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Journey of Faith

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Summary: Following a wish from Alan Finch's vengeful widow, Faith Lehane finds herself deep beyond enemy lines of a war for Humanity's survival. Faith/Barolay

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Television > Battlestar Galactica > Faith-CenteredBloodCloverFR15740,1170153,28617 Jan 1328 Jan 13No

Infection 2/2


Faith woke up to the sound of a shrill ringing coming from the phone by her desk, and a glance to her left lets her know that Barolay is already absent from their quarters, presumably having left for work herself. She quickly pulls the sheets off and rises out of the bed to stride over to the communication device, picking it up from the cradle and bringing it level with her face.

“Lehane.” She says into the reciever, figuring that it's the Admiral or someone in the CIC with an update or orders, so she's surprised when she hears Doc Cottle respond on the other end.

“I got some good news. How soon can you get down to the infirmary?” The ranking Medical officer inquires, his voice lighter than Faith's last couple interactions with him.

“Five, ten minutes, why?” the Marine Captain answers with her own question.

“It's a surprise.” Cottle says and Faith blinks a couple times as the call disconnects abruptly.

She quickly throws on her uniform and boots before departing from her rooms, making sure to close the door securely behind her.

The former pilot arrives at the infirmary roughly eight minutes later and looks around for the doc, eyes flickering amongst the patients as she walks through the medical bay.

“Lehane!” She turns as her name rings out to her left and spots Cottle standing by one of his laid up patients, and adjusts her direction to make her way over.

“What's the good word doc?” Nightshade asks as she comes to a stop a few feet away.

“I suppose today it would be prosthetic.” Cottle tells her with a chuckle and her eyes widen with a bit of hope shining through.

“I thought you couldn't find anything that would fit?” She questions, not wanting to be let down again.

“On Galactica, I couldn't.” Cottle replies, turning to grab a box off the table behind him. “I put the word out to the other medical officers in the fleet and Doc Travers on the Pyxis was able to dig this up out of their storage.”

Faith takes the box as Cottle holds it out, and using her stumped arm to cradle it against her chest, she uses her good hand to flip open the top. A bright smile comes over her face as she reaches in to pull out the realistically designed plastic hand within.

She lets the box drop to the floor as she slides her stumped wrist into the hollow part, and tightens the bit on the end so it won't come loose.

“How's the fit?” Cottle asks as she holds up the artificial limb now attached at her wrist to her face as she examines it closer.

“Bit loose, but it's better than nothing. Thanks a bunch doc.” Nightshade replies, turning her smile on the aging medic.

“Glad to help.” Cottle says, breaking out of his standstill to walk around Faith as one of the other medics calls out for him. “I gotta go take care of this, and I'm sure you have places to be.”

“I do.” Faith agrees, glancing down at her watch. “Meet me down at Joe's tonight and first rounds on me. Least I can do.”

Cottle turns to face her for a moment to nod a quick confirmation before continuing on to see what the other medic needed. She watches him go for a moment, then turns and heads back the way she'd come, her hands hanging at her sides as she moves and a smile on her face.


She'd been on her way towards her post on the launch deck when she passed by Helo and Gaeta, the former stopping to speak with her as Baltar's former chief-of-staff gives her a dark look as he continues on, picking up his pace to more or less stomp away. Both Faith and Karl watch him go before the XO turns a confused look on Faith, not having missed the other man's sudden change of expression.

“What was that about?” Helo asks, having not heard about the Circle.

“Long story.” Faith replies vaguely. “I don't want to talk about it.”

Helo looks like he wants to press the issue for a moment before he shakes his head slightly. “Fine. Just don't let whatever it is cause problems, we have more than enough as is.”

“Wasn't planning on making it any worse than it already is.” Faith replies, her voice tinged with the slightest bit of guilt as she turns to watch Gaeta depart, catching his back for a couple seconds before he disappeared around a corner. When he's gone, she turns back to face Helo again. “I don't suppose you've heard anything about what the Admiral plans to do with the cylon prisoners?”

She is taken slightly aback by the dark look that comes over Karl's face, and watches as he takes a look down both ends of the corridor before his eyes flicker back to meet hers.

“Lee came up with a plan, and the old man agreed. They're going to jump the ship into a Cylon supply line to draw the fleet and then execute the prisoners so they upload in the resurrection ship and infect the rest with the disease. If it works then there's a good chance the Cylons will be wiped out for good.”

“Well, I ain't gonna lose any sleep over it.” Nightshade replies with a shrug.

“Faith, that's genocide.” Helo seems a bit strained as he speaks, and she fixes him with an incredulous look.

“What the hell do you call the attack on the colonies?” She snaps, and then gives a quick look down both end of the hallway. She lowers her voice as she turns back to speak again. “Did you know that they burned the bodies in trenches, piled on top of eachother. I saw children in those trenches, dead kids who'd never lifted as much as a finger, let alone a gun at a cylon. And how many more on New Caprica?”

“Doesn't make it right.” Helo argues.

“This is war Karl, nothing is right. All that matters now is survival. Our survival.” Faith retorts, her voice angry. She pauses for a moment as she sees the confliction in her friend's eyes. “It's about Sharon, isn't it?”

She's not surprised at his nod, and can almost see the gears turning in his head.

“I need your help.” She shakes her head at his next words.

“No. Not this time Helo, I can't.” Nightshade refuses flat-out. “I won't stop you from doing whatever you feel that you have to do, and I'm not going to tell anyone but I don't want any part of it.”

“Faith.” She shakes her head at the pleading tone, and looks down at the floor for a moment.

“I'm sorry.” She makes eye contact for a moment, then turns and continues down the hall, leaving the XO to watch her go.


“All personnel report to action stations. Condition one.” echoed through the launch deck, Gaeta's voice sounded through the intercom system that was wired throughout the battlestar.

“Alright, let's get these birds in the tubes!” Faith looks up from where she'd been sitting on the wing of a Raptor with Anna, Seelix and Cally as the women enjoyed lunch. She drops off the edge as Racetrack runs over to make her pre-flight prep and the other three follow Faith's lead.

“See you shortly.” Anna promised as she'd tossed the remnants of her meal into a metal barrel and took off at a run as she headed for her Viper on the other end of the launch bay.

Faith watches her go, and then gives a nod as Cally and Seelix hurry off as duty calls. She watches them go as well and then turns to make her way towards her quarters, having little to do as the op wouldn't require her.

She's halfway there when she feels the sudden lurch that comes with an FTL jump, and a look of confusion comes over her face as she braces herself against the wall.

“Shouldn't have been that fast.” She mutters as she rights herself and starts walking again, this time with a bit more speed.

She runs into Erin Mathias shortly there-after, as her fellow marine captain comes up the opposite hall, an angry look on her face.

“What happened?” the former pilot asks the irate older woman.

“Someone sabatoged us, sucked the oxygen out of the brig that we had the cylon prisoners in.” Mathias grits out, sounding as if she'd like to kill whoever'd done it. “We weren't in range of the resurrection ship when it happened. They didn't pass the virus.”

“Frak.” Faith curses, her own eyes narrowing in anger as she realizes who the sabatuer must have been. “Did they catch the person that did it?”

Mathias shakes her head in the negative. “If I do, they're gonna have a lot to answer for. We could have ended this.”

Faith nods as the other woman continues on down the hall, and then she finds herself staring at the wall of Remembrance for a moment before resuming her own trek.

“Gods damn it Helo.”


In the end she'd kept her suspicions to herself, knowing that Helo was far too valuable to the ship, and that there was a good chance that Adama wouldn't believe her if she said something. Even so, this was too much for her to deal with and she needed to speak with the man in question.

Which was how she'd ended up at the door that led into the quarters assigned to the Agathons, immediately bringing her fist up to bang on the metal barrier.

Her 'knocking' is answered a moment later as she hears the grinding of the deadbolt as it pulls free and the door opens inwardly, and she finds herself face to face with Sharon. A quick look past the woman reveals Karl standing in the middle of the room, and she wastes no time entering.

“We gotta talk.” She says demandingly as she steps past Athena, and Karl gives a reluctant nod. The look in his eyes tells her all she needs to know.

“Close the door Sharon.” he requests and his wife quickly reseals the door. The XO waits until it's secure before speaking. “Faith, look..”

“No.” She shakes her head, a bit defiantly. “I know why you did what you did, and I understand, but this is too much.”

“Are you going to tell Adama?” She turns as Sharon speaks up behind her, and her eyes linger on the cylon for a long moment before coming back to regard Helo, who's eyes hold the same question.

“No, I'm not. I gave Karl my word I wouldn't, even though I didn't know exactly what he was planning to do.” Nightshade finally says, her voice tense. “But this is the only time I'll cover for you, either of you. We were friends, Helo. But I can't trust you anymore.”

“Faith-” Helo starts, but she cuts him off.

“Not this time Karl.” Faith shakes her head as she turns away to go back to the door. She stops at the threshold and turns back to face him again. “You were lucky on Caprica, even on the run. You didn't have to watch friend after friend fall to their bullets, didn't have to make false promises day after day that you'd get everyone out of the occupation alive. You didn't see what they did to us on New Caprica. We had a chance to finish it, so that everyone left would be safe, wouldn't have to live in fear anymore, and you took that away. I can't forgive that, I'm sorry.”

She doesn't give Helo a chance to reply before pulling the door open and storming out, letting it hang open behind her as she strides away.


By the time she drops onto the barstool at Joe's, the need for a heavy drink is nearly consuming.

“Whiskey, straight up.” She orders gruffily, and the bartender gives a brief nod of his head before moving away to get her a glass of the requested liquor. A couple moments pass and then a glass full of the alcohol is set down in front of her, the clink of the glass on the wood counter seeming to echo as she reaches to take it in her good hand.

She takes a deep pull and winces as her throat burns, emptying about a third of the glass' contents before setting it back down and pulling out a cigarette. She lifts the cancerstick to her lips and lights it with the torch lighter she took out of the pocket of her pants.

“Given how you looked when you left the infirmary, gonna go out on a limb and guess it must have been a real bad day.” She looks up as Cottle drops onto the stool next to her and motions for the bartender.

“Yah got no idea doc.” the former pilot replies dryly, taking another drag off her cigarette. “Just had one of those life realizations.”

“Care to share the wisdom?” Cottle asks as the barkeep brings over a scotch.

“Don't put your faith in people, cause sooner or later they're gonna let you down.” Nightshade quips darkly and Cottle gives a curt nod in reply.

“Ah, one of those.” he says before taking a pull off his scotch. “Is it Jean?”

“No. It doesn't matter who, I just want to forget.” Faith replies, and downs another quarter of her remaining whiskey.

“We should all be so lucky.”

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