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Rain Dog

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Summary: The Post-Pulse World is a brutal place.

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Television > Dark AngelbatzulgerFR181816,36046718,8549 Jan 133 Jul 14No


I woke up shivering. It was dark, really dark.

"You feelin' alright Buffy?" it was Dru and she sounded concerned.

"Uh yeah, I think so. I was just startled with the not knowing what's going on and all."

"Sensible Slayer. Well I may have taken a tiny peep outside. We are in Geneva after all. Also I borrowed that fine dress and persuaded a nice storekeeper t'sell me a pair of shoes and now we has a room in a real hotel!"

"Are you serious?"

"Course I am," she sounded slightly miffed. "When do I ever lie about the awfully important things?"

"From what I remember Dru, you hardly lie at all. I'm sorry. Will you accept my apology?"

"Of course I will. You saved m'life, and with our history that mustn't have been the easiest thing t'do."

"Actually, it wasn't hard at all," I stood up and smacked my head on the roof I had put on the nook. Dru giggled.

"C'mon Slayer lets get t'a proper place t'sleep and some real food in you."

We slipped through Geneva avoiding police and military units. Whatever this Conclave was, they had tons of money and political power here in Switzerland. I was reasonably sure they were hunting us after the mess we had made. I was also sure they had no idea what we were, or the security would have been much much tighter.

As we ran I noticed Dru was looking much better.

"Got some dinner?" I asked.

"A lovely young soldier and his dog. Don't worry m'dear, they're still alive, just very tired. I didn't take much from either. That blood you gave me earlier just needed a little more."

I didn't know how to feel about that. If the soldier had seen us he would have tried to kill us, and Dru merely took enough to keep herself going. I had killed people in the last 24 hours. Something I had pledged to never do, and I had let Dru feed off the corpse of one of them because of the injuries she had received for saving me from gunfire.

Life had been so simple with the Slay, Shop, and Save the World routine. One thing I did know, with human and demon experimentation involved, the Conclave had hit the top of my 'Naughty' list. Any time science starts messing with the supernatural, absolutely awful things happen. Things that I always end up having to fix.

"Are you coming Slayer?"

I looked up and saw Dru on a fire escape. I jumped for the lowest level and started climbing up next to her then it was just a matter of slipping down a hall and into a room...with a real bed...and a shower...and a bathtub...and room service.

The room was luxurious, "How are we paying for this Dru?" I loved the thick carpet and it looked like silk sheets on the bed.

"I had a little chat with the manager, and he was awfully happy t'help a poor lady down on her luck."

"I bet he was," I said, "Especially after he looked in your eyes."

"I didn't hurt him or his staff."

"Never said you did Dru. I'm sorry again, it's just, well, I don't know how to behave around you."

"Fair enough," she stuck out her hand, "Miss Drusilla Keeble, pleasure to meet you." she smiled.

"Uh Buffy Summers...likewise?" I shook it. She had a firm but not overpowering grip.

"Now that introductions are over and done with, it is time for food and baths, order what you like!' She disappeared into the bathroom after handing me a room service menu. I ordered a couple of steaks and a large salad. I was starving. After I had placed the order I took the duvet and one of the extra blankets and tucked it over and around the window. When Dru exited the bathroom wearing a complementary hotel robe she looked at what I'd done and smiled.

"M'delicate complexion thanks you!"

"It's no problem Dru," I went into the bathroom and scrubbed off all the blood and grime that had embedded itself in my skin and hair. Then I soaked until Dru knocked on the door and told me room service had arrived. I pulled on a matching robe and toweling dry my hair exited the the bathroom.

Dinner was fantastic and I could feel my strength returning as I sat and digested. There was CBB on the TV and I watched what had happened to the US. Apparently a massive electromagnetic pulse had been detonated by a group of terrorists. This had knocked out a large portion of the US's electronic records and most of its electronics in general. There were reports that even devices designed to resist this sort of thing were effected. If I hadn't heard about the Jinn from Dru already, I would've been suspicious.

"So," I said, "we need clothes. And a way to get out of Switzerland. They will be looking for us."

"Many people have tried t'find me. Usually they don't."

"Or they regret it?"

"That has happened on occasion, I am very sorry t'say. I am so much better now though."

"Yes you are. It's me who's being the monster at the moment."

"Oh now Buffy, I know monsters and you're not one. You've never killed a human before. I can see that clear," she sat down next to me on the sofa and put her arm around my shoulder to give a reassuring squeeze. "It happened. There've been better and worse men and women that've done it before you, and will do it in the future. I've seen it. As long as you don't get t'the point where you enjoy it, you'll b'fine. I promises you that." She reached over, picked up a brush, and a began disentangling my hair.

It felt good and I relaxed a little. When she was done, I turned and brushed hers.
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