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Slayers in New York

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Summary: Just as the Chitauri are about to send the bulk of their army through, two petite women walk up to the avengers. Who are these two? Black Widow/Buffy Hawkeye/Faith

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Multiple PairingsSelonianthFR1332,92643813,27124 Jan 1319 Apr 13Yes

Slayers in New York

Disclaimer: Don’t own Avengers or BtVS. Owned by Marvel Comics and Joss Whedon respectively.

The Avengers had just watched Hulk destroy one of the leviathans and were taking in the screams of rage from the Chitauri warriors that surrounded them when the team heard heels clicking their way toward the Avengers. Natasha was the first to sight the source, two young women, one blonde the other brunette and both armed for combat walking toward the team with a playful gait.

“Ya know B. All this fun and no one thought to invite us? Isn’t that rude?” The brunette asked the blonde next to her with a grin when they were getting to the Avengers.

“I think it is F. We are in the world savin business afterall.” The blonde replied with an equally saucy grin.

“Erm... Excuse me, but who are you?” Barton asked the two who looked like they were ready to go seriously medieval on someone. Literally judging by their weapons. They had more knives than even Natasha would know what to do with, a bow over their left shoulder and quiver on their right hip, broadsword over their right shoulder, the brunette had a regular, if there is such a thing with these two, battleaxe over her left shoulder and the blonde had a blood red axe on hers.

“Us Mr. Yummy-Salty-Goodness?” The brunette asked with an eye raking bite of her lip.

“We’re on your side,” the blonde informed them, giving a similar look over to Natasha.

“I’m Faith. This is Buffy,”

“Buffy?” Tony’s voice laughed.

The blonde’s head snapped in his direction with a penetrating glare, her manner instantly changed from playful to predator. “Yes. My name is Buffy. Got a problem with that?”

“He doesn’t, he really really doesn’t,” Natasha assured the blonde, “He has a big mouth. Gets him into trouble all the time.”

Buffy spun back and smiled a megawatt smile at the redhead. “Anyway, we heard there was going to be a big fight, world endage worthy, and we decided we might as well drop in to help.”

Anything else they were gonna say was cut off by the arrival of reinforcements.

“Cap. Your call,” Tony said, instantly serious and focused on the matter of defending manhattan.

Steve Rogers took a moment to consider the surroundings. “Me and Natasha will stay here, we need to keep this fight contained. Barton, I want you up on that building, eyes everywhere, calling out strays and patterns. Thor, bottleneck that portal, you’ve got the lightning, now bring the thunder.”

Thor nodded, spinning up his hammer to lift-off.

“Stark, you’re perimeter anything gets too far out you turn it back or you turn it to ash.”

Barton nodded turning to Stark. “Gimme a lift?”

“I’m coming too,” Faith added.

Stark nodded in the suit with a grin hidden behind his mask. “Clench up Legolas, Galadriel.” He warned before he grabbed Barton and Faith’s respective quiver harness and lifted them into place with his repulsors before he head up to try and draw attention from the Chitauri who were already heading out from the portal.

“Hulk?” Captain America started, the big green guy turning his way with a grunt. The patriotic Avenger pointed up and said one word, “Smash.”

The Hulk just grinned and jumped immediately to start obliterating the footsoldiers in the immediate vicinity before he moved on to the Leviathans.

Cap turned to the one member of the party he hadn’t addressed. “You...”

“I’m staying here. As if I could let Strawberry out of my sight,” Buffy grinned with another appreciative look at Natasha, before she pulled the bow off her shoulder, nocked an arrow and put it through a Chitauri’s head without looking. “Well? What’re we waiting for.”
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