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Summary: Patrick Jane is trapped in two worlds he doesn't know which is real and which isn't? He doesn't know which he would rather stay in either.

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Chapter One

Patrick Jane knew that he was late. Lisbon had called him a good forty five minutes ago and gave him the address to their newest case but he just couldn't drag himself from bed to go. He didn't know what was wrong with him the past few days. He felt drained and that headache that he had been getting now was back with a couple more friends. It hurt so bad he couldn't see straight. Just as soon as he felt himself drifting back off his cellphone rang.

"Hey." He answered.

"Don't you hey me, Jane we are here waiting on you to do your thing. Have you even left your place?" Teresa Lisbon shouted into his ear causing his headache to worsen.

"I think, yes I think it's time I use one of those sick days." He whispered.

After taking note to his hushed tones she started to feel a little concern for her consultant.

"Jane, are you okay?" she asked genuinely concerned.

After hear the concern in her voice Jane decided that no matter how horrible he felt he just couldn't take listening to Lisbon's voice dripping with pity. Pity from her was irksome.

"I'll be there in ten minutes." He hung up before he could change his mind.

"Did you get a hold of Jane?" Van Pelt asked.

"Yea, he said he was sick but then he recanted."

Teresa noticed the look on her fellow agents face.

"What is it?" she asked.

"It's probably nothing but yesterday, he slept the afternoon away on the couch."

"Yesterday was a slow day. How is that different than any other?"

"Well he made his tea and didn't drink it. He said it tasted funny, and have you noticed lately he looked so tired."

She had noticed. She wouldn't want her agents to know but she had noticed a change in the man. She would have to observe him closer once he got there.

Van Pelt spotted him first as he practically staggered into the crime scene. Charlie Xavier had been murdered last night. The weird thing was she had been missing for the past week. She had gone missing without a trace, stolen from her bedroom. Now as if by magic she was returned to her family just as she was stolen only difference was that she was dead.

"You alright Jane?" Van Pelt asked concerned.

"Never better." He smiled but it didn't quite reach his eyes.

He slowly circled the body trying to see what he could find. She was young; she couldn't be any older than 14 or 15 years old. Her eyes were what caught him off guard, they were green, so green yet at first glance they looked almost blue. He knew eyes like that, eyes like his. Her killer hadn't killed her maliciously, he had given her something to make her pass in her sleep, but she had an allergic reaction and it ended violently. He took extra care when he bathed her and put her in fresh pajamas. Her makeup was immaculate and she smelt of strawberries and cream. Right when it hit his nose he knew he had to get out of there. He quickly ran from the room ignoring the calls from both Lisbon and Van Pelt.

When Lisbon rounded the corner she was shocked at what she saw. The usually calm and collected Patrick Jane was throwing up in the bushes. If he was drunk and puking up her crime scene so help her she would have his ass.

"Jane!" she shouted.

When he looked up she had never been more frightened in her life. His face was white as a sheet, so white that his green eyes were stark and blank. There was blood coming from his nose. He looked at it shocked and wiped it away with a shaky hand.

"Lisbon!" he shouted and walked towards her.

She was scared but she was crossing the distance to him and taking out her cellphone at the same time. Before she finished dialing 911 Jane collapsed like a broken ragdoll.

Patrick woke with a start. He looked around and noticed that he was in hospital. He tried to think of what had happened. It all had come back to him. He had a headache and he was at the crime scene. All of a sudden it was like he was under water and there was this loud pop and then everything went dark.

He was pulled from his thoughts because he felt movement at the bottom of his bed. He expected the auburn locks Teresa Lisbon to be at the foot of his bed but instead there was a blonde head that he couldn't place. A young woman from what he could tell by the side of her face that was visible. She also had scar that she was trying to cover by makeup but he could see it clearly. He tried to remember where he had seen it before but everything was so foggy and when he thought his head really hurt to the point he couldn't stifle a loud moan escaping which caused the girl to look up shocked.

Then he saw it, those green eyes that looked almost blue, and the eyes of his late daughter.

"Daddy!" she shrieked as she rushed to the head of the bed giving him a big hug. "I was so scared; we got here just as soon as we got the call."

His head was spinning even more now. Nothing made any sense. His daughter was there and she was fourteen, but he knew that was impossible she died when she was seven. Before he could say anything else the door opened.

"God damn it Jane! Do you realize how asinine that was?"

He smiled now this was something that made sense.

"Angela was beside herself when I finally got a hold of her, she'll be here soon. I got Charlie first of course, because she was keeping your couch warm down at the CBI. For the last time you are not a cop you consult. I know that this was a lead to Red John but you have to let us do our job." She paused when she noticed he was looking at her funny.

"Jane?" she asked concerned.

"This is wrong. This is all wrong, who is she? I don't know her." He asked almost panicked.

"Dad what's the matter? It's me, it's Charlotte. What happened out there Aunt Teresa they say that the bullet just grazed his head. What happened to my daddy?"

"Patty!" a voice from the doorway shouted.

This was the moment. This was the moment that Patrick Jane didn't care what kind of world that he was in but there was his Angela and she was hugging him, and she was kissing him and before he knew it he was crying. He was crying because she was there with him, both of them were and they were alive.

"Patty, I came as soon as I heard, are you okay?" she asked cupping his face.

"I-I guess that it's just the accident, I really don't feel well." He told her which was saying something really.

"Of course you don't going in a building and you don't even have a gun, how many times Patty must Teresa and I explain to you that you are not a cop and you can't keep getting yourself into these situations."

"I really don't remember much of what happened." He sighed sinking into his pillows.

"Its fine, you rest." She rose to rise from the bed.

"Don't go." He reached out panicked.

"Its fine Patty, I will be here when you wake up I'm going to go and talk to your doctor. You rest."

"Yea rest dad, I'm going to sit right here." Charlotte told him taking a seat.

He was scared to sleep. What if when he woke up all of this was over and he was back at that crime scene with the dead girl with Charlotte's eyes and both she and Angela were gone? No he wouldn't sleep, he couldn't he wouldn't lose them again. Try as he might just as soon as he felt himself getting comfortable the sleep came and he succumbed to it.

Teresa Lisbon was terrified. She had no idea that Jane had been so sick once again he had been keeping things from her. When he collapsed before her she didn't know what to think, and now they are running these test, and then he made her his medical proxy. Why? Didn't he have family? She knew what was going on with his father but what about his mother? He never talked about her where was she? Now she had been waiting for a half hour and no one had said a word to her.

"Teresa Lisbon?" a doctor asked as he approached her.

"Yea, that's me. How's Jane? Can I see him?"

"He did regain consciousness for a few minutes but he was severely disoriented. At first he was calling for you but then he began having a conversation with a Charlotte?" the doctor silently asked.

"That's the name of his late daughter; she and her mother were murdered nine years ago.

"I'm guessing that would be an Angela, he spoke of her too. He is once again resting peacefully but he may be awake soon. We haven't had the time to tell him what we found on the CAT scan. I'll show you to his room. You can go and sit with him if you like. I'm sure that when he wakes up and finds out that he's going to need you."

She walked quietly down the hall to the private room that Jane had been moved too. It was nice and well decorated. She thought to herself that he must have some good insurance to have a room like this, he would be here awhile. Well she knew honestly that he probably wouldn't be there any longer than an hour but they had high hopes of him staying longer. How could this be happening? She knew that he had a headache a lot lately. He had told her, but she thought it was stress of everything. Now he was sitting there and she didn't like the look on his face. She took his hand that was too clammy for him at the moment.

"Come on Jane wake up." She whispered as she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

Jane jolted awake, someone was calling his name. He could've sworn it was Lisbon. She sounded so broken and afraid. Why? He had just talked to her hadn't he, or was that a dream. He continued to lie with his eyes closed. He knew that he was in a hospital and part of him was afraid to let on that he truly was awake. He didn't want to open his eyes and see that it truly was a dream and they were gone.

"Patty I know your awake." Came the teasing voice of one Angela Jane.

"How long was I asleep?" Jane asked as he stretched which caused a flicker of pain to run through his entire body.

"Awhile, they say that's normal though you've been through a trauma. Charlotte went to get something to eat so we can talk alone. You can't keep doing these types of things Patty. I know that you want Red John for what he did to us but we're fine. Charlotte is getting better with crowds and she's making new friends at her new school. She's even agreed to have her picture taken next week the school has a new photographer." She explained.

"New photographer?" he questioned.

"Yes, he told her she had nice bone structure. You should've heard her talk about him earlier everyone at the school adore him. I see that you are barely able to stay awake. Go ahead and go back to sleep. I'm going to be right here when you wake up." She smiled down on him.

"You promise?" he felt himself asking.

"Of course sweetheart, I'm going to be right here. You just rest, you're safe and nothing is going to happen to any of us." She squeezed his hand soothingly. It was funny; it was almost as if someone else had been holding that hand before she took it.

He felt himself drifting off to sleep. Everything was so confusing.

"No." Patrick moaned.

This was the first sound he had made in the last four hours and Lisbon leaped to her feet and took his hand again.

"Can you hear me Jane? It's me Lisbon. Come on Jane, open those eyes for me.

Something was very wrong, this was not like when he fell asleep. When Angela promised to be there with him his had a little headache. That was believable when they told him how the bullet had grazed his skull, but this was too much. He wanted know he knew that he was going to vomit. The vanilla scent of Lisbon's shampoo and that antiseptic smell that all hospitals had was going to make the rest of that bear claw that he had for breakfast.

"Lisbon." He groaned as he lifted his head quick enough to lean over his bed to upchuck on the floor adjacent to his visitor.

Although Lisbon was happy to see that he was finally awake, it hurt deeply to find that he was still nauseous. Although she was Patrick's medical proxy they hadn't shared the full diagnosis with her because they were certain that he would wake. Now she just had to wait until a Dr. Argentina came in to give them the verdict. She didn't know why she felt so scared.

"Oh hey Lisbon, you didn't have to come back." He beamed that his partner cared enough to come back.

"Come back, did you think that I'd leave you now. I was so scared when you collapsed at the scene. Jane why didn't you tell me the headaches were so severe?"

"Headaches, Lisbon what are you-?" he stopped mid-sentence.

He knew. He knew it had to be a dream, but it felt so real. She was there at the foot of his bed. So beautiful and energetic, but most importantly she was alive. How could that be? He never went to sleep. He told himself to stay awake and he had, and when he awoke Angela was there. With her deep brown hair and green eyes, the eyes he loved. She had promised to be there when he woke up, that was real, and that was real. He wanted that back, he needed Charlotte. He was going to tell Lisbon that she needed to leave and bring back his Charlotte.

Lisbon was afraid, after Jane had woken up and vomited he lied back on the bed and now he was just looking at her but something was off.

"Jane?" she asked.

"Lisbon the water is wet. I need a table." He said.

"What?" she asked confused.

"A table, I need a table. It's wet all wet!" he panicked.

"Jane, are you okay?" she was scared and before she knew it she'd climbed on the bed beside him and taken his hand.

"Orange! Orange, take it back someone's watching. The sky is down, it's down!" he babbled incoherently.

That was it, she pressed the nurse's call button on the side of the bed and held Patrick tighter. She didn't like what was going on inside of his head. A part of her wanted to run out and make the nurse's get in there quicker but when she saw the panic in his eyes she knew this is where she belonged.

"It's okay Patrick, I'm not going anywhere." She tried to soothe him.

"Lisbon, you fell on the latch. It was closed and I….I… me Lisbon!"

Lisbon gasped because that was the first coherent thing he'd said all night and then his body went rigid and he began to convulse.

"Someone get in here now!" she shouted when the nurse finally answered his call.

"Lisbon!" Jane shouted up in the bed.

"It's okay sweetheart its fine, Charlotte get a nurse tell them he's awake." Angela told her daughter who quickly left the room.

Jane quickly began to look around the room. "What the hell was going on?" he thought to himself. He knew that this couldn't be true but he liked this world better. He was happy he had his family. As he clung to his wife as she comforted him he decided one thing for sure. Whatever he did he had to stay awake.
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