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It's all about the mind

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Summary: After the end of 5th year Albus sends Harry to the Watchers for training, he didn't know they had changed management. Harsh language and Violence.

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Don't own BtVS or Harry Potter.

Au alert; BtVS thru season seven. Diverges from cannon post Chosen. Harry Potter Au after OoP.

Dumbledore looked over the wreckage of his office and sighed at the damage. He knew that this was in some way his fault. Even if the greater good demanded it of him there were times when he shuddered at paying the price. He didn’t think of the price that others paid, just his own price. With a shake of his head he considered the young man who had just stormed out of his office. Without instruction he was headed down a dark path… that could not be allowed to happen. In order to prevent that he was going to have to do something that he swore years ago never to do. Then again the greater good demanded that he swallow his pride.

Harry needed to remain untrained magically to deal with the Horcrux in his head but… he also needed to be trained to restrain his anger. Only one muggle organization he knew of dealt with super powered teens on any regular basis. As distasteful as they were… they would achieve his goals. With another sigh he reached into his desk and pulled out the communications stone. It was time to beg the watchers for a favour, they would understand. After all they sacrificed a girl a year to keep the world turning.

Rupert Giles looked at the gaunt man in front of him and resisted the urge to frown. He and the other Scooby’s hadn’t thought about the cost that Xander had paid. They had been too involved in their own grief or in rebuilding the council to notice. Besides even with his grief the man was doing wonders in Africa. His slayers came to the school in better shape then anyone else’s, and regularly out performed every other slayer in the school.

Besides no other watcher had talked down a witch intent on ending the world, or tried to get through to a slayer who had fallen to the dark side. Damn, Andrew was infecting his thoughts. Besides if this… wizardlings… were as poncy as that absolute git Dumbledore then this child would need a hard teacher to show him the way. Xander knew more about human conflicts then any other member of the council. No one else regularly travelled through war zones in search of their slayers.

“So G-man, what’s the sitch?” Xander asked mildly.

“The council has been contacted by a group that we haven’t had contact with in years.” Giles said grateful that Xander seemed to have not lost himself completely. “At the moment they are involved in a war and they need someone to train their prophesied savoir.”

“And they thought of the watchers?” Xanders eyebrows rose and he spoke with a sardonic viciousness that hadn’t been present before. “Do they want him to die?”

“Yes, they do.” Giles said, letting ripper rise to the surface to show his annoyance. “He had a piece of their rebels soul stuck in his head. They have a soul death spell, one they were counting on him taking… had he won, well there are more then a few of them who could do it.”

“Lovely people…” Xander snarled. “So we’re to train up their sacrifice? They do realize we train to win right?”

“Ah, yes. Well…” Giles paused and collected his thoughts. “They are a type of magic user who we almost never have contact with. Even the demons avoid them… Internal not external magic, it makes things difficult. One of the results of their isolation is that they think that ‘muggles’ as they call us normal people are useless.”

“And you want me to disabuse them of that notion…” Xanders smile was positively feral as he said that.

“Quite,” Rippers smirk matched Xanders smile. “So what do you need?”

“A chaos spell, fixer, and two months in Africa… oh and money of course.” Xander said after a moment of thought. “Do the Halloween spell and impress on this putz we’re not helpless, fix the skills into place, and then use Africa to refine the results…”

“Oh dear,” Giles smirked out his reply. “I do believe I can approve of your plan.”

Harry Potter was still in shock. He had left Hogwarts a full two weeks before the end of term. Picked up by a bunch of people that Dumbledore claimed would help him. Of course they were all muggles, well except for that weird red headed witch. From there had been a whirl of activity. Physical training, mostly, along with some weapons training. He still didn’t understand how this was supposed to help him defeat Voldemort. He could hardly use acient muggle weapons to fight the dark lord.

They had also done something to him, or at least their witch had. She had spent more then a day working on him, getting something out of his head. He still had no clue what it was. He would have contacted Hermoine to ask about this but… Dumbledore had confiscated everything wizardling before sending him off to these people, including his owl. He had no way to get in touch with his friends. He needed his friends now, especially since he was fated to become a murder.

“So Kennedy, what do you think of the Savior of the Wizarding world?” Xander asked the younger slayer.

“Complete dumbass.” Kennedy spit as she replied in disgust. “He’s more like an automaton then anything else. Boy takes directions and does a crappy job, mopes, and whines like you wouldn’t believe. He hasn’t tried to contact his friends…”

“Damn… but they’ve done a number on him.” Xander said with a shake of his head. “He’s a sacrifice ken doll. He’s been raised to be one, worse then any of the council slayers.”

“Then you got a problem, cause I don’t think he’s gonna pull out of that mentality without years of training. Plus the dumbass thinks all of our ‘muggle ways’ wont help him when he gets back to his world.” Kennedy shook her head in despair. “Boys more fucked in the head then Buffy, and that’s saying something.”

“So, you’re the person they’ve chosen to turn me into a murderer,” Harry said bitterly as he surveyed the large man in front of him. Ordinarily he would have been more cautious, the man reeked of danger worse then Snape at his most vicious, but he was too emotionally exhausted to care.

“Soldier, not murderer,” the man replied calmly. “They chose me to teach you how to kill and keep it together. Not that that’s what dumbass thought he was getting when he sent you to us.”

“Hungh?” Harry asked confused.

“You have been fucked proper. Your headmaster wants to serve you up to the dork lord on a silver platter to protect the rest of the wizzing world. You’ve been trained almost since birth to die for them. Only he didn’t think. We protect the world boy, we don’t do that by dieing but by killing the other bastard first.” The man replied with a smirk.

“Don’t call me boy,” Harry snarled back. “How do you think these skills you’ll be teaching me will work in my world? It’s not like muggle methods will work.”

“Christ they have you brainwashed… then again that’s the first sign of a spine any of us have seen since you got here. Pity we also haven’t seen a sign of a brain.” The man said with more contempt then Snape. “Think about what you have seen!”

“You have one magic user,” Harry replied with a shrug. “How is that supposed to help me if you’re the one training me!”

“Think about that magic user…”

“She… didn’t use a wand…” Harry trailed off his brow furrowing as he tried to think.

“Correct, we use a whole different magic system from the one you use.” Xander replied. “Different constraints, different rules. The point is we do use magic, we just don’t think it’s a be all and end all answer. As a group of your type found out when they tried for one of our girls.”

Harry was suddenly frightened as he surveyed the smile on the mans face. It was like looking into face of a well-fed predator. The fact this man was dangerous, extremely so, finally penetrated his brain. He obviously knew something that Harry didn’t. Unconsciously Harry could feel himself backing down.

“What happened?”

“We caught them… killed ten of them… and have their leader in the basement.” The mans grin got even more feral if that was possible. “We’ll be returning him with a message for the dork loser, eventually. First he needs to lose those pesky limbs… after I’ve had my way with him for a few days.”

“You’re torturing him?” Harry almost screamed.

“Yep.” The man popped his P as he said that. “He’s an object lesson in crossing us. Just letting him go wouldn’t deliver the message we want sent. Delivering his torso and head with nothing else attached to pass on our message tells the dork not to fuck with us.”

“Are you insane! That’s dark! It won’t work!” Harry screamed.

“You need to understand something kid, the dork is a bully. First thing that anyone who doesn’t live with bullies learns is that if you hurt and or scare a bully they back down real quick. He thinks he’s immortal right?” the man said with an intensity that scared Harry back into his seat.


“Think about it, we’re breaking this fuck… destroying his will to live along with his body. Even if the dork doesn’t think we can kill him he has to think about the implication that we can do worse things then kill him, and we will if he fucks with us. We’re going to be painting a picture with him, a very clear picture, of a life of constant pain, unable to do anything for himself, forever.” The man leaned back in his chair. “As for dark? Fuck that shit. You people don’t know the real meaning of the word. You haven’t seen the shit we’ve seen. Is it evil? Possibly, by modern morality. Then again you lot embrace the good of the group over the good of the individual.”

“You said I’ve been trained as a sacrifice,” Harry shuddered as he backed away from the topic. “What do you mean?”

“Dumbass put you in an abusive environment, with another kid to continue the abuse while you were away from that shithole. He’s sent you back there every year without any form of counselling. He’s sequestered your parent’s will to keep you there. Thrown your godfather into prison by inaction to keep you there.” The man shrugged. “Basically he wants you beaten down and convinced that everyone but you deserves a life so when the time comes you’ll walk to your death willingly.”

“Why?” Harry said in shock.

“Cause you had a piece of the dorks soul stuck in your scar… not that it took Willow too long to get it out. He figured out the prophesy when he brought you out of the house your parents where murdered in. Since then he’s been working to fulfil it.”

“I… I don’t believe you!” Harry shouted.

“Fine don’t, if you don’t want to. You want proof? Go down to the library and ask the librarian for a recording of the latest council wizardly world communication.” The man shrugged as if he didn’t care what Harry thought. “Personally I think you dumbasses need either a revolution or a cull before you engage your brains. Slayers don’t react well to killing humans though. That and G-man keeps telling me that I can’t deal with this like I would in Africa.”

“So I’m going to spend the entire summer being fed lies and working out… how’s that supposed to help me?” Harry said bitterly.

“Never said that, we’re going to shove a whole shitload of skills into your head using our magic. Well, one of the types of magic we know.” The man replied with a grin.

“Skills?” Harry looked up hopefully. “Anything about magic?”

“One of the memories we’re giving you is of a fully trained wizard. That’s not the important one though.” The man shrugged. “That dumbass couldn’t think any better then the rest of you wizzings.”

Harry Potter, Saviour of the Wizzing World, surveyed Diagon Alley through the scope of his Dragonov sniper rifle. After having the memories of three people forcefully shoved into his head he had spent two months following Xander around Africa and integrating his skills. This summer had been an eye opening experience in more ways then one. Fighting demons and humans… killing… learning about the wider world. By the end of the summer he was a whole new person.

Mentally he shrugged as he thought about that. He could see now why the council had such contempt for the wizzing world, and truthfully for him as well. Looking back on his performance he had to agree with them. He had been a spineless wanker, easily lead around by the nose. Fortunately his time with Xander had changed that. Brutal and efficient the man undoubtedly was, but he was also the best trainer around. He had shown Harry a world and a way of life and then let him do what he wanted with it. No pressure to be anything, the only pressure had been for him to know his skills and to grow into his own person.

Given the way he had been Harry could see how Dumbass had plotted out the rest of the war. It would end the same way that the last war had ended, with nothing changing. In another twenty or thirty years there would be another dark lord, and he would have a cadre of followers waiting or him when he rose. At least he would if they followed dumbasses plan. Harry had other ideas.

Surveying the target through his sniper scope he grinned. It seemed that a couple of death eaters were meeting up before taking their children shopping. McNair, Malfoy, Nott, Crabb, and Goyle were standing around talking as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Despite the fact that Malfoy was supposed to be in prison. Well he would have to do something about that. Harry sighted his rifle and ran through the motions of shooting them all. Then he repeated it twenty more times, getting used to adjusting to their movements. Finally when he thought that he had it down he nodded to himself. He cantered himself, sighted in, and stroked the trigger. By the time Notts head exploded two more bullets were in the air. By the time any of the death eaters began to move the bullet with their name on it was already on the way.

Harry surveyed his handiwork with satisfaction. Five dead death eaters, not bad for twelve hours of work. Plus he had taken note of the tavern they had all come out of. He could bet that it was death eaters hang out, which in his new mind made it a valid target. So he carefully set down the sniper rifle and picked up the semi automatic grenade launcher. He would have liked to have more then twelve rounds for this, but there hadn’t been a way to hide reloads. So they would have to do. Taking aim he put a grenade through every window of the tavern, and then a pair through the door.

Xander had explained this tactic to him before, but he still shook his head every time he saw it. People would always leave cover if they thought it was compromised. Despite the fact it was better to hunker down, they would leave and give you a shot. That was exactly what happened. Twenty wizards poured out of the tavern, wands out and curses on their lips. Harry just shook his head and pumped his remaining grenades into the mass of wizards. It was pitiful, worse even then demons. The slaughter on the street was exactly what he had wanted. Harry looked over it with satisfaction as he broke down his weapons and put them back into his backpack. He frowned slightly when the expected auror force failed to pop up. Then he shrugged and headed over the roof and back to muggle London. If the aurors were more incompetent then he had thought that just meant he would have an easier time of it.

Nymphadora Tonks looked over the grim faces of everyone meeting in number twelve grimauld place and repressed a sigh. The much-vaunted order of the phoenix had turned out to be much less then she had thought it would be. Dumbledore and the rest of the order talked and talked but they never actually did anything. It was rather depressing. Still the slaughter she had seen today was at least worth talking about.

“… I still think this was a Watcher hit,” Kingsley said with a severe frown. “The He Who Must Not Be Named tried to hit them earlier this summer and they never made a response.”

“Oh yes they did,” Snape replied with a shudder. “They sent Yaxely back with a note, and nothing sticking out of his torso but his head…”

“The Watchers are muggles,” Dumbledore said repressively. “They couldn’t get into Diagon Alley or Knockturn alley. I admit this is the sort of thing they would use one of their retrieval teams to do, but they are still recovering from their war three years ago. Besides they train champions of light.”

“Champions of… Dumbledore, tell me yeah haddna dun wha I ken ya doon,” Minerva practically shrieked. Her Scottish accent getting heavier with every word.

“Who better to train the young potter boy? They know what they are doing. Have been doing it for thousands of years.” Dumbledore replied with a shrug. “It will be good for young Harry to learn that he is not alone in his fight against the dark. That muggles can do it will shame him into accepting his destiny.”

Silently Nymphadora decided to pay these watchers a visit. Madam Bones had tasked her with finding out about them after He Who Must Not Be Named had all but stopped his attacks on muggles. It seemed that organization had something to do with it, and Bones wanted to know how they had done it. Since then she had observed the historical society… and not seen anything to really be afraid of.

“You do realize the potter brat will be more insistent then ever on training and more privileges then ever do you not?” Snape sneered out. “Those… watchers… train their charges for years before they are sent into the fight.”

“Severus, that is no danger. They know nothing of magic, only demons. Young Harry would not connect the training he sees with them as something a civilized witch or wizard would do. He will see the work they put in so I dare say his school work will improve.” Dumbledore said with a glint in his eye that Tonks didn’t like. Nor did she like what she thought that she was hearing. Glancing at Kingsley she saw that he agreed with her.

“Enough,” Moody growled out. “So if it’s not the watchers who did this?”

“Look for a muggleborn, probably one who has lost someone recently.” Albus said with a slight shrug. “It is a pity they are too far gone into darkness but that can not be helped. We will assist the Aurors in catching this person, they cannot be allowed to roam free killing indiscriminately.”

That decided Tonks. She was headed to the Watchers building as soon as this meeting broke up and getting their read on this situation. There was no way she was following Dumbledore’s lead anymore. Whomever had done this should get a medal, not be hunted down like a dog. They had killed thirteen death eaters and over thirty sympathisers. That was something that had never been done before, and was well worth repeating.

Xander watched the witch dither on the doorstep with a slight grin. He could tell that she wanted to come in but was torn. So he left her to it and turned to Harry. The kid had turned into a decent fighter over the summer. It wasn’t a process he was eager to repeat but it had worked this time. On a healthy person the repeated use of the Halloween chaos spell would have ripped their mind apart. With Harry it had done the opposite. The skills and personality traits that had been downloaded had gone to support the mind, bracing the crumbling edifice so that it would have time to repair itself.

“So what do you think she wants?”

“Probably to check on me,” Harry said with a slight grin. “She’s a decent person… one of the few I’ve met in the pissers world. Not quite all there in the head, but that’s probably due to the magic.”

“Hot too,” Xander said with a grin.

“Sooo not going there, she’s a bit old for me. Though I guess she is a cousin of sorts… does this mean I get to give you the shovel speech?” Harry cocked his eyebrow with a grin.

“You know me…” Xander said with a hint of sadness. “She’s not a demon, wouldn’t be interested.”

Harry looked at his mentor sadly. He had learned the older mans damage over the course of the summer. The similarities in the way they grew up had given them something to bond over and they had developed a weird friendship. It was close enough for Harry to hear about Anya, when they both got rip roaring drunk in Lagos after a busted mission to the Ivory Coast. Xander had clearly not gotten over her yet, and losing his first girlfriend so soon after hadn’t done anything to help.

“You never know, perhaps our magic makes us a form of demon… it would make an odd sort of sense. Especially if the trait is recessive. Get enough people together and you have muggleborns. The demon DNA recombines and vola.”

“Nah, you don’t set off the old slaydar, no demon for you,” Xander replied with a goofy grin.

“Except Danas,” Harry reminded the older man.

“That had more to do with your y chromosome then anything else,” Xander said sadly. “She still has issues…”

“So you want to go run your charm routine or are we going to stand here looking like idiots?” Harry deflected the topic back to safe ground. Xander still had issues with the slayer activation spell. He was also Furious with Buffy for running off and not cleaning up her mess. The man had a responsible streak a mile wide hidden away beneath the hardness, goofiness, and pretend irresponsibility. There was a reason Harry had chosen to model his new personality after the older man. He still remembered what Xander had said to him a month in, once he had adjusted to his new skills and began to try and develop his new personality.

“Harry, everything you do will have consequences. There is no way to avoid that. All you can do is accept that as a part of life and when those consequences come back to bite you in the ass, man up and take responsibility for them. You know that I don’t tell my slayers Buffy stories, have you ever wondered why? After all she is the longest-lived slayer in history. Its because she still refuses to accept that there are consequences for her actions and to clean up after herself. Faith, despite her walk on the dark side is a much better role model. She took responsibility for what she has done and is trying to fix it, Buffy hasn’t and wont. It’s why I’m no longer friends with her.”

That was a powerful statement on what it meant to be a good person. Harry had taken it to heart and was busy trying to integrate it into his own world. Xanders views were not universally accepted in the council, hell it was in the minority, but as time went on Harry had learned to see what Xander was talking with and began to agree with him. Of course that still didn’t excuse Xander from beating Robin Wood with a shovel the last time they had seen each other.

“I’m not allowed out,” Xander said with a pout. “Everyone’s still upset about the shovel incident.”

“Boy toy, you beat the director of North American operations with a shovel and were dragging him off to bury him alive when we caught you,” Faith said as she came up behind the two men. “Of course your still on everyone’s shit list, no matter how deserved or funny it was.”

“What! I kept my word to him though… besides, did you see the look on Melissa’s dates face when I dragged Robin behind me and gave him the shovel talk? That was priceless!” Xander said proudly. All three of them cracked up at that. Since that incident every date in this slayer house had been very respectful. Somehow the story had gotten around the school where the slayers went.

“Yeah well, Beth just broke up with her boyfriend and I know you have a shovel in that coat of yours. G-mans a bit worried that you’re about to head over to the school…” Faith said with a cackle.

“But…” Xander gave them puppy dog eyes.

“No X, you cannot go stand by the gate with a shovel… even if it would be fucking hilarious.” Faith said firmly.

“It is amusing to see the boys flinch whenever X walks into a room,” Harry said with a grin. “Plus the one time he took the girls to the mall…”

Tonks looked around the small group of people she had called to her flat and took a deep calming breath. This was the first time she had organized something like this and she was about as nervous as it was possible to be. Still she thought that she had chosen a good crew. They were all younger, and less then enamoured with Dumbles. The older members of the order treated the Weasley twins like shit. Kingsley was disgusted by the lack of action, and Fleur by the bigotry.

“So…” Tanks started off and then paused before getting what she needed to say out in the open. “The headmaster is a jackass and shouldn’t be let within a hundred feet of command for a war. The ministry and the order are both fucking useless. The older generation is too enamoured of dumbasses reputation to move without his say so… so it’s up to us to figure out how to survive this war.”

“The four of us?” Kingsley asked calmly. Despite being the oldest here he was clearly the one most on edge.

“To start with…” Tonks replied. “Look, there’s a war going on and we aren’t doing shit about it. It’s why we all joined the order… but the order doesn’t do any more then the ministry does.”

“That is an…”

“Interesting point of view…”

“But we have to ask…”

“What brought this on…”

“You seemed content…”

“With what the order was doing…”

“Just a few weeks…”

“Ago.” The twins volleyed off.

“I had an interesting meeting the other day,” Tonks said with a smirk. “It seems dear old Albus is behind the times… The Council has changed in the past couple of years.”

“You met Potter,” Kingsley said flatly.


“How is he?” The twins chorused, their eyes hard.

“Different…” Tonks frowned as she admitted that. “I think they have been good for him, but he isn’t the scared little boy he has always been anymore.”

“What do you mean?” one of the twins asked with suspicion.

“The council… is complicated. When Albus talked them into training Harry he forgot or never knew that they have access to different forms of magic then the one we practise. They used a couple of spells on Harry to give him years of training in a couple of days and then spend the entire summer teaching him how to make that instant training his own. I don’t know the specifics,” Tonks held up a hand to forestall questions. “But that’s what Harry told me… He also told me that the attitudes of the wizardly world are detrimental to his continued health. He’s still developing his own attitudes but… he told me outright that as of now a dark mark is a death sentence waiting to be executed.”

“They taught him to be harder,” Kingsley said calmly. “How?”

“They introduced him to muggle military philosophers… and probably combat as well,” Tonks admitted.

“Is he still Harry?” Twin two asked.

“Yes. Just with an edge.”

“Good.” The twins looked at each other and nodded. “Then we follow him. He’s the only one who has given us a chance to succeed on our own merits. He also believed in our dream and gave us the opportunity to make it happen.”

“What else did you learn Tonks,” Kingsley said, clearly reserving judgement for the moment. “You were annoyed with Dumbledore before this meeting but now you’re outright pissed.”

“I learned his plan,” Tonks said grimly. “And how the dork lord survived.”

“How bad?” Kingsley settled back in his chair and gave the younger auror a measured look. Despite her reputation as a klutz Tonks was one of, if not the, sharpest recruit that the department had gotten in the last seven years. If she was this pissed then he was going to listen to her. After all she had proven herself to him.

“Harry dead and no reprisals against the dark families. Continuation of the status qou.” Tonks said flatly. “The dork would be dead but his followers would be in the clear to start again in another couple of years.”

“I’m in,” Kingsley’s eyes shone with rage. He still remembered his sister, tortured to death in the first war. If Dumbledore wanted to repeat the cycle then he wasn’t a leader worth following.

“So what do we do?” Asked twin one with a hard voice.

“We go to the watchers for training in muggle methods of dealing death and mayhem.” Tonks said flatly.

“So they did do the Knockturn alley hit,” Kingsley said with a smile that closely resembled a shark.

“Nope, that was Harry on his own,” Tonks said with shining eyes. “One man…”

“They can teach us to do that?” Both twins looked more then ready for the training they would get.

“Not as well, but defiantly the same effect.” Tonks said grimly. “When I mentioned that you two ran a business the lead trainer started to cackle like a loon. I think he has a couple of ideas to use for you two.”

Xander looked over the two red heads in front of him and rubbed his hands together with glee. Harry might be off in that useless school of his, but his request for training and support allowed Xander to practise his favourite past time, playing with explosives. With these two running a shop, and a mail order business it was the perfect opportunity for him to blow shit up.

“So…” Xander broke off with a huge, unsettling grin. “I am going to teach you how to hurt people without getting into danger yourselves. This little field of study is called explosives and letter bombs one oh one.” The twins looked at the dementedly grinning man in front of them and grinned in response.

“Tell us more?”

“Well the first thing to consider is that with magic you can shrink down a truly impressive amount of explosives… and owl post doesn’t go through a bomb check. We can make truly massive bombs and mail them to the victims without any trouble. Or we can make smaller bombs and send them along with bills. For instance if Pansy Parkinson hasn’t paid her bill at your store would her parents be surprised if you sent them a letter demanding that they pay up?” Two heads looked at each other and then nodded in agreement with the demented genius in front of them.

“Well, there go two wanker supporters for no more then the cost of materials and the time it takes to put the letter and bomb together.”

Harry watched the great hall with a sense of anticipation. He had gotten a letter from the Weasley twins yesterday and was looking forward to both reading the profit today as well as watching as his enemies spawn received notification of their parent’s deaths. Putting those two together with the Xanders disturbing love of explosives had been a stroke of genius on Tonks part. With her and Kingsley still being trained on how to operate firearms they had needed a low cost way of hitting back at the death eaters.

The bombing campaign was the result of that brainstorming session. It was quick and required that the wizards involved getting no special training. Xander made the bombs and then gave them to the twins to mail off. They shrunk the bombs and posted them. Low cost, Low risk, and one hell of an impact. Add in that it spread terror in the other side’s ranks… well, it was perfect from their perspective. After all no one warded against a bomb blast from inside his or her homes. Better they weren’t hitting the complete list of morons they had gotten out of Yaxely, so they still had targets to go after.

Well that and not all of their targets would be Death eaters. Corrupt ministry officials were also on the list. Both Tonks and Kingsley had gleefully supplied those names. Harry wasn’t sure about how he felt being responsible for a terror campaign, but it was all he could do at the moment. Besides, Xander did have a point that terror was a weapon. He looked up as his copy of the profit was delivered.

Opening it he read the front page and couldn’t suppress his laughter. It seemed that Umbridge had somehow made it onto the list. The picture of her hospital room after the bomb blast had gone off was perfect. Still giggling at the image of Umbitch painting her room he read the rest of the list of bombings. Two manors and fifteen people. Small scale really… Then he looked over at the slytherine table and couldn’t suppress his laughter anymore. The white-faced terror evident was just too funny. He couldn’t resist taunting them.

“How does it feel to be on the other end of a terror campaign you inbred morons?” Harry yelled across the room. He knew he was taking a risk… but damn it he wanted to gloat. The absolute silence in the great hall that resulted was priceless, as were the expressions on the professor’s faces.

“Potter! A hundred points from Gryffindor!” Snape snapped out of it first.

“Shove it Snivilous,” Harry replied with contempt. “You probably wont be alive by the end of the year so piss off you immature jackass.”

“Harry!” Hermoine hissed at him.

“What? He’s a death eater, everyone knows that.” Harry replied with a loud voice. “Look at the list of names, they’re all death eaters or supporters.”


“What? He took the DADA job too. Face it Hermoine he’s fucked. Let the petty dead man walking stew. I just hope I get to see it when whom ever did this gets around to offing the bastard.” Harry smirked with a slight shrug. “That’s only if I don’t get him first after all. Mans responsible for the murder of my parents.”

Absolute silence greeted that pronouncement. Everyone held their breath as McGonagall stood slowly, trembling with rage.

“And how mister potter do you know this?” She asked, her accent bleeding through her highly controlled words.

“Dumbass told me, of course he said something about giving second chances too, but I ignored that load of bullshit for what it was. Oh, yeah, he also said something about respect for the asshole, but I ignored that too.” Harry replied smirking at Dumbledore as he said that. He was enjoying the growing look of horror on the old wizards face. “Considering that his reward for the murder of my parents was his position here at Hogwarts… well I figure anything dumbass has to say is a bunch of shit.”

“Albus…” Minerva said calmly. “Is this true?”


“Don yeh Sasannach Ba’sterd.” Minerva hissed out. Her wand tracking Snape.

“Severous made a mistake in his youth he has since…”

“Redacto!” Minerva hissed out, blowing Severouses head off his shoulders.


“Yeh gave im a second chance, I didna.” Minerva’s voice was vibrating with rage. “Yon death eater bastard didna deserve it.”


“Poppy, call the aurors and let them know I killed a death eater.” Minerva kept her want out. “Fillius, Pomerma… I believe its time for an arm check.”

“Minerva! You can’t!” Albus was clearly panicking.

“Start with that table,” Minerva pointed to the slytherin table. “But get them all. If they resist… well the aurors can pick up more then one body.”

Harry just threw his head back and howled out his laughter. Xander always said that loyalties betrayed produced the most extreme reactions. Today was going to be a fun day.

Minerva looked around the Prime ministers office with a sense of wonder. She was still adjusting to the shocks that the past week had brought. Her killing of Severus hadn’t resulted in her arrest as she had fully expected. Instead it had catapulted her into the headmaster’s chair. Albus had been removed from that as soon as the full story had come out. He still retained his wizagmot position and his position on the ICW, but the board of governors wanted him gone. Especially after ten marked students had been found during the arm check. So instead of being fired and arrested for murder Minerva found herself dragged along by Amelia Bones as she went to talk with the muggle Prime Minister.

“Ah Amelia, it is good to see a competent face for a change. Can I assume that Fudge has suffered some terminal misfortune?” The PM asked brightly.

“Yes sir, we were coming to inform you of it,” Amelia said evenly. Minerva could tell that the other women was unnerved by the PMs knowledge, but there was little either of them could do at the moment.

“Splendid!” The PM crowed. “Rupert do be a good chap and pass on my compliments to your people. Oh, I am dreadfully sorry, this is Rupert Giles head of the International Supernatural Defence Council. I called him in when your little civil war spilled over into our world.” The PM waved his hand at the other man standing in the room. “Rupert, these two competent witches are Minerva McGonagall Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Amelia Bones, Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.”

“Ladies,” Giles nodded his head at the two stunned witches.

“So how goes the war?” the PM continued in a blaze voice.

“Surprisingly well, Casualties in both the DMLE and the ministry in general have actually improved the situation. The Bombing campaign is a worry but for the moment we have no leads so…” Amelia broke off. “You are the one running the bombing campaign.”

“No, but one of my more ruthless people is. He wants this little scuffle over so he can get back to Africa and continue doing his job,” Giles said with a grin.

“Well… I don’t believe that I have authority over your people so I will just leave that alone. As for the Death eaters… twelve have voluntarily turned themselves in and four more were caught in St. Mungos after bombings. Interrogations have given us enough information to roll up three cells of supporters and confiscate over a million galleons in funds.” Amelia decided to go with blunt for this. “I don’t think that this will end the war but it certainly has slowed everything down for the other side. My worry is that there is a prophecy involved in this, and Albus has been harping on it non stop since he was evicted from Hogwarts.”

“Oh yes, that piece of tripe,” Giles rolled his eyes. “We know of it. We have taken steps to deal with it. As with this dark morons attempts to make himself immortal.”

“Immortality?” Minerva spoke for the first time in this meeting.

“Oh yes, Soul Jars if you can believe the idiocy. Took all of five hours for our magic users to deal with them.” Giles smile was positively predatory. “An old Romany curse and voila, the end of the problem.”

“How many people will be left after this is over?” Minerva asked with closed eyes. She was well aware that dealing with soul jars was not something that any sane wizard or witch wanted to do. If these people considered them a minor nuisance then there was no point in trying to fight them.

“Oh, you’ll be down a good two or three thousand by the time this is over if our projections are right. We’ve only hit about five hundred so far but that might change.” Giles shrugged as he said that. “Most of them will be unmarked supporters or those who offer the enemy aid and comfort.”

“Ladies, the simple fact is the muggle world can no longer afford for your type of magic user to believe they can get away with anything in our world without reprisals. Since you refuse to imprison them and we have no viable means to hold them… I’m sorry to say but our only option is to kill them.” The PM said with a moue of distaste. “Dreadfully bad form, but what can you do?”

“This is a lesson that the entire magical world needs to learn,” Giles eyes were hard as he said that. “Its either shape up, or die. The crown was gracious enough to give the ISDC leave to make the British wizarding world our object lesson. Other magical groups have already begun to absorb that lesson but you have been too disconnect to learn it from their example.”

“It’s quite simple ladies, I called you here today because you are probably going to be leading figures in the rebuilding of the wizarding world in Brittan. I wanted you to get the story straight from the horses mouth as it were of what is going on.” The PM’s eyes glowed with menace as he said that. “So the… mistakes… which have lead us to this point will not be repeated.”

Harry Potter walked through Hogsmead with a spring to his step. This past year had been one of the best he had ever had. With the Bombing campaign and the Aurors actually doing there jobs Tom Riddle had been reduced to a handful of followers. Not only that but the Ministry was starting to clean up its own act. Yes, things weren’t perfect, as demonstrated by the fact he had a pistol strapped to his side, but they were getting better.

In fact the last couple of calls the Aurors had gotten had been from traditionally dark families. The message that supporting the dark lord was a death sentence had sunk in and they had fought back when he came to them for aid. Given their strengths it was no surprise when the Aurors got to the scene that most of the Death eaters were already dead. Dumbledore had been all over the papers calling for them to be charged but the ministry was ignoring him. As minister Bones had said in an interview; lethal defence of ones home was not a crime.

Dumbledore had managed to hold on to his post in the Wizagmot, but that was it. The old man was widely considered a has been with outdated ideas. Hell, the only reason he held his post was because the new lower house hadn’t been implemented yet. That was yet another reform that Albus had fought tooth and nail. Not that it did him any good. After the first equal opportunity law had been narrowly defeated twelve members of the wizagmot had died in bomb blasts in a single day and the muggle prime minister had made his first wireless address.

The Wizarding world could either change with the times or… well, they could die. A message that had the clear support of the new minister. After all, hadn’t she appointed the Muggleborn Ted Tonks to serve as her solicitor general when she weeded the prosecutorial office out of the DMLE? Harry’s vocal support for these measures, and whoever was running the bombing campaign had cost him… but he was okay with that. Ron might think that he was going dark, but with everything that had happened over the summer Harry had been growing more and more disenchanted with the boy.

It wasn’t Ron’s betrayals, though there had been more then a few, so much as his unwillingness to adapt and work for anything he wanted. He seemed to believe that the world owed him something and was unwilling to work for it. That had put a strain on their friendship. Two things had finished it off. One was that Harry had started to consistently side with Hermoine when she went off about studying. He had seen the results of inadequate prep and had no desire for that to happen to him in any field. The other had been Ron’s refusal to accept that Harry was sleeping with Luna.

That had been a bit of a pickle when it happened. Harry still wasn’t clear how it happened… but she was insane in a nice harmless way so he wasn’t going to question it. He might not agree with Xander that all women were insane, but he did agree that a bit of harmless insanity would be the best for him. Besides, Luna was a demented little mink in bed and had memorized the Karma Sutra. As a teenage male Harry felt that it was his right to hook up with someone who was just as into sex as he was. After all it wasn’t something that he had really considered before this year. He would have gone after Hermoine, but he had walked in on her with Padama and Pavarti.

Given the atmosphere of the wizarding world it was no surprise that a greater number of students were becoming sexually active at a younger age. With families on both sides dying suddenly for the first three months at school before the death eaters began to break, not to mention the constant tension of not knowing who was going to die next. It helped that Minerva had been forced to take the portrait spy network offline to revamp it, and that Argus Filch had been retired in favour of a school counsellor. Poor Minerva had been forced to deal with a summoning a steady stream of parents to inform them that their son or daughter had been caught in a compromising position.

His pleasant memories were interrupted by screams. Harry quickly drew his pistol and looked around, shaking off his teenage boy thoughts in favour of the situation in front of him. It seemed that he dork lord had decided that this last hogsmead weekend was the perfect time to try and remind the world of his relevance. He was here with twelve death eaters, attempting to kill and torture students. Harry had to shake his head at that. Even with the dork lords power… well things weren’t going as the idiot had clearly expected. Older students and townsfolk were fighting back with a ferocity not seen in the first war.

Only a few of the younger students were throwing stunners. Older students were throwing decidedly more lethal curses back of shielding the younger students. All in all it was a pleasant sight. Harry simply cocked his Mirakov and strode into the fight acting as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

Harry cast a quick shield charm with his wand in his left hand, letting the death eaters think he was not going on the offensive, but providing defence. Despite his fame he still looked like just another Gryf, jumping into the fight without thinking. Of course that lead to him being mostly ignored… right up until he opened fire, splattering Pettigrew’s brains all over one of the Lestrange brothers. Not seeing Bellatrix he figured they were the most dangerous fighters on this side of the fight. Especially since the both turned on him. Before they could get a spell off they were hit with a multitude of deadly curses.

Harry just grinned and continued to fire. Mostly he was missing, but the times he did hit gave others the opening they needed to finish off their opponents. He ducked to cover and reloaded, much to his surprise finding himself next to Daphne Greengrass and Tracy Davis.

“Ladies,” Harry said with a cocky grin. “How is your day going?”

“Quite well,” Greengrass said repressively, before leaving cover to fire off an organ-expelling curse.

“Lovely,” Davis said as she whipped around and hit one of the still standing death eaters with a dark cutting curse, neatly decapitating him.

“You know, you two would be perfect for the Aurors office,” Harry commented in admiration as he reloaded. “Kingsley mentioned that he needs some heavy hitters for the new SWAT team he wants to set up.”

“Bah, then we would just have to deal with more bigots,” Daphne said with a sniff as she ducked back down. “Bad enough that we’re dikes, but butch dykes?”

“Oh relax,” Tracy fired off another curse before dropping down beside her lover. “You know Harry doesn’t give a shit.”

“Hah! The most powerful witch in the bloody world is queer as a three quid note, so it’s not like I’m going to say anything.” Harry commented with a grin as he rose up and popped off a couple of rounds at the death eaters. “Besides, your beds, your business.”

“Not to mention Hermoine would kick your ass and Luna would cut you off if you did have a problem with it!” Daphne snorted a laugh. “I have to say Potter, you turned into an alright guy this year.”

“Blame the ISCB, they had me for the summer and warped my mind but good,” Harry offered with a slight laugh. He had gotten friendly with the two Slytherines through Hermoines study group after Ron had started to drift away and found them to be good folk. If anything the two girls acid tongues reminded him of Faith.

“Well we should thank them, think they would want a couple of witches?” Tracy mused.

“Hengh, Xander would give his left nut for combat witches of your calibre, Giles would be salivating, and Willow would be over the moon.” Harry replied with a grin. “It would certainly be good to see you at work with Hermoine and I.”

“You plan on working for them after school?” Daphne asked with a raised eyebrow. This was the first that anyone had heard of Harry’s post Hogwarts plans.

“Yup, pays good and they aren’t stuck in the goddamn Victorian era,” Harry continued the conversation while putting a bullet into Bellatrix’s leg. “Besides, I owe them and I mean to pay em back.”

“Why’s Hermoine interested?” Tracy asked as she was forced to hit the dirt to avoid a curse.

“They’ll pay for college, and it’s a job in the muggle world her parents can brag about,” Harry commented off hand. “She’s not happy with how far she’s drifted from her parents.”

“Not to mention how accepting they were of her girlfriends,” Daphne said with a grin. Despite some tension her own parents were perfectly happy with her choice, especially when she had informed them that it would not prevent her from getting pregnant. That little titbit had sealed her parents approval, since while not pureblood bigots they were interested in the continuation of their line.

“I still can’t believe the Patils were so upset because she wasn’t Indian… not because she was a girl,” Tracy said as she brushed herself off.

“Different culture,” Harry said as he got his first clear shot at voldemort. He missed, but that was okay. There would be other shots. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed that there were newcomers to the fight. “Lovely, dumbass is here. Want to bet it gets harder from here on out?”

“No bet,” Daphne snorted as she always did when she heard Harry’s pet name for Dumbledore. “Want to do a barrage on three?”

“Tracy’s count,” Harry counter offered.

“Agreed,” Daphne nodded. Both of them looked at Tracy who calmly used her fingers to indicate the count. When the third finger went down all three of them popped up and started firing.

Much to everyone’s surprise that barrage of spells and bullets ended the fight. Harry missed with his first four shots but his last three punched right in between Riddles eyes, blowing out the back of his head. Tracy and Daphne took down their targets easily and the remaining four death eaters just gave up. They had seen their leader, and all of their comrades cut down. For once they showed a little bit of sense. The only problem for them was that Dumbledore wasn’t the major fighter here.

Harry calmly reloaded his pistol, blessing his girlfriend for enchanting his ammo pouches to hold ten clips apiece. The Mirakov was a perfectly serviceable pistol but like the 1911 that Xander favoured did not have a large capacity. Eight rounds was the maximum clip it could take meaning that in every fire fight Harry ran through clips at a prodigious rate.

“Harry my boy, you have won the war!” Dumbledore strode over to where Harry was reloading. Ignoring the four death eaters being forced to their knees in an effort to gain control of the situation. “As the prophecies foretold!”

“Oh bugger off,” Tracy snapped at the old man.

“Wars not over yet,” Harry commented dryly as he avoided Albus and walked behind the death eaters. “Do you know when it will be over Albus?”

“My Boy?” Albus asked with some alarm. Harry brought his pistol up to the back of the death eater’s head and fired.

“War will be over once we drown it in blood,” Harry’s voice was harsh as he moved on.

“What are you doing!??! They have surrendered. Surely it would be better to let the justice system take care of them,” Albus screamed in alarm. Harry just fired another round and moved on.

“It is taking care of them, penalty for having the dark mark is summary execution, has been for the past six months,” Harry stated flatly, firing again. “Wake up Albus, this is a new world.”

“But what about redeeming them?” Albus asked bringing his wand up and sending a spell at Harry. It was probably none lethal, either a disarming spell or some obscure type of stunner. To Harry though it was exactly what he wanted, an excuse. He spun away from his position and pumped four bullets into Albus before the old man could move.

“Fuck redeeming them,” Harry’s voice was harsh as he advanced on the old man, after putting his last bullet into the back of the last death eater’s head. “We tried your way last time around and it didn’t work for shit. This time? This time we’re doing it the right way; we’re drowning the problem in blood. Aren’t you proud Albus? You, your manipulations and plots, are single handily responsible for the new age of the wizardling world that’s being ushered in. Your greater good is being achieved even as you lie here, bleeding out onto the ground.”

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this…” Albus said weekly, coughing up a bit of blood. Harry hadn’t had time to go for a head or heart shot; so all four of his shots had been centre of mass.

“Let me tell you a secret,” Harry leaned down, while stepping firmly on Albus's wand arm. “You are responsible for your actions. Every drop of blood from this war and the last is at least partially on your hands. Be glad you sent me to the watchers, they taught me how to win, and how to cauterize the bleeding sore that was pure blooded bigotry. You old man unknowingly let me off the leash, and this brave new world, soaked in blood as it is, is the result.”

Harry savoured the desperation, denial, and panic in Albus’s eyes as the last of their light left. Then he stood up straight and calmly reloaded his gun. He looked around with a grim, yet satisfied smile. It was finally over, the war that had begun before he was born. Thousands of dead had been avenged, not just with the death of Tom Riddle. Albus Dumbledore had played his part in their death as well, so it was only fitting that his death marked the true end of the war. Harry, who had gotten a rather large dose of modern wizarding history this year looked up at the clear blue sky and wondered. Which of the two men was the dark lord the prophecy referred to? Was it Tom Riddle and his mad quest for vengeance against the world? Or was it Albus Dumbledore and his equally mad quest for the greater good, a quest that had spawned three wizardling wars.

“You know, today is a really nice day,” Harry commented offhandedly. He wondered where his girlfriend was, if there was ever a reason for a celebratory shag this was it. It was finally over.

A/N: An idea i felt like exploring, How would Xander and the other Scoobies deal with Harrys passivity? Given that i centered this around Xander, guns and explosives seemed the way to go.

The End

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