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IG2: The Surviving of Prophecies & Irrate Gods

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Insane Survival Guides". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "The Basic Insane Survival Guide" Wherein we deal with re-emerging gods and prophecies unfulfilled.

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Set ups and Shake Downs

A/n: Okay, as of now we have 6 straight up votes for a sequel but what really clenched it were the questions and evil plot bunnies raised by michaelangelo, KazeMidori, TaraLi, and slmncpm.

Also, Yes, I am aware that I haven't correlated all of the rules that have appeared and I would now like to appeal to any moderators that are following this story and the last one, for special permission to post the complete list as a separate ficlet.

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate SG-1 or Star trek or BtVS or Xena/Hercules or the Myths and Legends that may appear or be referenced in this story, they belong to others. It is a work of fiction of which I make no money from and we poor fanfiction writers only derrive the ability to stay sane from reading and writing such things...

Set ups and Shake Downs

Ares watched, cloaked in his magic as SG-1 was waylaid by some very confused Marines and General Hammond called down to the gateroom. He chuckled. They had opened the way for the old gods to return in a far more tangible fashion than had been possible for centuries. The prophecies could be delayed for such mortals who had pleased them so grandly. He held up the stone that had been left behind when the device had done its work and brought earth back into phase with the rest of the universe.

"They didn't know what they had." Ares chuckled.

"You know that you can not use it for war, brother." Athena reminded him, standing not two feet behind him, bow in one hand, owl on one shoulder.

"I am well aware of father's edict, Thena." Ares said over his shoulder still studying the blood red stone in his hand.

"Do we even know what properties it posessess? Brother, it is far to dangerous to toy with." Athena said gently.

"I'm not toying with it." Ares retorted. "I'm examining it."

Athena shook her head. "That stone was created using a large amount of naquadah laced blood, willingly given, a fist sized lump of rock salt, and some sort of phase transducer that the girl cobbled together out of spare parts. There is no telling what properties that stone now has, no matter what it once was." She informed him, just a bit worried by his fascination with the stone. "Besides whatever happened to Jacob Carter? Wasn't he trying to get a part or two from the Tok'ra for her to build the machine?"

"Hm? Oh, I side tracked him. He's dealing with a little war on a minor planet for me. Not that he knows he's doing it, but..." Ares told her absent mindedly as he continued his examination of the stone.

Athena just stared at her brother. "I can't believe you did that. You deliberately perpetuated the creation of that bloody stone!"

"No, I made sure they had everything they needed to stop the apocalypse, bring earth back into phase and finish one of the prophecies. It just wasn't one that they had any real knowledge of." Ares told her, finally looking up from his examination of the stone.

"From the way your acting we might as well give them ambrosia now, tell them they're enslaved to our service for eternity and be done with it." Athena accused.

"Now Thena, you know that the Fates have forbidden the outright enforced enslavement of any mortal's free will to our service on pain of our life threads being cut ambrosia or no ambrosia." Ares mock scolded. "Trickery is of course allowed and if the poor mortal doesn't realize that they have a choice or the choice is untenable to them it doesn't change the fact that they have one. Free will is still present so we aren't breaking the edict."

"You play a dangerous game Ares." Athena scowled.

"Ah, but I also opened a new way for us dear sister. We were wasting away and now we can draw on those who have been worshiping us for centuries as those parasitic snakes played at being us, at being gods. We can now take back what was stolen from us by mortal creatures." Ares said as a cruel smile twisted his face.

Neither he nor Athena noticed the airman who paused and looked at where they were standing in the gateroom, almost as if he could sense they were there and shivered from the feel of the molevolent hate he could sense pouring from whatevern phase frequency that the two of them were observing from. Nor did they notice when the airman went to report such an odd occurence so close to the strange return of SG-1, who had been ushered to the infirmary upon their arrival.

"You may well have saved us by dooming us." Athena said icily. "Come, we will let father and the Fates decide." With that they faded away, traveling to Mount Olympus, just in time to miss the security detail that Hammond had ordered investigate the airman's sense of danger.

However, the airman wasn't the only one to notice the covert visit of the old gods of Greece. Druscilla's eyes glittered from where she stood tucked away in a corner of the gate room, having seen through the veil protecting the ancient powers and able to hear their conversation perfectly from her vantage point. "Kitten has stirred the golden pot, he has. *Giggle* Can he survive the power that will rise like an untamed Dragon? Oh? Miss. Edith thinks that Kitten's claws are sharp enough and strong enough to tame the dragon? My Spikey will watch over the court of the Golden slayer but its time that Kitten has his own court. The building tempest is strong, strong enough to blow Kitten and his pack away if their roots are not strong enough and fight to keep them. The tempest will rip Kitten and his pack apart given a chance. I think I'll go have tea with the Winged Cowboy and discuss why Kitten needs more family and roots." Druscilla murmured, before wandering off to corner Hammond and have a close to sane tea party with no blood, only tea and cookies. It went along fine with an occasional terrified airman trying to slip out of the room to warn SG-1, until Dru finished her discussion with General Hammond, leaving without physically harming a single person.

General Hammond sat bemusedly at his desk and considered the "tea party" he'd just had with Druscilla. He decided that leaving her loose might have been a miscalculation but he couldn't think of what else they could have done with her. Then there was the information she'd just given him. If he'd interperreted it correctly, they had just had some very interesting and powerful visitors, not to mention potentally dangerous ones. Hammond sighed before heading down to the infirmary to get the rest of SG-1's report and ask Alexander if he had correctly understood Druscilla's end of the discussion during the "tea party"...

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