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Rain Dog

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Summary: The Post-Pulse World is a brutal place.

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It was a Seattle afternoon, in a damp dreary May, as I walked home from the store after leaving work. A glance at my reflection in one of the constant security mirrors showed me with soggy brown strands of hair sticking out from under my watchcap. My trusty and battered trenchcoat was glistening with the constant mist, and I think one of my boots had sprung a leak. Joy.

I got to our apartment and slipped into the alley. After a quick check to make sure I wasn't being watched, I bent and slid aside the multi-hundred pound concrete highway divider that had just 'happened' to be blocking a steel fire door. Once I was inside with my purchases, I simply slid it back into place with the chain fixed to one end. Simple and effective.

I went up the stairs of the old office building. Wrecked furniture, strategically broken doors, and judiciously collapsed ceilings kept access restricted to our apartment. The rest of the building had the typical squatters, but we took great pains to not be noticed in comings and goings. Our apartment was in the center of the former offices of some law firm. We were well away from the windows so nobody could see our lights at night. The two of us valued our privacy.

"You're back?" her voice floated from the living room.

"Yeah sweetie."

"Can we go dancing tonight? I feel in the mood t'move and sway."

I smiled, "Of course we can. Where do you want to go?" I kept talking as I put the groceries away.

"Someplace new?" her eyes glittered.

"We've never been to Crash, and I've heard good things about it..." I pulled off my hat and coat and hung them up so they wouldn't drip on the rug. Then I headed into our living room to join her. She was lying on the sofa and had obviously been reading. 'The Road to Oz' lay on the floor, next to her tea cup.

I lay down next to her and she snuggled in close. She smiled and kissed my forehead, then the tip of my nose, then carefully began darting her tongue over my lips. I opened my mouth and caught her tongue with mine. She giggled and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me close, her body feeling lithe and wanting. I felt myself getting warmer and pretty wanting myself and slowly worked my hands around her waist until I was gently holding her. She pulled her head back and smiled at me then carefully maneuvered her leg between mine. The contact on the inside of my thighs gave me an electric thrill and I sighed.

"Maybe we should move this to the bed?" I asked.

She giggled again and her eyes gleamed, "That sounds like a perfectly wonderful idea."

I rolled to my feet and carefully scooped her up, kicking off my boots as I carried her to the canopied king size we had salvaged from a defunct department store. Laying her down, I peeled off my turtleneck, jeans, and socks and quickly slid under the covers wearing only my bra and panties. She slipped off her blouse and slacks and wearing much the same joined me.

She began as usual by kissing me long and hard, before rolling me onto my chest and straddling me began to give me a deep massage. I could feel the sadness and tension drip away as her strong fingers pushed and prodded my aching muscles. Even with my strength and endurance, lifting and hauling scrap metal takes its toll.

I sighed again and smiled as I felt her, now feather-light, touch unsnap my bra and gently guide it away from me. Her hands worked on the sides of my chest until they began to gently cup and squeeze my breasts and tweak my nipples. I giggled and she lay down on top of my back, holding me close. Her cool skin warring with my hot.

"I love you Dru," I whispered.

"I love you too Buffy."


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