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Summary: Sequel to Getting advice. After defeating the siphon demon, Buffy tries to reforge her bond with Dawn, Xander and Faith. It doesn't work out as Buffy expected.

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Miscellaneous > Myths & LegendsDmitriFR1321,809021,99715 Jan 1331 Jan 13Yes

Part Two

Disclaimer: see previous chapter.

Note: the story has spoilers for the official series.

Earlier tonight...

The Pegasus was huge, much bigger than an average horse, even if you discounted the wings. It stood on a cloud (in the form of a cliff) and just, well, stood there, looming, but not alarmingly and just looking down at the slayer and the gorgon.

“You’re babbling, that’s good, right?” Sophie (the gorgon) asked Kennedy Vasquez (the Vampire Slayer).

“It’s... something.” Even though they were down on the ground (well, on top of a tall building, actually), and the Pegasus was much higher in the sky, Kennedy shivered.

The Pegasus was majestic, as white as any swan, with opal-colored hooves and eyes as blue as the sky – and just as cool, so Kennedy (even though it was still sunset, not night, and the sky was purple, rather than black, shivered, and not from the wind. “Pegasi cannot petrify with a glance, can they?”

“It’s tricky,” Sophie confessed after a too-long pause for Kennedy's comfort. “The first pegasi – and the people of the Gold Bow, I suppose, though I never met anyone of them – rose from the blood of Medusa, so at least some of them have eyes that supposed to turn petrified back into flesh, but some of my older relatives can do that with a kiss, so who knows?”

“...Sophie, what does your relative do here?” Kennedy said after a pause, belatedly realizing that even a Vampire Slayer could not resist being turned to stone from a gorgon or any other creature. “It isn’t looking for you, is it?”

“No, of course. They and my people – we don’t have much in common, other than the ability to travel to places such as this, now that your friend Buffy has smashed the Seed-“

The Pegasus neighed and stumped its hooves. The clouds burst into rain, and also silver lightning, smashing into the rooftops and the streets. The purple of the sunset was fading fast, replaced by the blackness of the night and the storm and to Kennedy’s eyes, perhaps wrongly, the winged horse seemed to grow, its hooves becoming stars and its mane – the Milky Way.

“Sophie,” Kennedy turned to her date, belatedly realizing that the gorgon has covered her with one wing to keep Kennedy warm or at least dry. “I can honestly say that I am overwhelmed. Can you please bring me down, and thank you for the date. It was wonderful, I am just overwhelmed.”

“You hated it,” Sophie said very sadly.

“No,” Kennedy said quickly, “I don’t. I... I, maybe, will go on another date with you...promise.”

“Really?” Sophie cheered up somewhat. “Okay then! Let’s go!”

And they flew to rejoin Faith, Buffy and company.


The End

You have reached the end of "Bonding". This story is complete.

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