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IG2: The Surviving of Prophecies & Irrate Gods

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Insane Survival Guides". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "The Basic Insane Survival Guide" Wherein we deal with re-emerging gods and prophecies unfulfilled.

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Court Business

A/n: I've finally graduated from Uni! *squeel!* This last semester was a bitch to deal with. I thank you all for your patience. This has been sitting on my writing pad for a bit masquerading as half a chapter. I finally said just screw it, you're getting posted. Enjoy!

Court Business

It was after midnight and Janet had followed through on her threat, as a result SG-1 was stuck in the infirmary for the night. Recruit, now Airman, John Hanson was once again approaching the infirmary to find out what was happening on behalf of the base's demonic community. It had been decided that since he was new enough to the community not to have any solid affiliations, not to mention the fact that he had arrived on base with their new prince, that he would act as Xander's deputy until such time as Xander chose someone else. By Demonic law and by blood, SG-1 was now considered to be royalty. It would have been nice if SG-1 realized that and the fact that technically Druscilla the Mad was considered their Matriarch. John knew he'd have to inform General Hammond about the situation in the morning and request to be attached to SG-1 as a general assistant. That was something that he was not looking forward to. For that matter he wasn't looking forward to reporting into Xander after they'd just gotten SG-1 back. At least NOW he had the right to yell at all of SG-1 if they tried to do something stupid... again. John wondered idly why these sorts of things always happened to him. He'd left his clan partly to get away from these sorts of responsibilities...

John came upon the lightly dozing SG-1 and was very greatful that only SG-1 was stuck in the infirmary. This was going to be embarrassing enough as it was. He cleared his throat loudly, startling the team into wakefulness.

"I apologize for bothering you my lords and ladies," John bowed slightly. "But since Prince Alexander did not arrive with an entourage I was elected to act as steward and general assistant to you all. By demon law as Alexander's family by both blood and tradition you are also considered to be royalty or at the very least nobility. Master Teal'c, since you do not have a blood tie of some sort nor have you been openly claimed by and of Prince Alexander's blood as kin..."

"Hey! He's kin." Jack protested as the others nodded in agreement. Teal'c just smiled and bowed his head in gratitude.

John Hanson nodded and made a note on his clipboard. "That simplifies things then. Thank you for openly making the claim my lord. As it now stands you all hold the title of Lord or Lady. Dr. Carter due to your blending with Lady Adara you are now considered to be Prince Alexander's half sister as Adara is a child of Dr. Jackson and the Goa'uld Hathor. All of your bloodlines were confirmed magically in accordance with tradition. Unfortunately, due to how Alexander was adopted Druscilla the Mad is still considered to be your family Matriarch. The local community is relatively quiet and the previous master, a granul demon, has ceded his place and authority to Prince Alexander without contest. He does ask that you keep him in mind when choosing lieutenants to administer the area for you and it is expected that you will treat the base as part of your court or as a separate area you will administer personally due to the unique situation. As ordered everyone on base has reported in and created a new baseline for their medical files. I believe that Dr. Fraiser has had them classified as special cases. She has also made it abundantly clear to the on base demonic community that she is your primary physician. Is there anything else you would like to know or any instructions you would like to give?" John asked as he finished up his briefing of the slightly stunned team.

"How is the granul's track record for the area?" Xander asked cautiously.

"Fairly good since he took over when the prophecy first came to light about the area." John told them after checking his notes. "He does occasionally have a problem with vampires but they are strongly encouraged to move on, especially if they are unwilling to cultivate willing donors or purchase or steal the blood they require. Lethal attacks on the local humans are greatly discouraged as is turning any human without previous written consent. It was long ago agreed that protecting the local human population was a wise idea, especially with the devastation that was wrought to the Native American tribes."

"You wouldn't happen to know why Hammond didn't follow through on his threat of debriefing us down here would you?" Jack asked idly, not really expecting an answer.

"Certainly." John nodded, having expected the question at some point. " The general did attempt to visit you but Dr. Fraiser threatened to confine him to the infirmary along side you for a week if he didn't go home, rest, and spend some time with his family. Apparently when you all suddenly disappear on us he has a habit of working himself to the bone to try and retrieve you. According to the scuttlebutt your debriefing is scheduled as 1500 hours. On behalf of both the base and the general demonic community I would like to welcome you and thank you for being related to our newest prince. Siler was kind enough to provide us with copies of the official human paperwork for our records. Now, unless there is something else you need I will bid you all good night."

"Tell the granul that he gets to keep administering the area. I'll deal with the base myself." Xander told him after a moment's thought.

Sam's eyes began to glow. "We thank you for your service and bid you in turn good eve." Adara told him, formally dismissing him. John bowed and went to find his own bed for the remainder of the night...

A/n: Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
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