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What's My Die Hard

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Summary: Detective John McClane, late of the NYPD, takes a job with the Sunnydale PD and is assigned to investigate a shooting incident at the Sunnydale High School careers day fair.

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Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Disclaimer: The Die Hard franchise is the property of 20th Century Fox and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. I own nothing. Literally. Nothing.

Beta by Oxnate. Any remaining errors are mine. Mine! All mine I tell you! Thanks to Oxnate for his work putting polish on the story and to Locard and ScorpioP for recommending the story :).

---- What's My Die Hard ----

Buffy and the girl McClane mentally tagged as 'Miss Procedure' rushed to the man who had been bound to the woman at the front of the church. 'Angel', if that really was his name, had slumped to the floor and seemed afflicted with an exhaustion that even the pain of having his hand impaled on a knife failed to penetrate. Each girl got herself under one of his arms and began helping him out of the church.

Detective McClane turned to Rupert Giles. "Mr. Giles?"

"Yes, Detective McClane?"

"I appreciate your assistance with, well, whatever that was, but more police and investigators are on their way. You probably don't want to be here when they arrive."

"Of course, Detective. What will you...?"

"I'll think of something. I'm starting to get the feeling that even half assed excuses aren't going to attract a lot of searching questions in this demented burg. I'll be contacting you soon. I'm going to want an actual explanation, not the bullshit I'm going to spin to explain this mess."

Buffy gave him an off center smile as she and Miss Procedure went by, "Detective McCLang, you're not nearly as sneaky as you think you are."

Miss Procedure scowled at her "I still do not understand why you wanted him here."

Buffy shrugged, an interesting trick with a fairly large man weighing her down, "If he's going to be all investigatey, eventually he's going to figure Sunnydale out. If he figures it out while we're there, he might survive long enough to learn what's the what on the hellmouth."

John silently added 'The Hellmouth' to the list of things he wanted
explanations for while Mr. Giles and Willow Rosenberg followed Buffy out of the church. Willow gave McClane a wave and an uncertain sort of shrug as Buffy opened the doors at the rear of the church, revealing Alexander Harris and Cordelia Chase who looked simultaneously triumphant and grossed out. Seeing the squashed maggots trapped in glue, he really couldn't blame them.

Determining that the woman he had shot was dead, John got his mobile phone out of his pocket and called dispatch. He advised the dispatcher he had found a woman he believed was the one who had impersonated a police officer and opened fire on students at Sunnydale High School, that he had been forced to shoot and kill her and that the scene was currently secure. He was advised that backup would be on site shortly.

By now, there had been a change of shift, so John didn't recognize the officers who arrived. The first to enter, a sergeant who had to be getting close to retirement, immediately noticed the piles of filthy dust where Muscle 1 and Muscle 2 had died and his eyebrows shot up and eyed McClane respectfully.

"Looks like you've had quite the night, Detective." The sergeant said. "Sergeant Horn. We're secure here?"

"Should be. Two subjects fled, they might come back, so I wouldn't get too relaxed until there are more of us here." John replied.

Sergeant Horn nodded and directed his partner, who had followed him in, to establish the beginnings of a perimeter at the front door. Once the other officer was gone, Sergeant Horn lowered his voice; "Should I take it you encountered Miss Summers and her friends?"

Apparently Horn found it unlikely that McClane had dealt with four, um, subjects, alone. John found it equally unlikely, even if he refused to think the word aloud.

"I interviewed Miss Summers earlier today, from what she and her friends had to say, this was where I would most likely find the perp." John replied, deliberately misconstruing what the Sergeant had said.

Sergeant Horn gave John an uneven grin. "So long as you don't go out actually looking for 'gangsters on PCP', you should do just fine, Detective." he said with obvious approval and equally obvious scare quotes around the term 'gangsters on PCP'. He leaned in and lowered his voice still further. "I did not say the following; Miss Summers does good work here but there are elements within the administration of Sunnydale who regard her less than favorably. Tread carefully, Detective."

John nodded his thanks for the advice and for helpfully slipping in the correct euphemism. By now more officers were arriving and Horn's partner was directing them as they arrived in guarding the various entrances to the church and taping off the area.

"Thanks, Sergeant" John replied "I need to get back to the station and start the paperwork on this. You know what they say," He said with a grin, "better out than in."

"I hear that." Sergeant Horn replied.

John made his way out of the church and commandeered an arriving patrol car to deliver him back to Sunnydale High School where his car was parked. The notion of wandering around alone really didn't appeal.
'And isn't it a hell of a note when a cop needs a goddamn buddy to go all of four whole blocks' he thought as the patrol car carried him off.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "What's My Die Hard" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Feb 13.

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