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Sunnydale Cylons, and their Toaster Lovers.

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Summary: My First attempt at multi chapter story, answering the Ship of the Line Challenge. Xander and Cordelia choose nBSG costumes.

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3. The first ripples

Disclaimer: This is a work of Fan Fiction, I make no claims to the Ownership of either BtVS, Stargate, or NBSG. All belong to their creators.

A/N Chapters a touch short, but the next makes up for it. As always; 'speech' Caprican, "Speech" English.

Sharon Agathon was not a happy mother. First there had been that weird energy wave, and then her husband had clutched his head and fallen over. Now she was trying to calm her frantic daughter, who was substantially older then she should be, keep an eye on the two humans who were in the CIC, and give first aid to her husband. While this was occurring she also had to try and monitor local space, the planet, and the deserted interior of a Mercury class Battlestar. Worse the radio had just started to squawk at her.

Mentally she drew herself up, while physically taking a deep breath. Then she crossed her way to the radio operator’s station and listened to the message.

‘Attention Atlantia, this is Cylon Heavy Raider one one five nine requesting docking clearance for conference. ‘ The message repeated itself four times over before she could bring herself to think rationally about that.

‘Cylon Raider this is Athena…’ Sharon started to say.

‘Let them on, ‘ Helo said with a groan trying to rise. Fortunately Dawn kept him down. ‘If what happened is what I think happened… we’re going to need them. ‘

‘Helo? ‘ Athena looked at him and suddenly had a chilling thought. Was he having a vision? Oracles usually used chamalla to induce visions but she had seen a few perfectly normal people have them out of the blue. Well, Starbuck at least. She wasn’t sure how normal Starbuck was before the vision; of course she had gone insane after the vision. That was a worry, how would she deal with an insane Helo and her daughter at the same time. Of course Roslin hadn’t gone insane, then again her visions had been prompted by chamalla. Maybe that’s why the Oracles took it. If he was having a vision then her best bet was to follow it.

‘Ow… I have multiple memories running around in my head. Need to talk to Giles and they can get us there… I’m not going to be in any shape to help for a bit. ‘ Helo gritted out. ‘Ask if Cordy is there… if she is let them on. ‘

‘My CO has instructed me to inquire if Cordy is aboard your craft, ‘ Athena spoke into the radio, keeping her tone level. It wouldn’t do to let the Cylons know just how much pressure she was under.

‘Atlantia, Cylon actual if that dweeb Harris is there let him know I’m going to skin him alive. ‘ A new voice came out over the radio.

‘Touch one hair on my husband or daughters head I’m going to make you wish you died a final death before I’m through with you. ‘ Athena snarled into the radio.

‘Chill, that’s Cordy for you… let them land’ Helo whispered.

‘I don’t like this,‘ Athena said. Unfortunately Helo has passed out. Almost snarling she turned back to the radio. ‘Clearance granted, be aware that the automatic defenses are armed and the self destruct is keyed to go off if any of the registered life signs ceases.’

“So let me see if I have this straight, you and this Xander Harris dressed up as Six and my husband,” Sharon said evenly. She was having this conversation in English so that her daughter couldn’t understand it. If she knew her daughter at all as soon as she understood their position she would be climbing up the walls demanding to go down to the planet and explore. “Because of this somehow you became your costumes…”

“Yes, that’s what happened. Everyone who dressed up got changed into his or her costumes. I dressed up as a noble, and I became one,” the Blond who had introduced herself as Buffy put in cheerfully.

“Why is it that my husband is the only person laying on the ground incapacitated then?” Sharon could feel her ire rising.

‘We don’t know that he is the only one. The problem is that the only examples we have up here are he, she, and I. Her costume was not that different from her base personality, and she didn’t go through any physical changes. Your husband aged about ten years and went from a high school slacker to an accomplished military officer.’ The strange looking Six who had introduced herself as Cordelia Chase stated in Caprican before continuing in English. “The only reason I’m not laid out is because I’m using my anti virals to keep my memories separate for the moment. They will be integrated, but I’m allowing that to be a process rather then an immediate effect. Karl, or Xander, is getting hit with this all at once.”

“Did you have to use another language for the start of that? It was rude.” Buffy said.

“Yes, I did, it was private.” Cordelia snarked back. Sharon just ran her hands over her face and repressed a groan. “Anyway, the best way to deal with this would be to get down to the planet and talk to the best expert on the strange we know of; Giles.”

“Before we do that I have to ask, what’s this planets space capability? Do you expect me to leave your Centurions on my husbands ship? And what do we do with our passengers?” Sharon asked keeping her calm.

“Why does that matter? I mean, we need Giles to deal with whatever’s wrong with Xander this time, so we should hurry up and get Xander to Giles,” Buffy put in, quite clearly put out that this was taking as long as it was.

‘Blond idiot’ Cordelia muttered under her breath. “The problem Buffy is that we have a multi million ton star ship sitting in high orbit over the planet, filled with technology that every government would kill to get their hands on. Not to mention the nuclear arsenal that rivals some of the nuclear powers. It’s big, and visible to anyone with even a hobby telescope. If where we are doesn’t have other Cylons, then both Sharon and I need to decide how we’re going to proceed from here. Not to mention how we, and Xander as well, are going to live given our physical changes.”

“Well, Xander's all buff now but Sunnydale Syndrome will take care of that,” Buffy said with a slight cock of her head.

“He also has a wife and a nine year old daughter,” Sharon barely kept from grinding her teeth together.

“Not to mention he’s aged ten years,” Cordelia stated flatly. “Wake up! This isn’t the sort of thing that even Sunnydale syndrome can cover.”

“But Giles will know how to fix it!” Buffy said brightly.

“How?” Sharon said with a snort.

“He’ll get Xander back to being Xander shaped!”

“Leaving me without a husband, and Dawn without a father,” Sharon stated flatly. She disliked this idea immensely.

“This wont be like when he got possessed with the Hyena. That was only mental. This is a whole order of magnitude more complicated Buffy.” Cordelia snapped. “Not to mention that he will not be happy with you if you just ‘fix’ him. You know him, he’s going to want to take responsibility for his kid.”

“Hungh? But he’s a slacker!”

“Buffy, this is the same person who once allowed three older boys to wail on him in order to get them expelled just to because they made Willow cry. He thinks of Willow as a sister… how much worse is he going to be about a kid?” Cordelia rolled her eyes as she said that. “Hades he threatened to kill you if she got hurt. I may think that he’s a fashionably challenged dweeb at times but I do not underestimate him or think he’s stupid. He keeps up in class with Willow, and he can match wits with me, neither is the mark of an idiot.”

“I… Look, we need guidance on what’s happened. We know where we can get guidance. So lets move the ship, and then take one of the smaller ships down to the planet and get the guidance that we all agree we need,” Buffy said in exasperation.

“Move the ship where?” Sharon asked. “I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said. The problem is where do we move the ship, and how we divide up on the smaller ships when we go down to the planet. I know I wouldn’t trust Six here to ride on the Heavy Raider. Before we could hit atmo our Raptor would be vapor.”

“Eight, you of all people should know that the circumstances change! We are the last of the Cylons. I cannot afford to be on my own against an entire planet full of humans. Before you know it they will have me on the vivisection tables and the Centurions all over their labs.” Cordelia said huffily. “I need you, much as it galls me to admit it, and I need your husband. If only to deflect pressure away from me.”

“I still want you in the Raptor,” Sharon said in a slightly less hostile voice.

“Agreed, but I get to bring at least one Centurion for my own protection,” Cordelia shot back.


“Um, didn’t you both miss the whole where do we put the ship question?” Buffy asked with a raised eyebrow. “I mean can we even move the ship? Don’t we need more people or something?”

“We can jump it,” Cordelia waived off her concern. “The brunet, the crazy one I mean, she seems to understand hyper.”

“I can do the calculations, it really just takes two people to turn the keys once that’s done.” Sharon flicked her head to the side and continued mentally. ‘Lets not let the primitive humans know what we can and cannot do with the ship. We’re going to need bargaining chips. Right now we have a big stick, but if they think we can’t use it then…’

“Far side of the moon should be far enough away, if my Cordelia memories are accurate that is.” Cordelia said aloud. ‘Smart… you don’t want to be under the humans thumb any more then I do.’

Unknown to the occupants of the Atlantia two-dozen military satellites had been focused on the ship since the first small craft had entered it the night before. Magic being as complex as it is none of the ships in orbit over Sunnydale had been fully in phase with this reality. That was changed for the Atlantia when one of the focus objects was inserted into the ship. Before then it had just represented a possibility, an open door as it were to the future, as had all of the other ships. Once the focus arrived on board, and the ship transited fully into the reality stream, the protections that all magic’s had faded away.

In Virginia NSA analyst teams plotted the arrival of the two small craft from hyper and their course out meticulously. The same thing was happening in Area 51, this time at the direction of an NID supervisor, and under NORAD, by a team of SGC specialists. Each team had found the mother ship that both small craft boarded, and turned a satellite to observe. Across the globe other teams of analysts in other countries did the same. Of all the satellites watching only one saw the whole sequence of events from the Raptors exit from hyperspace to it’s docking with the Atlantia, and that was an SGC satellite.

In England the location of the anomalous ship triggered an unusual alarm. While the regular military worked on a scientific explanation a small part of the Queen’s staff put a rather irritated call in to the Watchers Council. Sir Travers was dragged out of his bed and informed that the situation his organization had assured the Queen was well under control might have spilled out into the open. So a very irritated Travers got to work screaming at his underlings.

When the Atlantia, without any prior warning, disappeared into hyper Intel agencies hit the panic button. Satellites were re-tasked to scan the sky for the massive ship, even as reports were formulated for high governmental officials. Because of the panic only one satellite stayed over Sunnydale, watching the town from on high. So the return of both small craft was reported only to General George Hammond. Instead of the flood of governmental teams heading to the small town in California only one was called in.
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