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The Girl Who Didn't Know...

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Summary: What little Korean Dawn *does* understand is still going over her head.

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Television > Other-Drama ShowsVashtiFR1313160173713 Jan 1313 Jan 13Yes
Title: The Girl Who Didn't Know All The Meanings for "Oppa"
Fandom: BtVS, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry
Characters: Dawn, Ha Min Jae, Choi Sang Mi
Rating: PG
Summary: What little Korean Dawn does understand is still going over her head.
Length: 200 words
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the words, and that's probably up for philosophical debate.
Notes: Originally written for the 2012 Mod Birthday event at tthdrabbles, Challenge #117: lost in translation.This is total fanservice to my fellow k-drama addicts (assuming any ever find themselves on tth). Korean translations at the end.


"Kamsahamnida." Dawn smiled and bowed to Min-jae’s mom, though Dawn’d only understood a quarter of what she’d said. It had seemed good, but Dawn wasn’t sure. Then Choi Sang-mi left her son's recording studio and Dawn could turn blank eyes on her friend. "What was that?"

Ducking his head, Min-jae smiled, revealing those super-cute dimples. "Um..." His English wasn’t great, but Dawn’s Korean was worse, so it was worth it to let him get his words together. "You call me oppa."

"Um, yeah! You’ve been like my big brother since I got here." She bumped his arm with hers.

"Oppa is more than brother?" When he didn’t add anything she made a go on sign. "It also is... You know jagiya?"


He nodded.

Her eyes widened. "Like boyfriend?"

Min-jae blushed.

"Is that why your fans give me dirty looks? But oppa means big brother!"



Min-jae nodded. "Mmm." He took her hand, caressed her knuckles with his thumb, and looked deep into her eyes. "Skinship."

"Oh." She blinked hard. "And your mom... approves? Of us?"

"My jagiya? Omma disapproves. She was older."

"By a lot?"

He nodded. "Ten years."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Please, my sister’s dated way older than that."


kamsahamnida - thank you
oppa - a girl/woman's older brother; a girl/woman's boyfriend (vernacular)
jagiya - sweetie, honey, baby, etc.
omma - mom
skinship - the amount of physical closeness, or lack thereof, between a couple. Explained better at dramabeans.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Girl Who Didn't Know...". This story is complete.

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