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Rain Dog

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Summary: The Post-Pulse World is a brutal place.

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Television > Dark AngelbatzulgerFR181816,36046718,8529 Jan 133 Jul 14No


The place had an Initiative vibe. The 'We know better than you do' sort of thinking. I groaned, governments and the supernatural never go together well.

After about twenty minutes by the clock on the wall I heard footsteps.

"Slayer, pretend t'be insensible! I've seen it's th'only way t'get free," Drusilla whispered to me. I closed my eyes and wondered what the heck was happening. After a minute I heard a door slide open all Star Trekkie sounding, and two people enter one came over and poked me a little then the pair left.

After their footsteps faded I opened one eye to see Drusilla smiling at me.

"What's going on? Why are you here? For that matter why am I here?"

"She has so many questions and they're all fine and shiny like silver plate..."

"Wonderful," I thought, "Drusilla is in full wack-a-doo mode."

"Calm yourself Slayer. I'm right as a delicate spring rain. I made a deal to get me soul back. Daddy's playtime makes thinking difficult still, but I'm getting oh so much better."

"You have your soul?"

"I may be thought mad, but do I ever fib?" she gave me an aggrieved look.

"No?" I really wasn't sure how to respond, especially with the two of us strapped down to tables.

"What happened Drusilla?" I asked again, "Where are we?"

"Someone made a naughty wish..."

"To a Vengeance Demon?"

"Oh no, to a Djinn."

"Destruction of the Great Satan, they wished for. Of course the result was different from what they expected."

"Wishes usually are..." I had to agree.

"Anyway I saw th'wish in the stars and knew trouble was t'follow."

"What are you talking about?" I was getting a mondo headache.

"When th' wish came due, all holes were corked. No hole no power."

"Holes? Like portals?" Dru nodded. "And Hellmouths?" She nodded again. "So anything that needed Hellmouths or portals was cut off?"

"Th'well is dry. At least in th'colonies."

"So that's what happened in Cleveland," I said to myself, "Where are we now?"

"Switzerland I think. I'm really not sure t'be quite honest. My William usually kept track of things you know. Anyway they wheeled me in after catching me somewhere. Th'silly gooses thought I was still alive; Although I may have persuaded them that I was a teensy tiny bit..."

"I bet. When did I get here?"

"A week ago. You were all scorched round th'edges like an overbaked pie. They were awfully surprised when you started getting better so fast.

"Anyway, we should be going quick like now. The moon tells me we're both off t'the knacker yard t'see what makes us tick."

I tested my bonds and saw that the rings they were fastened to were not as strong as the straps themselves. Typical.

"Are you ready?" I asked. Drusilla nodded and smiled.

I tensed my muscles and with a series of pops ripped the tie-down rings free. In a second I had unstrapped my feet and legs and was about to leave.

"Good luck Slayer!" Drusilla called out from behind me. I froze. She had killed Kendra, but just leaving her to a group anything like the Initiative didn't feel right.

I turned and freed her. She looked surprised.

"I know, I'm taking your soul on trust. Don't make me stake you."

She gave me a hug and soon the two of us wearing paper hospital gowns were slipping out the lab door into the hallway beyond.
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