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IG2: The Surviving of Prophecies & Irrate Gods

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Insane Survival Guides". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "The Basic Insane Survival Guide" Wherein we deal with re-emerging gods and prophecies unfulfilled.

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GenukaFR1555,18604512,98319 Jan 1323 Jul 13No

Clean up & House Hunting

A/n: Yes, yes, bad author. Not supposed to disappear. I know. *mutters* Stupid job hunt/pollen poisoning...

Clean up & House Hunting

"Something just occurred to me. Weirdness with the ring aside, I know we want to send someone to check for our stuff but how would Druscilla even get into our houses if none of us have given her invites and both Teal'c and Xander live on base?" Jack asked perplexed.

"Simple, bully a demon who doesn't need an invite to do it for her or thrall a human." Xander told him with a shrug.

"I wonder where the ring came from." Jon said speculatively. "I mean that was clearly some sort of portal. Was it magic or tech? Please say tech. I really don't want to think about the security mess that someone using magic to do that will cause or the headaches."

Jack grimaced. "Point made. I'd rather have it be something I can just break anyway. Not that someone using tech wont create its own sorts of headaches."

"And we're ignoring the nice medical and security people... why?" Daniel asked carefully, noting that someone had followed protocol and alerted both the security office and the infirmary as to their unorthodox gift.

"Probably because it hasn't done anything except show up yet and we're the only ones on base who have dealt with the most weirdness." Xander pointed out. "If it turns into some giant tentacled monster we're the ones most likely to take it out first shot, not that that would ever actually happen."

"Then why did you suggest it?" Teal'c asked archly.

"Just pointed out the insane possibility and reason we only backed so far away. Upside its less likely to do something like that since none of us has felt the need to get away from it, which is kinda weird that we all have such highly attuned danger and weirdness senses but it would explain how I keep surviving the demon girlfriends." Xander admitted almost sheepishly.

"Demon Girlfriends?" Jack asked archly. "Did we cover that in the debrief?"

"Uh yeah, Mrs. French?" Xander reminded him.

"You have the worst love life. I don't even think Danny here could match up." Jon snickered, causing Daniel to scowl at him.

One of the hovering medical personnel finally got up the courage to slip between the group and carefully, using an unused spoon, slide the ring off the table into a quarantine bag for examination and testing. Another medic gave them a cursory examination and couldn't see anything wrong with them, they were just avoiding going back to the infirmary as long as possible.

"Sorry guys, time to go visit Doctor Fraiser again. I personally can't see anything that might be wrong but its still SOP." The medic shrugged before herding the group toward the door. Janet was delighted to have an excuse to confine the group to the base for the foreseeable future. Especially since she'd remembered about Druscilla after they'd already fled from her domain that morning...

Dru looked around the house just outside of the Air Force base that she had selected. It would serve. The two in-the-know Airmen she had practically kidnapped on her way out of the base to help her with her self appointed task of finding them all a suitable place to live had been very helpful. They had been quick to note that she wanted a proper dwelling for her little prince.

Thankfully for everyone involved they has also convinced her that killing a family already in a suitable house wouldn't be necessary with so many houses for sale almost literally on the edge of the base. She had pouted at the lack of bloodshed but had retained enough sanity long enough to agree that it would be better to choose a house that was unoccupied. She did however insist in her own unique way that it be already furnished. Not so thankfully the area they were in was still in shadow from the mountain and as a result Dru was able to walk around in the open. Between the three of them (Dru and the two Airmen trying to prevent a slaughter while keeping an eye on her) they found a beautiful, furnished six bedroom house with an unfinished basement, a three car garage attachment, beautiful solid oak floors, a palatial feel, and sitting on an acre of land. The minions (airmen) winced at the $800,000 price tag but both knew it could have been much worse. It was also disturbingly clear that Dru had examined many of the homes in the neighborhood long before she had dragged the airmen with her to finally stake her claim on one. After making very sure that Dru was happy with the house (they didn't want her deciding later that it would be better to go kill one of the local families and make everyone move into the blood soaked house) one of them called in to the mountain on his cell phone and explained the situation to Hammond. The other watched Dru for any indication that she might decide to go on a killing spree any way...

A/n: Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

I'm serious about asking for suggestions!

The End?

You have reached the end of "IG2: The Surviving of Prophecies & Irrate Gods" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jul 13.

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