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Rain Dog

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Summary: The Post-Pulse World is a brutal place.

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Television > Dark AngelbatzulgerFR181816,36046718,8549 Jan 133 Jul 14No


Being short makes staying low easy, and once the rubber bullets started flying I wanted to be as low as possible.

The drone started sending a pulsed IR beam at the kid as a way of designating him. That kind of light is right on the edge of my visual range, but I was still able to spot it. The riot cop's visors could pick it up too of course.

"Dru distract them!" she nodded and glided away at vampire speed. I ripped the top of one of the the little round cocktail tables and discus-ed it at the closest cop. His armor soaked the brunt of of the impact, but he still went flying into one of his buddies. That crash and boom was the signal for every patron to panic/riot/start yelling their heads off. I saw bodies starting to fly at way too fast a rate for Dru to be doing it and from two different directions to boot. There was either a pro-wrestler or someone with augmented strength in the house. I hadn't sensed any demons and vamps knew better than to get anywhere near me, Dru excluded of course, so what was the what?

I made my way towards where Dru had headed as the fighting intensified. I only needed to thump a few cops as it seemed like the whole club had decided to pile on. Tear gas and pepper spray started stinking the place up and the friendly Thump..Thump..Thump.. of baton and stun bag launchers started up. So not cool.

I'm pretty much immune to most riot gases, but they still make me sneeze and my eyes water. Rubber bullets still hurt of course, but it will take more than one or two or five to take me down, but it's still not pleasant, and I try my hardest not to get hit. I got shot in the head during a food riot a few years ago, and I do not, want a repeat of the experience.

Dru met up with me and we headed for the firedoor. Sure there would probably be cops watching, but the alley had a fire escape or at least a way to get up to the rooftops. Mobility is key in evasion of authority types.

The back door was closed so I launched a jump kick at it and tore it off its hinges. The two riot cops on the other side were sent flying. A bunch more club-goers poured out behind me and Dru and soon there was a hell of a brawl going on out back. A biker chick was back to back with me and dealing out the smackage, while Dru was throwing cops into dumpsters. I tried to keep the cops engaged long enough so that the normal types could get clear.

Soon it was down to me, Dru, the biker chick, and a cute guy that I was pretty sure had started this problem. Oh yeah and ten royally annoyed guys in riot gear. I grinned and took off my glasses.

"I'm Anne and that's Edith," I said pointing towards Dru.

"Hey, I'm Max and the idiot there is Alec, what Series are you?"

"Series...?" I didn't have a whole lot of time to say any more before a ton of irate law enforcement charged us.

Max and Alec were maybe as fast as me, but probably not as strong and were really well trained. They also looked like they had trained together for a long time as you could see how one would do the setup for the other's attack or defense. It was like ballet.

"Edith! Block the door!" I yelled over to Dru. She did by simply picking up the dumpster and dropping it in front.

"Those two are why we're here..." she called out.

"I guess you're coming with us. How well can you climb?" Max grinned at me in reply, so I jumped up to the second floor cornice. By this time more cops were starting to enter the alley as reinforcements and some were drawing guns. Dru was up next to me in that floaty moving she does and Max and Alec literally ran up the wall.

Soon the four of us were on the roof.

"Where to?" I looked at Dru.

Her eyes rolled back for a second, "The clouds whispered north then east. I will dance the way."

We reached the edge of the building and all four of us leaped to the next easily. Dru of course looking elegant the whole time. I have no idea how she pulls that off.

Alec tapped me on the shoulder, "Where are we going?"

I shrugged, "I'm following the bouncing psychic myself. Oh yeah, what did Max mean by 'What Series?' ?"

Alec looked surprised, "Manticore X-series?"

"Arabic lion-demon with poison spikes. No sense of humor. Also no relation to us. Well me anyway...I don't think. Edith, do you know any manticores?"

"Nasty creatures...always interrupting m'tea," came the response floating back.

"She's English?" Max spoke up.

"Very," I replied.

"To the south now. The busy buzzies want to play," Dru leapt across another alley and I could hear the whine of a spybot's ducted fans approaching. By now we were several blocks from the club and Dru pulled open a roof door and soon we were in the stairwell.

We stood there waiting as the drone sped by. Three of us controlling our breathing, Dru not breathing at all.

After twenty minutes Max reached to my neck and stared at the back of it. Then she did the same to Dru.

"No barcodes. How did you get them removed?"

I looked at Alec and her necks and saw the black lines, "We never had tattoos like that. I do have a rose on my ankle though."

"They came from no one mother and father but many. Now they look for more."

That sounded vaguely prophecy like. I really hoped it wasn't.
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