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Target of Misfortune

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Summary: After Sunnydale he finally found the place where he belonged, but then something happened. Can Gibbs's team find Xander or will he be forever lost to them?

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NCIS > Xander-Centered(Recent Donor)ElzaCBoeFR18614,99517425,5333 Jan 1328 Aug 13No

Mystery upon mystery

Hey, here is the next chapter of the TM... I hope you like this chapter... and don’t worry just a couple more chapters and then the Scooby gang comes to DC...

Great thanks goes to my beta Vanea Taur who is dealing with the mess I’m writing, so that it's at least presentable :P

And by the way I don't own Buffy or NCIS no matter how much I wish i did... tough luck right?


target photo target_zpsc1ac410a.png

Mystery upon mystery

The next few hours were filled with cataloging and trying to find anything that would help in the investigation. Upon inspection, the closet at the entrance held more than shoes and coats. To their surprise it contained daggers, wooden sticks and a crossbow.

In every room they found at least a few hidden weapons, but in the bedroom they found more than just a few. There was a whole closet, dedicated only to weapons: crossbows, swords, axes, daggers, machetes, butterfly knives, nun chucks, water pistols, gallons of water and more tools of the same. The cache of weapons shocked them into silence.

There was a room full of old books, an almost futuristic looking computer, research material, newspaper and newspaper clips randomly taped on the board or the wall.

On the desk was a birth certificate, passport, a few letters, business cards from various bars and a locked box. The desk, it seemed, held everything Harris needed.

Tony took photos, Ziva measured everything and McGee looked for fingerprints. The concern for their co-worker was almost tangible in the air. After the scene was processed they took all the evidence and headed back to NCIS.


When Tim came to Abby's lab with the evidence, the Goth jumped him the minute the elevator door dinged.

"Oh my god McGee! I couldn't believe when Gibbs called saying Xander was taken! Who would take my little Xander? He's such a sweetheart. He wouldn't even hurt a fly. I'll find the bastards that took Xander and when I find them, Gibbs will make fish food out of them. Not that I would feed fish with something like that. Not even the white shark, although the white shark could eat about anything. But the trash that took Xander is nothing else but trash that I wouldn't even feed to piranhas or sharks…"


"Oh I know, I will ask Ziva for help. We will feed them with their own body parts. She knows what would hurt the most. But first we should castrate the bastards. Ziva could even chop their liver and kidneys and…"

"Abby, stop it!"

Startled, she looked at McGee with eyes full of tears. "What if he isn't ok? I don't want another Kate. It was so hard the first time and Xander's like a little brother. We played monopoly when I was sick! And he bought Berta for Bert!"

McGee knew how she felt, but didn't know what to do. He and Abby weren't together anymore, but seeing her in pain still bothered him. However, before he could decide what to do, she threw herself into his arms and hugged him. It took her solid ten minutes to put herself together, but when she did, she threw herself into work with such vigor, that even the end of the world couldn't have stopped her from finding Xander.

In the meantime, Gibbs assigned the team to look into different aspects of Xander's life.

Tony looked into his past and Ziva checked the phone and bank records while McGee helped Abby sort through everything they brought back. They worked most of the day, before Gibbs wanted to know what they came up with.

"Dinozzo. What do you got?"

Tony pulled up files on the screen. "Alexander Lavelle Harris, age 30, born in Sunnydale, California." Ziva raised an eye brow as the name struck a familiar chord.

"His parents, Anthony and Jessica Harris, are still alive, currently living in Las Vegas. I called them about their son, but all I got was a few profanities and a threat that they would shoot me, if I called again." He looked pointedly at his boss. "It was little over noon and I would say they had more than just one to many drinks."

A new page came on the slide. "I checked his records after that. No social service records, but there were a few police reports for domestic violence and a lot of hospital reports. The police reports stopped in his junior year of high school, but the hospital reports didn't. They got briefer, but a lot more violent. The last I could find was when he lost his eye wich is strange, considering that he has both his eyes. But there could be a mistake seeing how it happaned just before Sunnydale collapsed."

Tim looked at him questionably. "Collapsed?"

"Oh, come on, McGoo, don't tell me you didn't hear about it? A few years back, the whole place sank into the ground. Funny thing was there were just a few casualties although there were no warning signs. No earthquakes or anything. People just started to leave the town on their own."

Gibbs thought that was very suspicious, but that it could wait. First he needed to find Harris. "Go on, Dinozzo."

"So anyway, I said that the police reports stopped. What I meant, was the police reports about domestic violence. Harris was included in several of others after his junior year; a few as a victim, a few as a witness and several as suspect. I thought it was odd, so I checked the Sunnydale PD and let me just say that kids could run it better. From what I gathered it looks like the town was really dangerous and there was a lot of deaths and street violence. The death rate started to decrease in his junior year, but it was still ten times too high for a town that small."

Ziva looked at the numbers and commented, "So basically you are saying that he lived in place that was a war zone."

Tony nodded. "He was also engaged to an Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins, but they never got married. She was one of those that died when Sunnydale sank. After the Sunnydale disappearing incident, there is little about Harris. He moved to Cleveland for some time, traveled through Africa and a few European countries. While still in Sunnydale, he had a series of jobs and then got a serious job at a construction company, where he worked until Sunnydale sank. I couldn't find him working after that. It's like for a year he lived and traveled and was paid for a job that he didn't do. My guess is that he started to work for the agency he works now and that's why I couldn't find anything. He sure traveled a lot, for a guy that's new, if you know what I mean."

Ziva found it strange that Tony didn't joke once during his briefing. It showed her how serious he was taking this investigation.

Gibbs only nodded and turned his attention to the Israeli. "Ziva."

She took the remote from Tony and clicked a few time, so that a new page came up.

"I looked into Xander's bank records and there were no unusual depositions. He was paid by NCIS and something called Sineya's Circle of Guardians. I tried to investigate it further but was blocked. All I could gather was that the money came from a bank account in Switzerland, but that was about all. I compared the banking statements and there occurred a pattern. He used his credit card at night. I checked the dates with our working hours and it was usually two or three if not more hours after he left work. Mostly he bought drinks and snacks or a few supply things on some occasions, but never at the same location. Sometimes there would be two purchases, a few hours and a lot more miles apart. It's like he walked through the whole city at night."

Tony couldn't keep it to himself despite the situation. "He was like Batman, patrolling the streets, feared by street thugs, unstoppable and impossible to kill…" He was stopped by a slap on his head from Gibbs.

Ziva didn't bat an eye as she carried on. "His phone record shows a lot of long distance calls. There were seven numbers that repeated themselves daily. I couldn't pull any names, but I got the locations. He called two numbers that are from Scotland, also a number from St. Petersburg, Florida. There is also a number from Cleveland. The other three numbers were probably mobiles. They were used from different locations all around the world every time Xander was in contact with them. I tried to see, if there is any pattern but other than a weekly call to Scotland, there were none."

She than gave the control to McGee and leaned back on her desk.

"Abby and I went through everything we brought from Xander's apartment. I can put names to the numbers Ziva showed. There are just names or nicknames though. Abby is still working on the black material she took from the dagger. She can't determent its origins, despite the stuff being organic. It's not human or animal; neither does it come from a plant. We cataloged all the weapons from the apartment. All of them are bought legally and have certificates. They vary from middle ages to nowadays and are in excellent condition. Every blade is deadly sharp. Abby analyzed the water and pinpointed the Holy Rosary Church as the place where he got it. I went through every paper we brought with us, but there was nothing helpful except a few business cards from various bars, which might be places he visits. They are all in different locations and of different kind. There is one of the new fancy clubs and on the other hand, there is a biker bar. There are altogether ten cards."

Knowing he was almost finished, but with no tangible results he hesitated for a moment.

"Abby and I are still trying to get into the data base of the computer, but it's heavily coded. It could take a few days."

Gibbs looked him in the eyes when it was apparent McGee had nothing more to add and said, "Call somebody from the cyber unit to come and help Abby with the computer. Tell her that she has a day to figure it out."

Then he looked at the other two members of his team "Dinozzo, David, check all the bars from the cards we brought back, see if anybody can tell us anything useful."

The pair grabbed their gear and shouted in unison "On it, boss."

"McGee, you are with me. We're going to go talk with the people from Holy Rosary church."
As they left on their separate tasks, they failed to notice a flashing light coming from Xander's computer.

So? What do you think? I would be really greatful if you reviewed...
Elza C. Boe<b/>
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