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Sunnydale Cylons, and their Toaster Lovers.

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Summary: My First attempt at multi chapter story, answering the Ship of the Line Challenge. Xander and Cordelia choose nBSG costumes.

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Disclaimer: This is a work of Fan Fiction; I make no claims to the Ownership of BtVS, Stargate, or NBSG. All belong to their creators.

Cordelia Chase was having a bad day, so naturally she was doing her best to spread it around. She had reserved a costume from party town over a week ago only to attempt to pick it up and discover that it had been double rented. Not only that but the idiot sales boy had rented it to Harmony Kendall. Of course she only found this out when she arrived at school and found Harmony actually wearing part of the costume. There were times she despaired, actually wearing part of your costume to school? How tacky was that? Oh, she knew why Harmony had done it. It wasn’t every day one of her sheep got the best of Queen C.

Naturally she had taken this opportunity to cut Harmony back down to size, in front of the whole school. It was just her luck that odious little troll had happened by when she was in the middle of reinforcing the proper order of things. Worse luck was that she was in the middle of comparing the air brained bimbo to JC Penny reject and he had just had a run in with the freak squad. Which directly lead to why she was in this run down hole of a shop looking for a costume to lead brats around in.

Grinding her teeth Cordelia listened to the library freaks arguing and tried to tune them out while searching for something decent. Mostly she was trying to stay out of sight, she didn’t want it getting around that she was shopping in such a hole. She would have pushed through and gone straight for the good stuff, had those three not been arguing by the counter. Finally, after what felt like ages of listening to them bicker the bleached wonder and her sidekick left. Harris was still there, but Harris was no threat. He did have a tongue on him, but Cordelia enjoyed their banter.

Marching up to the counter and surveying the costumes held behind it Cordelia ignored him, knowing that he would be rummaging through the bargain bins. Much as she tried to deny it she did occasionally feel bad for the loser. He might be a Dweeb, but no one deserved his home life. She was well aware of just why he wore those monstrosities, not that she would admit that in front of her sheep. Given what had happened earlier in the day it looked like bleach for brains had left him in yet another socially unviable situation. He would need to come up with a manly costume, but of course he wouldn’t have the money for it.

Cordelia shook her head in disgust as she looked over the costumes. Most were completely unworkable. They either showed to little skin, leaving her looking like a frumpy old maid, or they showed too much skin for even Harmony to consider. Just about the only acceptable costume was in a set. Suddenly she had one of her better ideas, if she bought the set she could use it to get Harris in her debt and take revenge on Harmony for her utter humiliation earlier today. It was a rather gleeful Cordelia who stomped over to the bargain bin. She sniffed when she noted that Harris was trying to piece together a rifle from broken parts.

“Dweeb,” Cordelia said in her haughtiest voice.

“Harpy?” Harris responded to the challenge beautifully.

“I have a proposal for you,” She cocked her eyebrow as he looked up at her.

“Yes?” Harris’s voice was… blank.

“You have something on Rosenberg, yes?” Harris’s cautious nod made her grin predatorily. “Good, if you can get her to do a little favor for me I’ll give you the second part of the set of costumes that I intend to buy.”

“What are you planning?” Harris rose to his feet, reminding her that despite his bad fashion sense the boy did have some muscle mass and height going for him.

“Take a look,” Cordelia indicated the two costumes that were behind the counter. She could see desire building in him. It was always a good thing to bait your hook with the right bait.

“One favor with Willow to be cashed in later?” Harris asked in a very distracted voice.

“No, one favor from you and one favor you extort out of Rosenberg,” Cordelia replied caustically. She had already decided that she was going to get that sheer red dress and white coat combination. Screw Halloween, the clothes that made up the costume would look good on her anytime of the year, it was almost designer level. Getting Harris to agree to do her favors was just icing on the cake as far as she was concerned.

“Costume guy,” Cordelia’s voice rang through the shop, “Yes you, creepy English costume guy.”

“How may I help you?” The sleazy voice of the shops proprietor came from almost directly behind her. With iron control Cordelia prevented herself from jumping, and turned smoothly.

“That costume set, Ring it up.” She asked in her usual I’m better then you voice while holding out her credit card.

“One moment please,” The creep aid accepting her credit card and heading towards the back room.

“So… tonight shouldn’t have anything freaky going on right?” Cordelia asked with a voice full of menace.

“Nope, according to both the G-Man and Dead Boy no self respecting freak would do anything tonight.” Xander replied with a lopsided grin. “According to them, well, it would be tacky…”

“Humph,” Cordelia snorted. “As if Giles would know tacky… Still, the rules of fashion will prevail, even on the fashionably challenged it would seem.”

“Would this Giles be Rupert Giles?” The creepy proprietor had returned and was taking down the costumes.

“Yep, good old G-man,” Xander chirped in a chipper voice. “Is this some weird English thing where you all know each other?”

“No, he is an old friend though, give me a moment to give these costumes a once over,” the proprietor disappeared into the back of the shop.

It took ten minutes before they could get out of the shop. Still Cordelia felt rather good about how this particular shopping trip had turned out. Even if she had been nice to Harris she had gotten something out of it, and she had a rather high-class costume or tonight. It was actually better then her first choice. Seriously who sold a Hilfiger jacket with an only slightly off label dress and a pair of Pradas as a Halloween costume. Whoever this ‘Six’ person was supposed to be, at least they had taste.

A/N I rather like the idea of the ship of the line challenge, but wanted a less overpowered xander then was presented. This is my attempt to both answer this challenge and not have a Super Xander. Instead what i'm trying for in a more ensamble piece. That and the idea of Cylon's in the Buffy SGC verse makes me giggle.
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