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Road Trip: The Journey

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Road Trip Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Road Trip: the beginning. John sets out on his road trip, accompanied by Dean, Sam, Adam, Xander, and Willow, knowing that surely, something, is going to happen, sooner or later. Turns out he was right.

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Chapter One

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or any events, characters or locations featured in either series. Supernatural was created by Eric Kripke, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created by the talented Joss Whedon. I own nothing.

John Winchester laughed as he drove his truck, smiling across at his two youngest children. Alexander – or rather, Xander – and Willow sat in the truck with him and they were all laughing at a story that Xander had told. John grinned. It had been such a long time since he’d had a good laugh with any of his children but that would change. Life wasn’t just about hunting, John had learned that now.

Ever since he and Dean had scarcely survived with their lives after that truck had plowed into the Impala, John had begun to realize just how much his boys meant to him. He’d set out to introduce Sam and Dean to Adam, the son he had spent time with, and then they had all journeyed south to Sunnydale, California, where John knew he had another illegitimate child, Xander. In Sunnydale, they had discovered the existence of Willow, the daughter that John had never known he had, and the younger half-sister that Dean, Sam, Adam and Xander had never expected. The family had been complete at last and John had felt a sense of his life being fulfilled and for the first time in years, he’d felt that he had moved on from Mary’s tragic death.

John had been deeply surprised at how easy it had been to convince Xander, Willow, and their parents that they should come on a road trip with him during their summer vacation. They had all agreed, as long as they would be back before the new school year began, so Willow and Xander had packed their bags and put them in the back of the truck, climbing up into the cab, and had waved to Giles, the school librarian (the only one who had come to see them off) as John had driven down the street.

Generally, Xander and Willow traveled with John in the truck, leaving Dean, Sam, and Adam to the Impala. John, however, guessed that at one point all five of his kids were going to be in the Impala at some point. Squishy as that was going to be, John knew in his gut that it was going to happen.

Despite the transportation arrangements, they all stopped at the same motels, getting a family room where there was one available or, if not, two rooms side by side. Dean and Sam would go in one room together, and John and the younger three would share the other.

What John found interesting was when they were all together in the evenings, they went to get some food and then all congregated in one room. Already Sam, Adam, and Willow had begun to bond over being ‘the smart ones’ (as Dean put it). At the same time, Dean and Xander had begun to bond over being “the not-so-smart ones” (as Adam put it; Dean always retorted that he and Xander were the cool ones).

At the same time though, Dean was bonding with Adam and Willow and Sam was bonding with Xander. It surprised John how well they got along with no obvious arguments springing up between them, although John could imagine that the peace would not last forever. His money was on Dean and either Adam or Xander, since John could see that they were as stubborn as Dean. Willow, however, already had all of her brothers wrapped around her little finger, just a merit of being a girl and the youngest. John doubted that she would need to get involved; in fact, John imagined that Willow would become the peacekeeper between the four boys and probably at some point of time, between himself and one of the boys.

It had been nice for John to just spend time with his family. It was like he was getting to know them and not just the younger three, but getting to know the men that Dean and Sam had become in his absence, especially Sam. The younger of Mary’s two sons had changed much since John had thrown him out and yet he was still the little Sammy that John remembered Dean taking care of when they were just boys.

Despite the serenity, however, John knew that something was brewing on the horizon. Things had been too quiet and too peaceful for his family for too long. Something had to give.

He just hoped whatever the hell it was stayed away from Adam, Xander and Willow. The kids didn’t need to get dragged into a hunt. They weren’t trained and John, despite the danger it put them in, wanted his three youngest children to stay that way.


Xander lay sprawled on his stomach on the bed he and Adam would have to share for that night, laughing at Dean and Sam as they teased one another. John had gone to organize dinner for the family and left Dean in charge

“Bitch,” Dean teased.

“Jerk,” Sam retorted.

“Why do you guys do that to one another?’ Willow asked from where she lay on the top bunk above Adam and Xander’s double bed (a bed she had scored by default, with it being the only singe bed in the room, other than the couch, which John would sleep on).

Dean shrugged. “Because we always have. Sam has his little bitch face.”

“And Dean’s just a jerk,” Sam cut in.

“Shut up, bitch. Anyway, it’s high time that you three got nicknames,” Dean announced. Adam, Xander, and Willow all exchanged slightly apprehensive glances.

“This isn’t going to be good,” Adam whispered to his two younger siblings, who both nodded in agreement.

Dean and Sam were talking quietly among themselves, shooting side glances at the three younger Winchesters. Xander thought they were being rather suspicious as Willow climbed down from her bed and sat beside Xander and Adam on the lower bunk.

“Okay,” Dean said finally, “we have decided what your nicknames will be. Carry them with pride.” Sam rolled his eyes at Dean’s proclamation and swatted his elder brother in the arm

“What, this is a big moment for them. They’re being initiated into the Winchester family and it’s my job to make sure that they know what that means.”

“Er, what exactly DOES that mean, Dean?” Adam asked, voicing the same question that was on the minds of Willow and Xander, only the two youngest Winchesters didn’t voice it as neither of them knew Dean (or Sam, for that matter) all that well.

“Right, being a Winchester means that family is the number one thing in the world. Nothing is more important than family,” Dean replied.

Adam, Xander and Willow all exchanged looks at that announcement. It sounded like there was a story there but Dean didn’t look like he would be forthcoming and Sam looked content to let Dean do all the talking.

“Do you guys understand that? I know that you all grew up in different houses… different families from Sammy and I and up until now, none of you have had siblings but that’s not the case anymore. You’ve got each other and me and Sammy and Dad, of course. You have a family and you are part of a family and family sticks together… even if they’re a long way away, so stay in touch.”

“Yeah, we get it Dean,” Willow smiled. It had been a very touching speech, although Sam was smiling and mouthed something about a chick-flick moment to Dean, who glared at him.

“Anyway. Adam, your nickname from now on will be Geek because of your little Star Wars thing. Xander, you shall be known as Brat because you are the youngest of the boys. I think we should work together on Willow’s nickname.”

“Aw, what?” Willow pouted. Xander grinned and turned to Adam and they high fived.

“Willow, you go into the bathroom and wait until we call you out,” Dean said. Willow sighed and nodded, getting off the bed and heading into the bathroom. She knew that this had only happened because Dean and Sam knew the least about her and needed Xander’s help. She had taken care to be quiet when she was around her new family, feeling slightly overwhelmed by everything. So far it appeared to be working, her wallflower act perfected over many years paying off once again.

Of course, now that Sam and Dean had recruited Xander, Willow knew that she was going to get an embarrassing nickname. At least Geek was already taken… and Nerd was too close to Geek. They were the two most obvious ones she could think of Xander suggesting. Of course, that led to the unexpected ones, though, and Willow had not idea what Xander… or any of the others would suggest. It was slightly worrying.

She trusted that it would not be overly rude… Jerk, Bitch, Geek and Brat weren’t that bad, but she still chewed her lip in worry as she waited for her brothers to finish their discussions.

Her brothers… it still was weird to think of them as that. Only a week ago, she’d been secure in the knowledge that she was the daughter if Ira and Sheila Rosenberg and that she was an only child, but now? Now she was the daughter of Sheila and a man that she’d had an encounter with during an argument with her husband named John Winchester, who also had four sons. Two, Dean and Sam, from his marriage and another two from liaisons with other women after the death of his wife. One of those two was Adam and the other… was Xander. The very same Xander that had been her best friend since kindergarten. Her entire life had been turned around in the space of a few short days, leaving her grasping for something… anything to keep her upright. Even Xander had been different since they’d found out. He and Adam were already good friends, spending a lot of time together talking and getting to know one another. It reminded Willow so much of what Xander and Jesse had been like before Jesse had died. She was glad that Xander had found someone to take Jesse’s place in Xander’s life, since she knew that there were just some things that boys needed to talk to boys about, and that she and Buffy would never understand.

Unfortunately, though, it had left Willow feeling a bit alone. John hadn’t noticed and while Sam and Dean had engaged in small talk with her, there hadn’t really been an opportunity for her to really bond with them. If Willow was honest with herself, her two oldest brothers intimidated her a bit. She knew that they would never hurt her but they were so much older and taller than she was and even through they were relatives, they were still guys and Willow had never been good at talking to guys. (Xander and Jesse were the exception because she’d known then for so long.)

She knew that she needed to get used to the feeling… she was the youngest child and the only girl… of course, she was going to be the outcast but it still hurt a little. Not for the first time, Willow wished that she was sociable and confident like Buffy and then it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Willow.” Someone was knocking on the bathroom door. Willow startled and jumped up, hurrying to open the door, making sure that it was not obvious that she wasn’t happy as she reached for the doorknob. Her mask firmly in place, she opened the door, smiling nervously up at Sam… God, why was he so tall? she mentally asked herself.

“How bad is it?” she asked in a hushed whisper. Sam laughed.

“Not too bad,” he reassured her.

“Good.” Willow came out and sat back on the bed with Xander and Adam.

“Okay, Willow, your nickname will be Mouse because you’re the quiet one.”

“Mouse?” Willow said. It wasn’t that bad, she reasoned. It could have been worse. She actually kind of liked it. It didn’t single her out as the youngest or the only girl but it was connected to a personality trait of hers. She was happy about that.

“Yep,” Xander grinned. Willow shrugged.

“It’s not bad, I kind of like it.”

“Great,” Dean shrugged before he switched the television on, flopping down on his and Sam’s bed, all pretense of the importance of the situation gone. Adam, Xander and Willow exchanged confused looks.

What the heck had just happened?

A.N. Yes, I’m back. Here it is, the much anticipated (from the reviews and pm’s I got) sequel to Road Trip: The beginning. I hope you enjoy this story. I anticipate that this story will be finished by the end of January, so i will be posting regularly, probably at least once a week, if not more frequently than that.

Please review, as your input and advice improves my story writing abilities.

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