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We walk on

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Summary: Follows my OC through season 1 of The Walking Dead so will contain spoilers. Read chapter 1 for more info. Amy/OC. Review?

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Chapter 4

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own The Walking Dead. I only own my OC. This chapter is based on the episode "Tell it to the frogs" of season 1. You might recognize events/sentences from the show.

Please review and give feedback or ideas! Always welcome. I'm also at
AllenPitt: Thanks for the reviews!

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"We walk on"
-Chapter 4-

Mathew sat next to Dale on top of the RV keeping watch and just enjoying sitting on a camp chair instead of a log. He had to take use to what little comfort he could get today. He saw Lori cutting Carl's hair despite the boy's objections and Matt couldn't help to think about how his own hair probably needed some trimming. He should next time look in the mirror to see how much he had changed.

"Do you hear that?" Matt said suddenly and sat up straighter in his seat on the RV and looked at Dale. He could barely make out some sort of wailing noise. Whatever it was, the noise was getting louder. The noise seemed to be a car alarm echoing through the trees. Everyone in the camp jumped up, looking around for the sound.

"Talk to me, Dale!" Shane shouted as he came nearer the RV where Dale was above the RV with his binoculars clutched in his hands.

"Can't tell yet…" He focused the binoculars and noticed a red sports car speeding along a ridge among the trees, skidding recklessly. "I'll be damned" he murmured.

"What do you see Dale" Matt asked urgently.

"Stolen car is my guess." Dale answered loudly so that everyone below on the ground could hear him.

The red sports car approached the camp fast, skidding to stop with Glenn exiting through the passenger door with a large grin on his face. Everyone in camp ran over to Glenn.

"Holy crap, turn that damn thing off!" Dale shouted.

"I don't know how," Glenn replied.

Shane kept shouting to pop the hood to Glenn at the same time Amy kept demanding where her sister was. Quickly Glenn pops the hood and Jim who is right next to the car lifted the hood and pulled a wire making the alarm stop. Amy continues to ask questions about Andrea, "Is she okay? Why isn't she with you?" to Glenn while everyone ears are ringing.

"She's okay!" Glenn shouts over her. "Everybody is… well, Merle not so much."

"You crazy trying to drive this thing up here? You wanna draw every walker from miles?" Shane half-shouted angrily through gritted teeth ignoring what Glenn said about Merle.

"I think we're okay," Dale said slowly. "The alarm was echoing all over these hills. Hard to pinpoint the source." Shane stood straight, glaring at Dale. "I'm not arguing. I'm just saying." Dale stopped as a white cube van approached, pulling up behind the sports car.

Amy and Andrea had an emotional reunion hugging as did Morales with his family. Lori tried making Carl feel better about not having his father here after watching the happy reunions. Matt shared a one arm hug with Glenn happy that his roommate and friend made it back safe. Afterwards Glenn happily explains how the group made it back safe thanks to the new guy, who was a police officer like Shane tells Morales. Turns out that the "new guy" was Lori's husband and Carl's father Rick. Rick tearfully holds his family in his arms tight while the rest of the group looked on dumbfounded.

Later that night with only the campfire as the source of light, Rick tells everyone his story from waking up disoriented from his coma and how he made it to Atlanta looking for Lori and Carl. Rick told Shane who grateful he was to him for taking care of his family. Matt wondered how grateful Rick would be if he found out about how Shane took "care" of Lori especially but Lori seemed to flicker a glare at Shane or at least Matt thought he saw a glare. Shane seemed to be the only one who were moody but the rest of the camp didn't seem to see that so Matt decided to not be put in the middle of the "love triangle".

"Hey Ed?" Shane asked suddenly. "Wanna rethink that log?" The group looked up, pulled out of their own thoughts about family, friends and how they survived the Zombie Apocalypse so far. It seemed Ed had put a fresh log in his campfire but Shane didn't want Ed's fire to be seen from a distance.

"I said it's cold. Why dontcha mind your own business for once?" Ed called, lazily, resting his head back with his eyes closed. Shane stormed over to Ed and his fire to tell Ed with a dangerous edge in his voice to take that damn log out of the fire. Ed conceded deciding it wasn't worth it. Carol and Sophia sat nearby their fire meekly when Shane told them to have a good night.

Back at the group's campfire, except the Peletier family, the discussion about who or what to tell Daryl about what happened to Merle.

"We could lie…" Amy said slowly after a while.

"You can't be serious. Lies do nothing good, it's only going to come back and bite us in the ass." Matt said hotly letting his eyes wander over Lori for a moment before staring at Amy.

"We tell the truth," answered Andrea. "Merle was out of control. Something had to be done, or he'd have gotten us killed." She looked at Lori. "Your husband did what was necessary. Merle got left behind and it was nobody's fault."

"And that's what we tell Daryl?" Dale asked skeptically. "I don't see a rational discussion to be had from that, do you? Word to the wise..." he added, looking around at the group. "We're gonna have our hands full when he gets back from his hunt."

It seemed that T-Dog at least had chained the door with a padlock so no walkers could get to Merle. So it seemed that Merle was left alive in a handcuff on the roof alone. That was a hard thought for Matt and the most of the group to handle before leaving to go to bed with Shane on night watch.

"Hey, wait up!" Amy said before Matt could go in his and Glenn's tent for a night's sleep.

"Yeah?" Matt asked after he turned around to face Amy.

"I was just throwing an idea out there." Amy retorted defensively. "I'm not saying anything about lying all the time…".

"I didn't say anything Amy… no hard feelings okay? We both said what we wanted too." Matt answered confusedly.

"Oh, okay. I just didn't want you to think I'm a bad person that lies all the time." Amy blushed but was happy that it was too dark outside that Matt wouldn't notice.

"I don't think you're a bad person at all Amy. Just let's go to sleep." Matt smiled. "Night Ames," Matt turned and went in his tent.

"Ames?" Amy went to go to sleep with a large smile on her face.

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The next morning Carol was up early and left Matt his washed and ironed clothes before starting ironing Rick's uniform. Matt's job for the day was much to Glenn's dismay stripping down the red sports car for parts with Jim and Dale.

"Maybe you'll get to steal another one someday," Rick consoles him, patting him on the back before walking to his wife hanging up laundry.

"We need every part we can get and more fuel is important Glenn" Matt said trying to defend that he was stripping the car down for a good reason.

"Yeah but it still hurts man." Glenn answered sadly.

Suddenly the campers hear children screaming from the woods. Every man takes some sort of weapon around the campfire before running to where the screams originated. While Sophia and Carl where being hugged by their mothers the men comes across a walker eating a deer in a clearing. They beat on the walker until Dale decapitated it. Amy and Andrea are standing near, observing.

"This is the first one we've had up here. They never come this far up the mountain before."

"They're running out of food in the city, that's what," Jim explains.

"Fun for us," Matt muttering the comment under his breath sarcastically.

"What was that?" Glenn questioned.

"Nothing." Matt smiled falsely.

The group hears the bushes rustling and Shane raises his gun protectively. A man in a sleeveless t-shirt, Daryl Dixon, emerges from the woods carrying a crossbow and hauling over a dozen dead squirrels. He's upset that the walker ate the deer he'd been tracking for miles, and the food's been wasted. He cusses out the walker, kicking at its corpse, while Dale tries to tell him he's not solving anything by lashing out. That causes Daryl to lash out at Dale in return. The walker's decapitated head starts grinding it's teeth, growling, and Amy and Andrea take off disgusted. Daryl fires his crossbow into its skull.

"Come on people, what the hell? It's gotta be the brain! Don't y'all known nothin'?" he rebukes, before heading into camp shouting Merle's name wanting him to come.

Turns out that Daryl didn't like Rick and T-Dogs explanations about what happened to Merle and wanted to go get him. Rick, T-Dog and Glenn volunteered to go with Daryl feeling guilty about leaving a man trapped and alone. Shane is not happy about them going arguing that they need everybody to protect the camp incase more walkers show up. "You're putting every single one of us at risk" he tells Rick angrily. Shane only softens when Rick mentions the guns that he left behind outside the tank, 700 rounds. Guns are valuable in this new world after all. Rick, T-dog, Glen and Daryl take the cube van back into the city.

~**~ ~**~ ~**~ ~**~ ~**~ ~**~~**~ ~**~

Matt saw how Shane stormed in to his tent and figured that he wouldn't bother him. When Matt sees Amy and Andrea coming up from the lake, the same way Shane came from he asks what happened. When they tell him about Ed he feels sorry for Carol and Sophia but Matt can't do anything about them.

"But you're okay Amy?" Matt bends his head and stares at her.

"And what about me, Matt? Only Amy gets the royal treatment?" Andrea asks cheekily at the same time Amy answers "I'm fine".

"Ehh…" Matt blushes lightly. "You okay too Andrea?"

"Sure am Matt" Andrea then turns to speak to her sister, "I'm going to get all the stuff we need for fishing from Dale, I'll leave you with Mathew". Andrea leaves winking at Amy.

Matt coughs trying to ignore how Andrea left. "So you two are going fishing?"

"Yeah our father taught us and if we get plenty of fish it will make a good meal."

"I can't wait".

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