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Rain Dog

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Summary: The Post-Pulse World is a brutal place.

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Television > Dark AngelbatzulgerFR181816,36046718,9519 Jan 133 Jul 14No

Dancing Fools

Later, we got dressed in our dancing clothes. Dru in one of her long gothic dresses, me in turtleneck and leather pants. When it got dark enough so Dru wouldn't burn we grabbed our helmets and and slipped down the stairs. At the bottom we listened to make sure the coast was clear before pushing open the door, then carefully shut it again after we had passed through.

My bike was stashed in an old garage about a block away. I had fastened about eight hundred pounds of sandbags and scrap metal to the inside of the door to discourage...vandals. I pushed the bike onto the street before carefully shutting the door. If I let it drop, it would probably shatter to be honest. Hopping on I fired it up and waited for Dru to hop up behind me before peeling out.

When we got to the security zone I flashed a decent forgery of a sector pass and Dru did her whammy on the guy checking it out. We were waved through as usual and soon we were pulling up in front of a rocking club.

We peeled off our helmets and walked up to the door. After a quick security wanding we headed inside.

The place was awesomely noisy, even for a pair like us. There was a jamming dance floor and hotties of both genders. I felt myself relax some more. Dru always knew what was needed. I walked up to the bar and felt a twitching in the back of my neck.

"Two red wine spritzers," I slid a fifty across the bar. The bartender ran it under a scanner then nodded and started fixing our drinks. I flicked my eyes around, hidden behind my tinted horn-rims of course. With short non-bleached hair and thick black-framed glasses, I did not look like an ex-Cali cheerleader in the slightest and that was the point.

The twitching meant something odd was up. I had been a Slayer for over 20 years and my survival instincts were trained to a fever pitch, especially with the sheer amount of clout the people chasing me had. I had learned, 'Never ignore the twitch'.

Looking around I didn't see anybody Feddy. No suits, no uniforms at least. I continued my scan as I scooped up our drinks and headed back to my girlfriend who, as usual, had scored us a table in a crowded club.

"Hey sweetie! Your drink."

"Thank you. Something strange is here," Dru looked more distracted than usual when she said that.

"Yeah I've been getting that feeling too. Men in Black?"

"I don't think so. I feel a fugitive."

"One of yours or one of mine?" I tensed.

"Neither. This one is something else."

I looked around the club to see if I could spot anybody with the predator or prey look. At least more developed than the typical clubgoers. No luck.

"Did you have a vision this afternoon sweetie?" I asked, the truth sort of dawning on me.

"Only a tiny one. It said we should dance and that you would select the right place," Dru looked adorably apologetic.

"Naughty vampiress," I shook my head, "Never telling the hard working Slayer what's coming up..."

"Well, it has been getting kinda dull you kn..." I stopped as she gripped my hand.

"Get ready, they're coming."

I nodded and finished my drink, "To the dance floor?"

Dru flashed one of her rare smiles and nodded back eagerly. We started moving towards the floor when there was a loud bang, the music died, and the lights went up. A half dozen guys in full riot armor came crashing through the crowd.

"Everybody freeze! We are looking for an escaped felon!" Dru and I looked at each other.

"Everybody present your Sector Passes to the officers moving through. The sooner you do, the sooner we'll be gone!"

I pulled out my fake and Dru pulled out an expired lottery ticket. I gave her a dirty look and she shrugged innocently. I rolled my eyes behind my glasses and continued to watch for whoever the cops were looking for.

After a about twenty minutes they got to us and Dru did her thing. The guy checking us even thanked us for being so cooperative as he handed Dru's old ticket back to her. Just then something caught my eye.

"Dru, can you wipe his last five minutes...the time he spent noticing and checking us I mean?" I nodded at the cop that had just passed us.

"Yes, why?"

"Because the fugitive is about to start something and I don't want us remembered," I looked over in the direction of the bathrooms. It was a guy and he was obviously young, early-20s, and well-trained. At the moment he was using the cover of the crowd to slip around to where he would be in the already checked area.

Dru looked at the ID-checker and whispered. He stopped for a second shook his head and continued on.

As usual my girlfriend can terrify me, there was no way I would have escaped the Conclave without her help...the cute thing is, she says the same about me. The guy was good like I said, but he didn't spot the micro-drone up in the light gantry. It, however, saw him and all hell broke loose.
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