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Star Wars: Imperial Dawn

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Summary: An Alternate take on the Phantom Menace movie and beyond. Jedi Master Qui-Gun Jinn finds more then just a powerful Force potential boy, but the Lost Heir to the Empire as well on Tatooine.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesdeathzealotzeroFR1511,2140397918 Jan 1318 Jan 13No
Disclaimer: I do declare that I do not in ANY way own the rights to the Star Wars franchise, that is owned by George Lucas…oh right sorry… I forgot… Disney owns it now…/spits/. Anyhow like I said I do not own Star Wars!!!!! Moving On…

Star Wars: Imperial Dawn

An Alternate Universe Story,

Written by,

William R. Woods

Brief Foreword:

This little story idea of mine is quite the history behind, for it originally was just a very small idea that I got when I read a few other Star Wars fanfiction off on the Spacebattles Creative Writing Forum like Star Wars: Realms of the Jedi, by Storm Jumper, and The Other Side of Eternity, by Sunhawk2. Basically, this story changes the entire “A Galaxy Far, Far, Away” thanks to a simple small change in the story, similar to the mentioned stories. This change is that the Galactic Republic, or as it’s known in movies the Old Republic, was replaced by the Galactic Empire a lot earlier than the original timeline. By this I mean an Empire arose some time in the past, most likely around the time the Jedi Civil War or another similar conflict. However this Empire is quite different from the one we know, love, and hate in original timeline for it is not created by the Sith but by something completely different which I have yet to decide on honestly just that it happened. Therefore by the time of the Phantom Menace movie which this story is based in, the Empire controls most of the Galaxy and is the premier galactic state.

What changes with this Empire is that it does not sport a current Emperor by the time of the story for thanks to events in the past Empire sports no current Emperor and therefore needs a way to either change the system somehow or find an heir to the throne. Who would this heir be you might ask? Well that is what this story is all about… /evil laugh/

Therefore please sit back and enjoy this story…and how a new Empire arises…

Part 01: It Begins

Computer Room
Naboo Royal Cruiser
Docking Bay 22
Mos Espa Spaceport
Tatooine, Tatoo System


In a tiny computer room on board a landed ship, a long haired, bearded man wearing heavy robes sat staring at a computer screen with a shocked look on his face.The tiny screen continued to flash a series of readings much to the shock and amazement of the man reading the screen. The man, one Jedi Master Qui-Gun Jinn, could only shake his head in disbelieve before staring one more at the unbelievable readings being reported by the computer onboard the Nubian J-Type 327 Royal Cruiser that he had found himself on after the disaster on Naboo and the Trade Federation Blockade around said planet.

‘This must be the reason for the Force leading us to this planet and even to this particular spaceport,’ he thought with a sigh leaning back in the seat as he stroked his beard in thought. For this spaceport was the smallest on the planet, and not really all that popular compared to the larger Mos Eisley Spaceport. He was jolted out of his thoughts by the appearance of his former Padawan Apprentice the Jedi Knight Xanatos Crion.

“Master your back?” the young human asked with a surprised look making the older human Jedi Master to chuckle lightly before sighing and turned to look at the younger Jedi.

“Yes Xanatos I had something to check,” he answered with a frown as he looked back at the tiny screen with a sight. The younger Jedi could only look at his former Master in surprise at this before shaking his head.

“So did you manage to find a T-14 Hyperdrive Generator Master?” the young Jedi asked mentioning the part they would need to fix the ship’s damaged Hyperdrive. Master Jinn blinked at this before sighing as he remembered the original reason for him to be searching through the various Mos Espa Salvage and Part jobs.

“Yes and No Xanatos,” he replied making the younger man look confused. Qui-Gun chuckled at this before waving at the screen and getting up from the chair.

“Here take a look a look at these readings, maybe my old eyes are playing tricks on me,” he said letting the younger man to slip into the now vacant and to start reading the data with a confused air. After a few more moments the younger man blinked in surprise before leaning back in the chair and looking up at his former Master.

“Well Master these midi-chlorian readings are pretty high, not as high as yours or Master Yoda but higher then usual,” the young Jedi mentioned wondering what made his Master so confused and edgy. Master Jinn only rolled his eyes at this before leaning over his former Apprentice’s shoulder and tapping something on the screen.

“I didn’t want you to look at the midi-chlorian readings, but the genetic data,” he ordered in what Xanatos knew to be his teaching voice that made the younger man’s spine straighten in reaction before he leaned forward to do what his Master had ordered. He read the data, blinked in shock, before reading the data a second time, then rubbed his eyes, and read the data for a third time.

“This can’t be right,” the young Jedi mentioned shaking his head in shock at the readings making the older Jedi to sigh knowing that his eyes where not playing tricks on him after all.

“Well I ran the tests four times Xanatos, I even ran the last two tests on a separate station just to make sure it wasn’t a problem with the hardware. However as you can see with your own eyes its true,” Master Jinn replied with a look of confusion as he once more stared at the readings over the shoulder of his former Apprentice, who could only do the same as his former Master.

“I can’t believe it… We have found the Lost Heir,” the younger Jedi barely manage to say as he continued to look at the computer screen as it flashed the readings once more to the pair of surprised pair of Jedi.


Post Chapter Notes:

Well this is a short introduction chapter for a new minor project I am doing, basically this story will start in the Phantom Menace and will jump around a lot for the majority of the plot of the original story has been vastly changed as seen here, or removed entirely.

Now like you can see this story is based in an Alternative Universe of Star Wars where the Galactic Empire has arisen a lot earlier. This Empire like mentioned in the Foreword is not the same Empire we see in the original Star Wars universe, instead it is more like the Republic but with a more Republic feel if that makes any sense at all.

Also for those EU purists, yes Xanatos in this story never fell to the Dark Side, and remained with the Jedi. Basically he still goes out on missions with Qui-Gon still even though the younger Jedi has been knighted a few years before. Obi-Wan however shall be introduced a bit later, and no he never was the Padawan of Qui-Gon in this story.

Anyways the next part shall explain the background of the universe a lot more, along with some of the minor history.

Till then.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Star Wars: Imperial Dawn" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jan 13.

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