence, looked more human than his Dad and much less toxic. Though Merton didn't even want to think about how Marty and Beatrice managed to procreate without her being poisoned...though she did look a little greener than he remembered from when she taught English class.

The former leader was going to preside over the ceremony, not out of the goodness of his heart, obviously, but because Tommy was the current leader. The forced somewhat pained smile on the older werewolf's face was sort a dead giveaway. Merton grinned at the sight; he wasn't sure which gave him a bigger thrill. Getting on the old guy's nerves or the fact that Tommy looked really good in his tux. In fact if he twisted a bit more to the right he could just see Tommy up at the altar. Becky smacked him to get his attention.


“The bride and groom aren't supposed to see each other yet, so stop peeking. Freaker.”

“I am not in a dress, therefore I am not a bride, hit me again and you'll be demoted to flower-girl.”

She rolled her eyes at his threat, granted it wasn't much of one, but it was the best he had at the moment. “Mom and Dad are gonna be pissed when they find out that they missed your wedding.”

“Too late now, and they're not going to find out.” He leveled his best big brother glare at her. “Are they.”

She looped her arm through his and shook her head. “I guess I owe you since you and Tommy saved me. They won't find out from me.”

The music started on the pipe organ. Terri entered the grand hall first, Lori several steps behind her. He breathed deep and tried to keep his heart from making a mad dash out the door. Becky gave his arm a tug and he gave her a nervous smile. “Let's rock and roll.”

“You are such a dork.”

The walk down the aisle was...actually rather soothing. Tommy looked as nervous as Merton felt, which pretty much calmed his own irrational fears to a dull murmur. Becky kept a firm grip on his arm, almost like she was afraid he'd he'd leave Tommy at the altar, please.

The ceremony itself was kind of a blur...the parts that stood out most was Becky's whispered threat to Tommy as she handed him over: “Hurt the Freaker and I'll bury you in silver Furball,” which made Tommy pale a bit. The vows they exchanged were pretty standard, the exchange of blood was a bit different, and the only reason they were able to exchange blood at all was because Merton was immune to the werewolf virus. But every step needed to be followed to bind them properly.

The former leader looked like he'd swallowed a lemon whole when he pronounced them 'Mates for Life' but the kiss Tommy planted on him, which he returned wholeheartedly, more than made up for the old sour puss' expression.

There was clapping, cheers and of course wolf whistles, Violet and Carole were both dabbling at their eyes with tissues. And surprisingly Terri caught the bouquet...and shared another shy smile with Gil. Tommy shared his own grin with Merton. “We need to get those two kids together.”

“Let Lori worry about it. We're going to be busy.”

Tommy's eyes glowed a bit. “Oh?”

“Honeymoon, Tommy. Two whole weeks of just us, the open road and standard motel rooms.”

A little growl slipped from his mate's lips. “Tell me the hearse is already packed.”

“Dean put your suitcase in the hearse with mine.”

“Let’s hit the road.”



Merton grinned. “There's still the reception. Gil worked hard on the food, might as well enjoy it.”

“Rather have you Merton.”

“Fried chicken Tommy, home fried chicken.” Merton smirked as Tommy processed that information.

“We can stay for a little while.” He definitely knew the way to his werewolf's heart. Fried chicken, it worked every time.


“I'll take it.”

“Mr. haven't seen the basement yet, or the upstairs.” Ms. Henderson was giving him an odd look.

“Its perfect, my family will love it.”

“Okay then...if you'll come back with me to the office we'll start on the paper work.”

“Of course.” He followed the realtor back to the car occasionally looking back at the two story house, the two car garage, and the small apartment above the garage. Yeah, it was perfect.


The spell that consecrated their bond was basic...and in Latin. A language that Merton was familiar with while Tommy … not so much. But he must have been practicing because he didn't fumble a word or pronunciation. There were candles on every available surface in the motel room, a circle of salt around the bed which had been pulled out from the wall, and Latin falling from Tommy's lips as he slid into Merton for the first time. His eyes glowed, his teeth had lengthened, and the words still were crisp as he spoke. “Bestiam vult, quod cor indiget. Una anima est; reliquum tenebris. Duas animas unaö. Intexto fila tempus aeternum ut unum.”

The pain was bearable thanks to much preparation and the flavored lube, a present from Lori. He shifted a bit in Tommy's lap and Tommy slipped in further hitting something deep inside of him...spots of color dazzled him for a moment and he wondered where the fireflies had come from.

Tommy sucked on the hollow of his throat. “Line, Merton.”

Merton gasped and tried to remember the text he'd studied. “Duo unaö. Hominem et iumentum. Homo et lupus. Duas animas unaö. Una anima lateribus, sicut nummo. Vinculum est auro pretiosior. “

And Tommy wolfed out completely, a little howl escaping from both of them as they moved. Merton moved his hips to gain more friction, anything to get more of that feeling, Tommy obliged, easily lifting Merton up and back down. Another amazing feat of strength, one Merton could fully appreciate as his mate slid back into him and he made like an octopus and clung to the wolf that was possessing him.

“Hurry, Tommy.”

There was a rumble in Tommy's chest, he wasn't sure if it was a growl or a chuckle. “It'd be easier if you'd let go buddy.”

“Can't.” He panted, and struggled to move even more.

“Okay.” And Tommy moved them, faster than Merton could follow so that he was on his back, still clinging to Tommy, but now Tommy's hips were moving so fast all Merton could do was feel...and cling. His legs locked around the other's hips as Tommy slammed into him, racing toward something he wasn't sure could ever be reached. “Merton, you still with me?”

Merton tried to smile as he saw spots and stars again. “Yeah.”

“One more line babe.”


Tommy kissed him again before reciting his last line and Merton tried to remember his own. “Eligitur unum. Aeternum mei. Oportet me amore voluntas.”

Merton wasn't sure which was headier at this point, the sex, or the magic building up between them as they worked the spell. He gasped and said the last line that would bind them as mates. He met Tommy's yellow wolf eyes and smiled. “Tui sum. Feminam vestris bestiam. Useque in saeculum.”

Tommy moved even faster...and the world exploded around them as they came and the spell finished, a small whirlwind swept over the room, blowing out all the candles, leaving them in darkness.

The room was quiet, except for their heavy breathing, and Tommy's awe filled voice. “Wow.”

Merton snickered. “My thoughts exactly.”

Tommy slipped out of him with a groan and wrapped them up in the sheets, nuzzling at Merton's throat. “Think it will be like that every time?”

“Next time we won't be using magic.” Merton yawned, even as he pointed out the obvious.

Tommy's voice sounded entirely too innocent when he said. “Oh I don't know, I figure every time with you will be magical.”

Merton snorted, and slapped him gently on the shoulder, noticing that the fur had receded and Tommy was back in his human form. “You already have me; stop the lame pick up lines.”

“As my mate commands.”

“And don't forget it buster.”

There was a brief moment of silence. “Did you bring that mini-skirt?”

“Good night Tommy.”


A/N: I apologize...I just have crap inspiration when it comes to writing weddings.

A/N2: Tommy says: The beast wants what the heart needs. One soul to balance the darkness it carries. Two souls become one. Woven into the strands of time forever as one.

A/N3: Merton says: Two become one. Man and beast. Man and wolf. Two souls become one. One soul with sides like a coin. A bond more precious than gold.

A/N4: Tommy says: Chosen one. Forever mine. Bound to me by love, by choice.

A/N5: Merton says: I am yours. Mate to your beast. Forevermore.

A/N6: I have no idea if the Latin is accurate. I used the Google translate thingy.
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