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Summer Calling

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Summary: Angel's thoughts as he drives away from Sunnydale. Away from Buffy.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Angel/BuffycloudleonsgurlFR1514500241323 Jan 1323 Jan 13Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing. It belongs to its respective owners and I am just writing this for amusement only.

Summary: Angel's thoughts as he drives away from Sunnydale. Away from Buffy.

Set: End of Season 3

This was actually really tough for me since Angel is not one of my favs. But I decided to branch out of my comfort zone. Hope you enjoy! :D

The car was barely holding together, it squealed and jerked and vaguely smelled of day old pizza. But none of that bothered Angel. No his thoughts were back in Sunnydale, back on his bright, shining girl whose heart he had taken and broken, leaving it at her feet for someone else--someone good, someone alive--to pick up and fix.

And when it hurts for me
I never felt so empty
Then the rain has its way

It took everything in his undead body not to turn the car around and run back to her, take her into his arms, telling he didn't mean it. That they would find a way to be together no matter what, that he would give that wedding, that he loved her endlessly and would do anything for her.

No matter what.

Those summer mornings
You kissed me out of my next dream
Then without warning
It goes away.

But he couldn't go back.

His fingers gripped the steer wheel, the piece of plastic and metal threatening to break under his hands. He couldn't go back. Couldn't do that because those promises, of happiness and a future would be hollow. That happy ending just wasn't for them, even his undying love for her was not enough.

And in the end, they'd be back where they were. In a painful and vicious cycle, where they ended up hurting each other more and more until they broke. And he couldn't watch her Buffy break. Not again.

He didn't want to hurt her anymore.

So he was leaving. Leaving to outrun the pain. Leaving to give her a chance of happiness, even if that happiness was not with him.

And then it goes
And then it goes
And then it... goes

She's better off without me, Angel thought staring at the stretch of road in front of him. It hurt. God, how it hurt. Part of him would rather face the sun and burn than leave Buffy. It would hurt a whole lot less.

Search to find you somewhere
As winds began to sway
Got in my car and just
Drive, Drive

He stepped on the gas. The faster he got away from Sunnydale, the faster he could put this pain behind him.

Those summer mornings
I danced inside your warm embrace
You hear me calling
And now you're gone...

Good bye, Angel thought, tears in his eyes. Buffy.

RRS are appreciated.

The song is 'Summer Calling' by Andain. I don't own it.

The End

You have reached the end of "Summer Calling". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking