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Rain Dog

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Summary: The Post-Pulse World is a brutal place.

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"Yeah," Max repeated, "The Conclave."

I shuddered, "They grabbed Edith and I about ten or so years ago. That's where we hooked up actually. In their undermountain lair in Switzerland."

Dru cut in, "They were so awfully rude. Wanted t'cut into us t'see our levers and springs. We didn't want that so we up and left."

"That's pretty much what happened. I was ground zero in Cleveland when the Pulse hit. Apparently I was the only person who lived. The Conclave were the ones that found me about ten miles from where I remember being last. I was unconscious for almost a month. When I woke up I was surprised to see Edith as a co-lab rat. She filled me in and we made a break for it," I grinned, "Kind of damaged their base in the process of leaving."

"They shouldn't have played so terribly rough..." Dru added, shaking her head sorrowfully.

"So do you know what the Conclave is up to?" Max asked, "I mean what's their finish line?"

"World domination, duh. They're gearing up for some kind of apocalyptic event. I've dealt with ultra long-term plannage before and these guys had all the steps down cold. They're going to ride out the whatever it is, and take-over the wreckage. At least that's the general idea they have. Thing about apocalypses, they always wind up messier than expected and there are a lot of forces that like the world and want it to survive..."

"Are you one of those forces?" Max was looking at me oddly.

"I might have been once. Now...I don't think so. Is the Conclave operating around Seattle?"

"You could say that," Alec answered dryly.

"Then whoever they need is here," Dru whispered.

"Whoever?" I glanced over at her. Her eyes were turned up towards the night sky.

"They need old knowledge written in skin t'be destroyed."

I caught the subtle glance Alec and Max shared.

"Anything else Edith?" I asked.

"The ravens are approaching."

"Ravens?" Alec looked confused.

"Scavengers," I answered, "Feasters on the slain. We'd better get out of here soonest."

The back of the building abutted a small parking garage, and after breaking down a fire door we were outside, away from the patrols.

"So you two, you're in a war right?" I looked at the pair. It seemed so familiar in some ways.

"Since we were born," Max answered quietly.

"This war is going to spread across the city. When it does, we'll be there."

"Why?" Alec asked.

I smiled, "It's what I do..." Then Dru and I were off into the night and heading home.

I secured my bike in the garage. We had recovered it by the simple expedient of running past it at close to full speed and simply picking it up. By the time the SPD units guarding the club had realized we were there, we were already gone.

Then it was up the stairs to our home. I yawned and stretched before heading for the shower stripping off my clothes as I walked. The hot water beat down on me and I could feel some of the stiffness and tension leaving. Then the curtain slid back and I could feel Dru climbing into the tub behind me. She started by washing my back, with her feathery light touch. I sighed with pleasure causing her to giggle.

"Th'big bad Slayer has a weakness?"

"Only for you sweetheart...Your turn," We switched positions and I scubbed her back feeling her supernaturally soft skin and the rippling muscle underneath. Then I washed her long dark hair, enjoying the sensation of its weight and luster on my fingers. I massaged the shampoo into her scalp working it in around the roots, stroking the back of her neck, and rubbing up against her cool back. After I rinsed her hair, she turns again and began soaping my front.

She knows just where to touch me. I feel my pulse racing and knew her sensitive ears could easily hear the thudding of my heart. She wraps her arms around me and kissesme long and deep. I feel myself drifting away in her embrace. Her fingers roaming across my back; touching and teasing. dipping below my waist and cupping me, lifting me effortlessly. I wrap my legs around her hips and kiss her back hard. She giggles again and we dis-entwine.

Still in the hot spray of water I kneel in front of her and begin to explore with my mouth. Her temperature has risen from exposure to the shower, but she is still cooler than I. I can feel the quivering in her legs as I explore deeper. She strokes my head and sighs happily as I continue. Then I reach her, and have to provide support as she spasms then almost collapses. Her face is glowing with pleasure and I feel smug. I did that.

When she steadies, she shuts off the shower and helps me to my feet. We take turns drying each other off. Kisses get traded between those turns to keep our feelings hot.

Finally we end up on our big bed. I stretch out as she begins massaging my feet and legs and slowly...almost painfully slowly begins to work her way up my body. By the time she arrives at the destination I am quivering in anticipation.

With her fingers, lips, and tongue she teases me; makes promises and delays the reward. She keeps this up for at least forever before finally plunging in and bringing me to a satisfying finish.

We lay cuddling, a strange pair if ever there was.

Dru looks into my eyes, "Luv, we're getting back in th'game aren't we?"

I nod, "It's an apocalypse. I kind of have to get involved. It's like a stupid rule or something."

"I'll help."

I look at her smiling face and shrug, "As if I could stop you sweetheart."

Dru smiles again and kisses me.

"I loves you for your brains too. Good night."

"Good night."
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