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Clean Slate

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Summary: "They were all reborn – able to have a new life. Fresh from the old horrors of War, able to live and grow with those that could best love, understand, and encourage them."

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chapter two: fresh and new

chapter two: fresh and new

They showed up one day, five years old – so new and bright. Memories old and faded in their own brains and a sudden maelstrom of images and experiences of their past life “gifted” to their new specially selected parent.

Cedric, brave and strong, leader of his class and first casualty of the War went to Buffy. Sirius, disowned by his family and imprisoned, mischievous and unfailing loyal to his friends went to Xander. Severus, reviled by so many, swamped by darkness but fought for the light for so long went to Willow. Dumbledore, head of both school and the Order of the Pheniox (as well as holding many other titles), ruthless in his cause went to Giles. Fred, determined and funny, one of a pair all his life, separated from his twin in Death, went to Dawn. Tonks, fiercely her own individual even as she changed, bright, clumsy and fought with all she had, went to Faith. Colin, pushed aside in annoyance so often for tagging along behind the person he idolized but in the end died battling valiantly for what he believed in, went to Andrew.

They were all reborn – able to have a new life. Fresh from the old horrors of War, able to live and grow with those that could best love, understand, and encourage them.

There was no way this wasn’t the Powers manipulating the situation (sudden memories and kids popping up didn’t just spontaneously happen) – but maybe, just this once it was for the good. It didn’t matter really because one look in their eyes and they didn’t care if they used to be dead (so had quite a few of the Council members) – now they were their children.

And Scoobies were family forever.


There was still an off feeling, something not quite whole to their group though – just a general uneasiness that was passed off as everyone getting used to each other. (There is plenty to freak out about after all – and each of the adults are all trying to take turns and do it as quietly as possible away from the children.)

That weird thing they were all pretending they weren’t feeling though ends with a knock.

Because Oz shows up at their door the three days later, a sandy haired little boy with golden eyes resting comfortably on his hip.

And Faith just can't help but let the grin pull across her face, doesn’t try to, especially when little Dora runs up. Automatically she scoops her up in her arms mimicking the other man's pose.

"We didn't think we had the full set," she finally says. "Just didn't feel right, ya know?"

Oz just nods amicably. "They played it a bit on the nose with me. Got myself a Jord Mach 2."

"Werewolf kid?" she rolls her eyes dramatically.

"Werewolf kid," he agrees blandly.

Remus (and she already knows from dreamt memories that it is Remus) is looking nervous as they continue to talk so blasé-ly about his condition. Oz responds to his stress, running a hand gently across the child's back.

Faith just grins at him, "Don't worry kid, you're at the Council. Weird shits five by five here."

She hears her little girl giggle. "What?" she asks in a playfully menacing tone, turning her head and mock glaring.

"Buffy's gonna make you put a dollar in the swear jar again," Dora whispers.

"Aw, shit," Faith says rolling her eyes. She would be more annoyed by all of this but something in her has warmed at this domesticating they have forcefully gone under as a group. She thinks it’s something about that point in particular really – that it’s not just her – it’s all of them. She’s part of a really weird family somehow and they all have these little people to take care of now. And that would be terrifying too except they’re Scoobies and together they can do anything.

"Two dollars," the girl said much louder, bouncing gleefully her hair lighting up bright pink in joy.

"Woah," she hears Remus say from the doorway and Faith's eyes go wide too but then she just nods appreciatively before turning and making her way back inside. She’s a Slayer (not to mention her) and the idea of children – someone that is hers, someone she is supposed to care for, that is her responsibility - has always been ludicrous but this one is more than alright. "Totally punk rock kid. It's going to save you loads latter down the line."

Oz snorted and as he crossed the threshold with the small body in his arms he had the feeling wash over him that had always eluded him since he left Sunnydale.

Home. He was home.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Clean Slate" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Jan 13.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking