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Summary: Patrick Jane is trapped in two worlds he doesn't know which is real and which isn't? He doesn't know which he would rather stay in either.

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Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11

"She didn't make it." She asked again for confirmation.

"I'm sorry. You did stop the bleed at the scene but Andy Mayer was older than she looked and well her heart couldn't take the trauma."

"Did someone tell Jane? Please tell me that no one told him yet?" she asked alarmed.

"No, he has a visitor right now a Van Pelt? She's a part of your team correct?" he asked for confirmation.

"Yes, how long has she been in there?"

"Oh since he woke up, he even fell asleep a few times but she said she would stay she didn't want him to wake up alone."

"Well let's go, I really want to see him and I'm going to have to tell him about his mother so let's go." She winced as she rose from her bed.

"Wait I'm not sure you understand what happened in there?"

"You told me that things might be different, he knew Van Pelt he's going to fine."

"I just want you to be prepared that things might not be the same with him. Now the scans don't show any permanent damage but what happened to him was sort of like stroke we don't know what he might have to come back from."

"It doesn't matter what he has to come through, he'll have me to get him through it. He just lost his mother but its fine. I love him." She stated firmly not even waiting for the doctor to lead the way.


This time when he woke up his head was clearer. He knew where he was but there was something wrong. He needed to find something, his mom. She was gone now he knew that, he knew the minute that she left. Then he remembered he woke up and the tube was down his throat and Van Pelt was there. The tube!

When Lisbon walked in she wasn't shocked to find one Patrick Jane trying to pull the tube from down his throat. She went to the side of his bed but she couldn't stop the smile that was on her face the doctor was afraid that he was going to be impaired he was still her Jane.

"Mr. Jane, you have to be calm and we're going to take the tube out.

Lisbon went to the side of the bed and took Jane's hand. She wasn't surprised when Van Pelt took this moment to leave. She had seen this done only once with her father and it's not a good thing to witness."

Jane hated hospitals and that thing when they said that it was like blowing out a candle was such a crock. It hurt it felt like, well it felt like a tube was being pulled from his body.

"Okay Mr. Jane, I'm going to go and get a nurse and we're going to do some assessments but first I think Teresa would like a moment with you. I don't want you to try and talk yet, that can be a bit uncomfortable" then he exited the room.

Okay this was the moment she could do this. She could discuss silly things like loving him and wanting to be with him forever later. Right now she needed to tell him that his mother had passed. She looked down and he was looking at her but something was off.

"Jane your mother, your mother helped us solve the case. It was a Thomas Snaps. He was the photographer at all the schools. He had been picking the girls. He wanted to prey on the weak and the disabled. He made them feel special. That's was how he got them to trust them. The first one was an accident but after that I guess he just snapped."

She watched as he took all of this in. His facial expressions were weird. He was looking in the corner at something that she couldn't see and then he turned towards the door. Then she thought about what his mother had been telling her the whole time.

"You know don't you? I tried Jane I really did, but he had a knife. She wasn't alone when it happened and she didn't suffer."

She was almost afraid to look back up at him. She was afraid that he would have look of disappointment on his face, that he would hate her because she wasn't able to help his mom. She couldn't see that look on his face, not after she knew how much she loved him. She was overwhelmed when his hand came up in an attempt to touch her shoulder. A single tear had escaped his eye and it broke her heart. He tried to reach for again and failed and that's when she noticed there was something wrong with his hand.

The doctor had told her that things could be wrong with him but this was too much. The speech, the way every time he reached for her his hand would just fall almost boneless. She knew that her mind was trying to process this to no avail, she could only imagine the horror that he must be feeling.

"Jane, what's the matter? Patrick, tell me what's wrong?" she asked him panicked. She took his hand in hers when he failed the third time to touch her.

"Li…Li…Lisnon." He said incoherently. He began to panic what was wrong with him? He was scared and he tried but he failed he collapsed in a spell of uncontrollable sobs.

Lisbon didn't know what was going on. She was scared, something was wrong and he was scared as she took him in her arms and he really let go of everything. Even his cries were a bit off.

How could this be happening to him? It was unfair; he had just lost his mother. He didn't have much left, but his mind. His beautiful mind, it was always so full of knowledge and skill.

"It's okay Patrick, I'm so sorry. We'll get through this, I'm here. I love you." There she said it.

Jane froze. She had said it. She had said it hadn't she? Everything was like a pond of murky water but he could've sworn that she had said she loved him. He glanced up at her and to see her crying broke his heart. Then he decided that he would take advantage of this situation. Besides something was obviously wrong with him he could literally chalk it up to brain damage later. He leaned in and kissed her like he wanted too for the longest time, and his heart melted a little bit when she kissed him back.


Grace Van Pelt had decided to go back to the room and see how Jane was after they removed him from the ventilator. She was stunned yet happy when she saw them kissing. She didn't know what was going on but she had a feeling that she was witnessing the beginning of something huge.

The End…..

There you have it folks. That's it look for the untitled Sequel soon. Would you rather it now or something else from the Mentalist beforehand? Alright so that the end doesn't make you all sad here's a sneak peek of the still untitled sequel…

Jane hated his physical therapist. The tools that she said would assist him were for shit. His hand still wasn't any better. He used the tool to grasp the side of his bed and eased himself into it. He was just settling down for a nice nap when his bedroom door flew open.

"What the hell Jane?" A very angry Lisbon shouted as she entered with Sammy on her heels.

"What?" he grumbled.

"Don't you what me? I saw you, well scratch that I not only saw you wobbling away from the scene I heard you mouthing off at the officer on scene so that tells me that your vocabulary has picked up wouldn't you say?" she asked tapping her foot for confirmation.

"Maybe." He replied, taking a sip from his tea and trying not to doze in front of her. It had been a full day and he truly was tired.

"Teresa you see that he's tired, maybe you should come back later." Sammy told her.

"Come back later, come back later! I live here, that's my bed. I mean someone needs to tell me what the hell is going on right now. I'm in a bank trying to talk down a gunmen and the next thing I see outside is my boyfriend trying to break a barricade. He can barely walk, and barely speak or so I thought. Surprise, when I hear him calling Det. Jones a son of a bitch and trying to smack him with his cane."

Jane couldn't help but smile at Lisbon's words; she was so cute when she was worked up. He quickly made his face return to a mask of peaceful sleep when she turned around to face him.

"Someone tell me what's going on right now or so help me!"

The End

You have reached the end of "Awake". This story is complete.

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