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Convince me.

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Summary: Coulson tries to recruit Buffy.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Buffy-CenteredSSanchezFR1521,2512208,3315 Jan 1311 Jan 13Yes

Chapter One

Joss Whedon owns Buffy and Marvel owns Agent Coulson.

“Miss Summers.”

“Who are you?”

“Agent Coulson, I’m with S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“What’s that?” She beheaded a vampire and started toward another one.

“I’m putting together a team-“

She dusted another two vampires, and pushed him out of the way.

“I don’t really play well with others.”

“You’re not the first person to say that, but we still need your help.” He smiled at her and she paused.

“Let me guess, you are putting together a bunch of misfit superhero’s to save the world from some big bad god, or some evil demon or is it the Russians? Whatever, and you want me to join with a bunch of testosterone fueled men in tights, or the famous unitard, with names like Batboy or Iron Billionaire, and you want me to what, join your team?”

“That is remarkably accurate, although it’s North Korea and they have a weapon called the Tesseract and somehow they have Thor contained, although we don’t know how, and we need your help, and the witch, Willow Rosenberg, but we can’t find her without your help.”

She chucked her stake into the vampire trying to sneak up on Coulson. “Do you like Indian food agent Coulson?”

“I don’t see what that has to do with this conversation.”

“Come agent, let’s get something to eat. I’m starving. Are you seeing anyone?”

“I was seeing this girl, a cello player in Portland, but she said I worked for the man and didn’t want to see me anymore. I don’t see what that has to do with you joining the Avengers.”

“I would never join the Avengers.”

“Neither would any of the other agents, but they did, we need you.”

“I will make you a deal, Agent? What’s your name?”

“Phil Coulson.”

“I’ll make you a deal, Phil. You have dinner with me, tell me what the situation is, and I will consider your offer, deal?”


Several hours later…

“Wow, you really are the slayer.”

“It’s that smile. I can’t say no to you.”

He smiled. “It’s a gift.”

“I’m sure.”

“So will you join us?”

“Do you go this far to convince all the superheroes?”

“No, but I will convince you again if you want me to?”

“I think I could use some more convincing.”

“It’s what I’m good at.”
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