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Rain Dog

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Summary: The Post-Pulse World is a brutal place.

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Television > Dark AngelbatzulgerFR181816,36046718,8529 Jan 133 Jul 14No


It was a typical late-Spring apocalypse. Nothing special, it was like the previous ones except this time there hadn't been a prophecy. What we had found , courtesy of the witchy brigade, was that someone was setting up power nodes around Cleveland and that the arrangement signaled a attack on the Hellmouth around a certain date.

Wills and Dawn and the rest of the witch force were hanging back to keep the Big Bads magic from raining down on us while me and a bunch of my bestest buddies put up a ring around the Mouth itself. Pretty standard tactics actually.

The assault began, we made with the slayage, business as usual. I was carrying the Scythe, Faith had a troll hammer. Then the they cheated.

High above us there was a blinding flash of white light and all of sudden lightning erupted up from the Hellmouth. The Scythe started arcing as well and a blue glowy field surrounded me. As we all froze in shock, demons included, the lightning from the sky faded and the Mouth started producing its own arcs. At that point everybody on both sides started to run. The last thing I remember seeing is a blinding flash as a lightning bolt a hundred feet across erupted out of the ground.

I woke up strapped down to a hospital bed. Actually chained down would be more appropriate. The room looked more like one of Walsh's labs than any hospital I'd seen and there weren't any hunky males nurses in sight.

"My dear, you're awake!" I heard a strangely familiar voice.

Turning my head slightly I saw Drusilla strapped down just about the same as I was, on a bed about two feet from mine.

"Drusilla? What's going on? Where are we?"

"Hush little Slayer. There are worse things than I and we have fallen into their clutches. Feign unconsciousness and we will talk later. They are coming back..."
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking