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Rain Dog

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Summary: The Post-Pulse World is a brutal place.

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Television > Dark AngelbatzulgerFR181816,36046718,8549 Jan 133 Jul 14No


The next morning I got up to find a dead woman snuggled up against me.

"Morning Dru."

"G'Morning t'you Slayer. Hope you don't mind m'company."

"No it's cool," I sat up. "So Dru, how did I end in that place anyway?"

"The underground? Well," she sat up as well and looked thoughtful, "They caught me in Munich a few weeks earlier than you. They were trying t'figure out why I was a corpse that could move around you see. Apparently most vampires went poof when th'pulse went off."

"I bet your soul had something to do with the lack of poof..."

She nodded, "That's what I thought t'm'self as well. So they were prodding and prying. They said no destructive testing though..."

"Because if you really were the last vampire..."

"Exactly...'Specially 'cause I seen in m'mind's eye what they wanted me for."

"Soldiers?" I threw out the standard guess.

She tapped herself on the nose, "Such a clever Slayer...No wonder you always won. Yes, they wanted m't'sire a bunch of brats. Thing is th'sire has t'want t'do it. Y'just can't take a bit of their blood and stick it in somebody that's been drained...T'won't work."

"And the soul would keep you from wanting to do that?"

"Not th' What kind of a person d'ya think I am?" she sounded hurt.

"Whoa...sorry Drusilla. It's just that well, we've never really talked or met...not for any length of time at least."

"True enough. I accepts your apology."

"Thanks!" I realized I meant it too, "So what happened next?"

"Well they brought you 'round all trussed like a Christmas Goose. I heard them talking. I found that, if I didn't move a twitch, they'd forgets I was still present. And I could make them forgets I was dangerous too and that I needed supplies of blood."

I grinned at that and Dru smiled back at me.

"So they's brought you in and laid you out and talked about how they's found you at Ground Zero..."

"Cleveland," I said.

"Maybe? Anyway, you were sleeping like a fairytale princess. They'd come by occasionally and check on you and take some of your blood and th'like and then yesterday you woke up!"

"You could have left at anytime...why'd you stick around?"

"For you. I'm...I've been evil. If I dust th'world gets a little better. You though, you're a hero...a Champion. I could see that. If you'future t'isn't pretty."

"So you decided to help me escape?"

"Well yes...Wouldn't you have done th'same?" she asked with an honest and open expression.

"Yeah...or I would have given you a clean death. Experimentation and the supernatural never goes well."

"William told me about that...the last time I received a missive from him."

"He was one of a kind...wait a sec! He has his soul back maybe he's still around too and Angel?"

"I do not know Slayer."

"You can call me Buffy, Drusilla. It's okay."

"Thank y'kindly. I heard y'treated William well. I thank y'for that as well. He was a good man, not deserving of his fate."

"Neither were you from what I heard...and I can say that as an official fate's punching bag," I got out of bed and called room service to order some coffee and breakfast. "How are you doing for food, Dru?"

"I will be fine...Buffy. What I had last night will keep m'well for another day or so."

" what happened in Cleveland?"

"The calls it a Pulse? Something some very bad people did that broke the computation engines in the Americas. It did an awful lot more mischief as well. No more portals...Various types of unpleasant sorts drawn back t'their native realms."

"Like the vampires?"

"Yes," she nodded, "Th'Slayers too...all gone I knows not where."

"What!?! All the Slayers are gone?"

She nodded again, "I'm really very sorry m'dear."

I stood there thinking. Both the Powers That Be and the Senior Partners would not be happy about the current state of affairs...but, if all dimensional portals were gone that meant the Hellmouths were all destroyed and neither group could send their minions in to screw things up. It also sounded like no more Slayers would be called, and I for one, was happy with that. Not with that all my girls had vanished of course.

"So Dru, how long do we have this room?"

"Two days...I could try for longer, but m'feelin's say it wouldn't b'wise."

"Okay then two days it is. Can we get a beautician up here? I need to not look like myself by the time we have to leave."

"Of course," she said almost smugly, "This is a first rate hotel."

Soon I had short red hair and some new clothes pinched from the hotel laundry. Dru was in an elegant modern dress and had her hair up in a bun. Together we looked quite fashionable.

That evening we sat in the room and plotted. The Conclave had serious influence, that was obvious, and had probably sealed the Swiss borders. The only way we were getting out was probably cross-country. The good thing was they really had no idea what the pair of us were capable of or they would have restrained me much more securely. I understood their thinking though. Containing even an average Slayer is never as easy as anybody expects, and when it comes to Slayers I'm in a class by myself.

"So over to Italy would be easiest I guess," I said, "I lived in Rome for a while and I still have some friends there. We'll need supplies though."

Dru looked thoughtful, "Something t'preserve m'complexion would b'helpful."

"Like a sleeping bag? I can carry you easily enough."

"That would do I would imagine. Clothes, food..."

"We need to find out where the hospitals are speaking of your food...we really need to get back to America. If the Conclave was this well prepared I can imagine they have a lot of money riding on one particular future. It'll be a lot easier to hide in America. At least until we can find out what's going on."

"This particular future, it probably hasn't th'likes of us in it?"

"Probably not."

"Oh dear. Why does it always have t'be so awfully difficult?"

"Because if it wasn't they wouldn't need Champions. Congratulations Dru, you've been promoted..."
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