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IG2: The Surviving of Prophecies & Irrate Gods

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Insane Survival Guides". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "The Basic Insane Survival Guide" Wherein we deal with re-emerging gods and prophecies unfulfilled.

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Breakfast Surprise

A/n: Thanks for the rule about doctrine HappyWonKinobi!
Yes, I know I disappeared but life has been weird, painful, and bewildering. At least now you have another chapter to chew on.

Breakfast Surprise

Sg-1 was released from their stay in captivity courtesy of Dr. Fraiser come morning on the conditions that they stay on base and rest. These instructions however didn't take something very important into account, or rather someone. Had Dr. Fraiser actually thought about it she would have realized that now that SG-1 was back and the demonic community was actually starting to acknowledge Xander's new status Druscilla was likely to claim them for "training" at some point once she got back on base. SG-1 on the other hand only had one thing on their mind. Food and maybe escaping Janet. Sam and Daniel however had the misguided notion that it would be a good idea to check on their labs before breakfast, all three O'Neils were forced to practically drag the pair to the messhall as a result.

As they moved through the food line collecting their various breakfasts before they sat down together. Jack made sure that both Jon and Xander got a decent meal, much to their embarrassment. They had finished all of the paperwork they could while they were stuck in the infirmary and as a result SG-1 now officially included both Xander and Jon. The only catch out of the paperwork was that their change of residence paperwork wasn't finished yet since they hadn't found where Dru had moved them. Hopefully she had moved them into a house that was either abandoned or for sale rather than slaughtering some family so that they could live there. Vampire logic was far too blood thirsty for anyone on SG-1 to be comfortable with it.

"Right, I've come up with a new rule. This one deals with faith, belief, and truth. Always know what you believe and WHY you believe it. It makes it easier to focus on the truth and spot lies. It also makes it easier to understand the new and the wiggy." Xander told them after taking a bite out of his omelet as they were eating. The others considered it a moment and then nodded in agreement.

"One question." Jon said. "How are we gonna get Dru to give us our stuff back and let us live on our own?"

Xander grimaced. "I explained that yesterday. I don't think we can. We can only hope that she hasn't killed some family so that we can live in whatever house she's picked out for us."

"No way to get out of it?" Jack asked quietly, taking a bite of his cereal.

"Staking her, but the family or whoever will still be dead and we'd loose the only half way reliable seer that we know about." Xander told them grimly.

"Well, at least we got some of the transfer details out of the way." Daniel pointed out, before biting into his bagel.

"I think we should stay on base and send someone to check our homes to see if Druscilla has broken in and taken anything." Sam suggested, before taking another sip of her morning coffee.

"Might as well." Xander agreed. "We probably need to address the local demonic community, both on and off base. I think its one of those unwritten rules."

"I hate public speaking." Jon muttered.

"You and me both." Jack agreed with a grimace.

Suddenly a small portal opened just over the table causing the six to pause in shock for a moment before instinctively leaping back away from it. A small glittering object dropped from the green glowing portal before it snapped shut. The object fell to the table and bounced with a metallic chime a few times before landing in Xander's omelet.

"I'm not eating any more of that!" Xander told them firmly. "No telling what freaky magic with happen."

SG-1 rolled their eyes at Xander's antics but didn't argue. They'd seen enough around him to know that he wasn't exaggerating. Sam glanced at Jack and received a nod before carefully using her fork to lift the ring like object out of Xander's breakfast and examine it without touching it.

"It looks like a piece of jewelry." Sam told them as she studied it.

"We can see that Carter. Any other little tid bits that we might have missed?" Jack asked sarcastically.

Before anyone could stop him Daniel reached out and took the simple octagonal ring to get a better look at the inscription, removing it from the fork that Sam had been using to examine it on.

"Daniel!" Jack, and Jon both told him in exasperation. Neither were happy at the man's reckless action but they also didn't try to take it away from him.

Daniel ignored his friends and used a napkin to carefully clean the ring, occasionally dabbing into a bit of his drinking water next to his coffee. As if he'd found the ring in a dig of some sort and didn't want to damage it. His careful cleaning showed the green of discolored metal along side of the original gold.

"Do you know what this is?" Daniel asked the others excitedly. They shook their heads. "This is a greek poesy ring. They wore them for good luck and this type was worn by the very rich and powerful. I don't know why or even how it could have arrived like that but from the design of this one I'd say it was from around the 3rd century."

"You know we're going to get yelled at again." Jon commented with a sigh.

"Yeah. Even if it's only because Danny boy forgot about basic weirdness containment procedures." Jack admitted with a glare sent at their resident language geek. Who in turn flushed in embarrassment and gently set the ring down on the table, stepping back and muttering apologies.

"Sometimes you just don't think Daniel!" Jack told him with a glare. They were in for yet another stay in the infirmary, and they'd just gotten out too.

A/n: Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Here's the ring if you're interested.
3rd Century Ancient Greek Poesy Rings
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