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Slayers in New York

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Summary: Just as the Chitauri are about to send the bulk of their army through, two petite women walk up to the avengers. Who are these two? Black Widow/Buffy Hawkeye/Faith

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Multiple PairingsSelonianthFR1332,92643813,27124 Jan 1319 Apr 13Yes

Loki Wakes

Disclaimer: Don’t own anyone... yet. Maybe if I can get Stan-Lee and Joss Whedon to like me enough... hmmmmmm... jk.


Loki looked up from the small crater he was in and found himself looking into the weapons of every Avenger, plus a battleaxe blessed by some deity and, the trickster god stilled. Every other weapon there, save for mjolnir, could cause pain, but not death. The red axe at his throat however, it was old... worry filling his body he froze, as he slowly backed away, sliding on the ground. “Would you please remove that red axe from my throat. Please!?”

Thor paused at Loki’s words, Loki was never polite to anyone not of Asgard. He simply wasn’t. This prompted him to take a closer look at the axe in the blonde’s hands. His eyes widened, “Lady Buffy, I would ask you to acquiesce to my brother’s request.”

Buffy paused and turned to look at the thunder-god. “Can I ask why?”

“That axe... it’s old. Older than we are,” Thor informed her his brain trying to remember what weapon it was.

Buffy nodded, still quizzical. “It’s called the Scythe... and yea, it’s about fifty-thousand years old... why?”

Tony shrugged and walked off to get the drink, he wanted one anyway, while Loki slowly sat up, keeping his hands fully visible. Loki’s eyes never moved from the red axe.

“Lady Buffy, that weapon is actually capable of killing me or Loki.”

“That thing can kill a god?” Natasha asked, slightly annoyed being called strawberry, she’d have to change that little nickname, she had a feeling they’d be working with these two a lot in the future.

Tony piped in from the bar, “Not gods, powerful, durable humanoids. Still, if mean and green over there,” he paused to drink from his glass and point at the Hulk who grunted. “Can’t kill Loki by pounding the hell out of him, why can that little axe?”

Buffy hefted the Scythe one hand in the handle behind the blade and one down lower on the shaft. “This is the Slayer Scythe.”

Thor gave an ‘oh’ of understanding and Loki gave him an odd look. “You know I always paid better attention when our teachers were talking about mystical and supernatural weapons.”

Buffy nodded. “Why am I not surprised that you know what it is? Since you know what it is, I suppose you know what me and Faith are too?”

Thor gave a nod, confusing everyone except Loki, who had a slowly dawning understanding cross his face, though it somehow never did quite eclipse his worry. “Well met Slayer. When did you fall through the portal to get here?”

“These two aren’t even human?” Captain America asked looking at Faith and Buffy.

“They’re just as human as you are,” Loki replied. “They’re from a different universe entirely, I wasn’t aware there were two however.” This got a nod from Thor confirming his statement.

Faith snorted, she was somewhat insulted the trickster god wasn’t concerned with her axe, Willow had empowered it for her, but the fact that he was worried about the scythe wasn’t that surprising. “You guys must not be up to current events from where we’re from then. B hasn’t been the only slayer in what... ten, eleven years?”

Buffy did a quick bit of math in her head and nodded. “Somethin’ like that. See, I died. Drowned ‘s a matter of fact.”

Natasha stated deadpan, “You died.”

Buffy nodded, it had been hard to talk about for a bit, then Glory had happened, then she’d healed and just plain gotten over it, “Friend gave me CPR, I got better but that called the next slayer... then four years later I died again. That one was a doozy, jumped off a tower to save my sister’s life, died on impact.”

Tony “You died twice?”

“Three times actually, if you count my heart stopping for a second after I got shot twice.”

Hawkeye just stared at her, his face seemingly neutral but Natasha could see his shock. Not many people in the world could claim they’d died, multiple times. Her and Barton were the only two in shield that she knew of and neither one of them had died three times, and never from something like jumping off a tower.

“How’d you come back from the tower thing? CPR doesn’t fix that.”

Buffy frowned, normally she didn’t talk about it with people who didn’t already know, but this was a different dimension, “Witch friend of mine thought I was in a hell dimension, resurrected me. Kinda sucked, I was in heaven.”

“Such things are forbidden magic!” Loki swore, everyone’s eyes going to him with an incredulous look to them. “What? There are some lines you just don’t cross. Nothing I’ve done has been forbidden magic.”

“Loki is right, such arts are forbidden in all realms,” Thor spoke, his voice slightly horrified at the concept of someone being torn from the afterlife, especially a person who had been fighting their entire adult life and was finally at peace. Such warriors would become Valkyries in this dimensional bubble.

“Yea, we know... now. They didn’t at the time, it’s ok though. She paid for her mistakes, she’s probably still paying for them if I know her,” Buffy replied, muttering the last bit under her breath.

Thor nodded with understanding.

The rest of the Avengers though, were staring at Buffy with horrified looks on their faces.

“Don’t give me that face. Yes, I was in heaven for three months. Yes, I got ripped out of heaven. Yes, it sucked. No, I’m not still scarred by it, you’d be surprised what a person can heal from with motivation. Anything else?”

A chorus of no’s echo’d at her, Loki the only one who didn’t say it because he was still eyeing the scythe in her hand.

“Fury’s gonna love you.” Tony snarked with a grin on his face.
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