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The Worlds She Never Walked 2

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Fan Art

Summary: Random banners, weird crossovers, sometimes with plot bunnies that any author can pick up. Enjoy!

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredcloudleonsgurlFR18367,532915926,50814 Jan 1322 Sep 14Yes

Bleeding Effect

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is for amusement only. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reviews, Jediknight, OneShotYaoiShipper, christytrekkie, souldriven, Razordreams, and DarthTenebrus! And souldriven thank you for the review and the recommend! Also thanks to those who are tracking this story!



When Faith falls into a coma, the Council takes her out, getting rid of the liability and to get them a new slayer.

Little did they know the dominos that would fall when the new Slayer happens to be an assassins they've kept prisoner. Awaken from her coma, the New Slayer takes the knowledge from her ancestors and the slayer's before her and will destory the Council aka the Templars.

Will she suceed? Or will the Bleeding Effect kill her?

RRs are appreciated.
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