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The Worlds She Never Walked 2

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Fan Art

Summary: Random banners, weird crossovers, sometimes with plot bunnies that any author can pick up. Enjoy!

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredcloudleonsgurlFR18367,532915926,51014 Jan 1322 Sep 14Yes

Making a Home Out of a Mountain

Disclaimer: I own nothing! NOTHING I TELL YOU!

Thanks for all the reviews, recs, and tracks. I really appreciate. You guys and gals support keeps me going. You all that have requests, I am working on it, I know I seem to say that all the time, but I swear I am. Anyways, onto the chapter, anyone who loves Lotr and the Hobbit will loves these banners.

1. I really don’t have a plot for this. I just saw the promos for the Hobbit and noticed they all connected, so I pieced them together and threw Buffy in. Hope you enjoy!

 photo hobbitbuffy_zpscaacba07.png

2. Ready for one heck of a plot? Ready?

 photo daughterunderthemountain_zpsb8f52f6c.png
The monks didn’t make Dawn…they found her and gave her to Buffy…

The day Smaug took Erebor was one that no one was likely to forget, and set in motion events that no one could have foreseen. When Smaug’s flames tear through the treasury killing several dwarves, it hits the famed Arkenstone igniting a power deep within the stone…the Power of the Key. And power cannot die, it must be passed on. The Power of the Key chooses “Dawn”, daughter of Thorin whisking her away into the Buffyverse. Thorin has believed that he lost his daughter that day along with his grandfather, seeing her being consumed with flames.

But that is far from the truth. The Daughter Under the Moutain believes she is Dawn Summers thanks to some mystical monks. Years later, after the Battle with the First, the Scoobies struggle to move on after the deaths of Giles and Anya. In a moment of grief, Dawn Summers makes a wish that all her family could be together and it gets granted.

Now, the Scoobies are scattered throughout Middle Earth in different times and places.
Xander, son of Elrond and twin of Arwen, has to be with the only elf that can grow a beard and two dwarven princes who think he’s irresistible…and he’s not as immune to their charms as he had hoped. Willow has to deal with being an outcast in the Shire, and getting used to hairy feet, but who is the hobbit at Bag’s End who always run away flustered when she passes by? And why does her stomach flip flop each time? Faith finds out that she likes dwarves, particular the one with the bald head and big axe, now she just needs to show him that she can be just as tough and rough as any dwarf woman can be. Buffy and Dawn must fight their way fear from a monster called the Necromancers, and find a Grey Wizard called Gandalf…who reminds them of a certain Bristish Watcher…but surely, it just couldn’t be, could it?

Despite all the years, and time, and trials that separate them, all the Scoobies are brought together by one thing…an Unexpected Journey.

Now how will Thorin deal with his daughter being alive, as well as the feisty golden haired beauty claiming to be her mother? And will he go insane when his daughter falls head over heels for a certain Prince of Mirkwood? Watch as the Scoobies change the fate of Middle Earth!

Pairings: Thorin/Buffy, Dawn/Legolas, Faith/Dwalin, Kili/Xander/Fili, Willow/Bilbo

(All I ask if someone picks this up, no magic fix for the ring. I don’t like it when someone does that because the ring is really Frodo’s story, not so much Bilbo if you get my drift.)

RRS are appreciated. Thank yall!
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