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Rain Dog

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Summary: The Post-Pulse World is a brutal place.

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Television > Dark AngelbatzulgerFR181816,36046718,8529 Jan 133 Jul 14No


The two strays we found were looking at Dru like she was from Mars...In other words a perfectly normal reaction. I smiled, "My name's Anne Rosenberg, this is my girlfriend Edith Pratt. Now why did SPD send a ton of their finest, and I use that word very loosely, to catch you ?" I stared at Alec.

"I was mistaken for somebody else?" he actually managed to sound sincere, but I could see by Dru's expression that he was lying through his teeth.

"Ennn!" I made a buzzer noise, "Wrong answer! Would you like to come up with another before you miss a chance at the bonus round...and various internal organs and the ability to breath without pain?" I let a little Slayer seep out through my eyes. He didn't even look slightly intimidated. Whoever this guy was, he had seen some of the very bad.

Max, the girl, spoke up, "Easy Alec. I don't think these two are the enemy. They don't move like us either."

"You are human...mostly...." Dru murmured.

"Of course we're human!" Alec replied, "Just like you!"

I couldn't help myself, I started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Max asked

"There is nobody on the planet just like Edith...Even the weirdness that is my life isn't that twisted. Sweetheart, you are a very special and singular being." Dru smiled and kissed me on the forehead. I noticed Max sniffing at the air slightly, like Oz used to do.

"There's a dead body near here."

I tried to look appropriately surprised, "Really? How do you know?"

Alec sniffed the air carefully, "She's right, really faint smell though."

"Well," I replied, "We'd better get clear of a body drop site."

The pair nodded and headed down the stairs into the building. I delayed until I was next to Dru, better not chance their hearing was as good as their noses. "I think you smell fine."

She simpered slightly and we headed down as well. When we were at ground level we stayed low behind the boarded up windows. Police armored cars were on the street outside.

Max looked over at me, "Who are you? A different series of transgenic?"

"I'm not a trans-whatever. I'm a retired...soldier. Edith is...was one of my opponents a long time ago. After the Pulse we made our peace while we were...avoiding certain organizations. After a while we realized we were the only ones that understood each other and we finally hooked up."

Alec looked over at Dru, "You were a soldier too?"

"Oh no...I was a mass murderer. I've gotten oh so much better though, haven't I?" she looked over at me.

I rolled my eyes, "Of course you have, you haven't killed anybody in at least ten years that I know of."

"Mass murderer?" Max's eyes looked slightly glazed and I could tell she was tensing.

"The mass part stopped long before you or I were born," I said hurriedly.

Alec looked curiously at Dru and me, "You look about the same age though."

I fumed at my slip-up, but Dru looked at him carefully, "We both have aged awfully well."

"Were you a member of an army?" Max asked me.

"Kinda? I mean it wasn't like the uniforms and parade kind though."

"Anne was very brave, saved th'world...a lot," Dru saw the look on my face and hugged me, "Oh I'm so sorry m'dear. I was foolish again."

"It's okay," I patted her on the shoulder, "I lost my whole family during the Pulse. The one time I failed to 'save the world' as Edith puts it," I looked at Max.

"We lost a lot of our family too," she glanced at Alec.

"Are you two siblings?"

"Not exactly..."

"They were made at th'same table though," Dru cut in.

"What!?!"both Alec and Max were now spoiling for a fight, "WHo are you?"

"She's a psychic and a seer...among other things."

"A mutation?" Alec pressed.

"Maybe? Neither of us are of the sciencey mindset. A...very very preyed on her when she was much younger and scattered her thoughts before dragging her into a very bad lifestyle. Edith has finally been able to collect herself...mostly. The psychic bits have been a distraction on that collect-y thing."

"Psychics?" Alec looked over at Max, "Seriously?"

"Well we know the Conclave was into that kind of research..."

I cut in, "Did you say the Conclave?"
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