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World Without III

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This story is No. 3 in the series "World Without Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: To save her reality, Willow must choose a new one

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World Without

Title:World Without

Author: Laney


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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy and Angel people belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy. I’m just playing. Don’t sue. The Stargate people belong to Gekko Productions, Double Secret Productions, MGM/UA, Showtime/Viacom.. a hell of a lot of people, if you ask me!

A/N: Continues directly from World Without II. Not a sequel, all the one fic.
Special Thanks: To everyone who reviews my stories - a big thank you. It keeps me writing... which considering the size of this thing, might not be such a good thing *grin*

Feedback: Yes please! I live for it.

Part Sixty One

"We could only hurt the demon when we combined energies with Faith…" Willow told Giles.

Daniel continued. "…but it still wasn't enough. We only hurt it for a minute, maybe two…"

"…then it was back at full strength."

Willow could see why it was annoying. It wasn't like they meant to finish each other’s sentences… it just happened. Though, Giles and Faith both seemed to be getting used to it. Which was good. Both she and Danny were afraid of how they were going to react to them.

They last thing they wanted was to scare Ky, Faith, and Giles.

They were all they had. Without them, they had nothing. The three of them meant so much them. And… well, she was a little scared as well. Willow wasn't sure what she was scared of.

Take a pick.

This new development scared her, the demon scared her, the demon armies scared her, the SGC scared her… she was just so scared. There was so much riding on the five of them and even success in this battle didn't ensure their success in the next.

Not even the bliss of having this new link to Daniel wasn't enough to bring her out of her fear.

Their chances had been so much better before, now the merge spell had made everything that much harder.

The four of them were sitting in the cargo area of the Tel'tac, in the centre of the rings. Scattered around them were all of the books Giles had chosen. They had two days before they reached the Tok'ra supply station and then just over a week until they reached 876.

Their first objective was to find the demon. Giles had already scanned a couple of books when they emerged from their sleep. Faith was sitting next to him reading one of her own. Once Faith filled them in on the plan, they grabbed their own books.

Ky and Faith both hoped that they would find out more about the demon by the time they reached the supply station. Even if they didn't, it was already agreed that the two of them would begin testing the limits of their combined energies to fight the demon.

A week and a half really didn't seem long enough.

"Maybe we can work out a way to limit what you take from me," Faith suggested, turning the page. "Maybe now the two of you can choose what to give and take."

"That's a…"

"…good idea," she agreed with Faith.

Faith bowed her head.

** "Perhaps it may be possible to combine your energies into weapons. Faith and I agreed that, while we are at supply station, we will obtain some weapons stored there by the Tok'ra." ** Kyanna said.

"But how are we…"

"…going to combine energies with something…"

"…that isn't alive?" Willow asked. "So far it's only worked with…"

"… you and Sam." Daniel said.

Kyanna tilted her head to the side thoughtfully. ** "The Jaffa staff weapons are made with a small naquadah reactor. Perhaps if we combine your blood with the naquadah." **

Oh god! That was brilliant! And if it worked, they would have a fighting chance. It was already established that their power alone couldn't destroy the demon, but power from this reality could.

"Do you think that could work?" Giles wanted to know.

Willow nodded her head furiously. "There's a chance good chance…"

"…an even better chance if we had Sam's help." Daniel pointed out to them.

Sam was earth's expert on alien technology. They would probably need both Sam and Janet to pull it off. Shit.

"What about a Tok'ra?" Giles suggested. "You said one or two of them might be able to help us. Surely your people would know the same as Sam?"

Faith said one or two might help them? When?

"Worth a try. There's a Stargate on the planet where we're getting the supplies. I can contact the Tok'ra ask for help," Faith agreed. "But the Tok'ra will want something in return. There's also a chance that they'll contact the Tau'ri."

True. "But even if they did I don't think the SGC…."

"…would send anyone though. Not after what we did."

Besides, they knew exactly where they were going.

Faith didn't seem convinced. "We'll man the gate and if anyone except the Tok'ra came through, then we'll ask them to leave nicely."

Willow smiled. "Or we could dial the gate telepathically…"

"… and then send them through ourselves." Daniel's smile matched hers.

Giles rolled his eyes.

Willow's heart filled with joy.

Just like old times.

Well… not quite.

** ** **

"Well, Sir. What's the verdict?" Jack was almost afraid to ask.

Hammond motioned for him to sit down. "The Pentagon have asked that we try to re-establish ties and an alliance with Willow and Daniel."

Yes! "That's good news, Sir."

"Though, I'm not sure how we're going to do that exactly. I can't imagine Willow and Daniel approaching us any time soon," he sighed.

Could you really blame them? "We know they have to return here after they battle the demon, Sir. I think we might have to wait until then."

Oh yeah, George was really happy about that one. "And what do we do in the mean time, Colonel? What if demons start coming through the earth before then?"

"We fight them, Sir. That's all we can do. I suggest we begin training all SGC personnel in sword fighting. Stock up on more weapons… try to learn as much about demons as possible."

Jack frowned. Learn as much about demons as possible? Christ, he was sounding like Daniel.

"Actually, Sir. I think SG-1 needs some down time, Sir. We're all feeling a little worn out. Jacob's asking to return to the Tok'ra base, give them an update on what's going on."

Yeah, like the snakes needed to hear about their fuck ups.

Speaking of snakes. Selmak had been awfully quiet lately.

Wonder why that was?

"Understood. Report back here at 0600 hours in two days. Dismissed, Colonel. "

Two days? That was better than he thought and it gave him more time to decide what to tell the General about what they found out today. He could tell the General now but Jack was still a little nervous.

He didn't exactly trust the Joint Chief's.

He didn't want to reveal the information if the Joint Chief's were going to change their minds. Jack saluted the General and left the room. Heading straight for Carter's lab.

He and his 2IC were going to have a little chat.
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